52nd Annual Allerton Conference on
Communication, Control, and Computing
October 1-3, 2014
Allerton Retreat Center, Monticello, IL, USA

Forty-Fourth Annual Allerton Conference
Sept 27-29, 2006, Allerton House, UIUC, Illinois, USA

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Technical Program for Wednesday September 27, 2006

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WIA Library
Coding Theory I Invited Session
Chair: Milenkovic, OlgicaUniv. of Colorado at Boulder
Organizer: Koetter, RalfUniv. of Illinois
Organizer: Ashikhmin, AlexeiBell Lab. Tech
08:30-09:00, Paper WIA.110 
An Improved Sphere-Packing Bound Targeting Short to Moderate Block Codes and Applications (I)
Wiechman, GilTech
Sason, IgalTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
09:00-09:30, Paper WIA.120 
Analysis of Doubly-Generalized LDPC Codes with Random Component Codes for the Binary Erasure Channel (I)
Paolini, EnricoUniv. of Bologna, Italy
Fossorier, MarcUniv. of Hawaii
Chiani, MarcoUniv. of Bologna, Italy
09:30-10:00, Paper WIA.130 
A Factor-Graph Approach to Universal Decoding (I)
Vontobel, PascalHewlett-Packard Lab
10:30-11:00, Paper WIA.150 
Loop Calculus Helps to Improve Belief Propagation and Linear Programming Decodings of Low-Density-Parity-Check Codes (I)
Chertkov, MichaelLos Alamos National Lab
Chernyak, Vladimir Y. Wayne State Univ
11:00-11:30, Paper WIA.160 
Generating Good Finite Length LDPC Codes Based on Lifted Graphs (I)
Sharon, EranTel-Aviv Univ. Israel
Litsyn, SimonTel Aviv Univ
11:30-12:00, Paper WIA.170 
On the Fading Paper Achievable Region of the Fading MIMO Broadcast Channel (I)
Bennatan, AmirTel Aviv Univ
Burshtein, DavidTel Aviv Univ
WIB Porch
Wireless Networks and Large Deviations Invited Session
Chair: Hanly, Stephen VaughanUniv. of Melbourne
Organizer: Hajek, BruceUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Organizer: Srikant, RUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
08:30-09:00, Paper WIB.110 
Some Blocking Bounds for Autonomous Channel Selection in Dynamic Spectrum Access (I)
Alanyali, MuratBoston Univ
09:00-09:30, Paper WIB.120 
Order Optimal Delay for Opportunistic Scheduling in Multi-User Wireless Uplinks and Downlinks (I)
Neely, MichaelUniv. of Southern California
09:30-10:00, Paper WIB.130 
On Characterizing the Delay Performance of Wireless Scheduling Algorithms (I)
Lin, XiaojunPurdue Univ
10:30-11:00, Paper WIB.150 
Approximation Schemes for Information Acquisition and Exploitation in Multichannel Wireless Networks (I)
Guha, SudiptoUniv. of Pennsylvania
Munagala, KameshDuke Univ
Sarkar, SaswatiUniv. of Pennsylvania
11:00-11:30, Paper WIB.160 
Large Deviations with Large Coding Buffers (I)
Bhadra, SandeepThe Univ. of Texas at Austin
Shakkottai, SanjayThe Univ. of Texas at Austin
11:30-12:00, Paper WIB.170 
Large Deviations of Queues under QoS Scheduling Algorithms (I)
Stolyar, AlexanderBell Lab. Lucent Tech
WIC Butternut
Wireless Adhoc Regular Session
Chair: Elia, PetrosUniv. of Southern California
08:30-09:00, Paper WIC.110 
Random Matrix Analysis of Large Relay Networks
Morgenshtern, VeniaminETH Zurich
Boelcskei, HelmutETH Zurich
09:00-09:30, Paper WIC.120 
A Coding Strategy for Wireless Networks with No Channel Information
Oggier, FrederiqueCalifornia Inst. of Tech
Hassibi, BabakCalifornia Inst. of Tech
09:30-10:00, Paper WIC.130 
Explicit, Unified D-MG Optimal Construction for the Dynamic Decode-And-Forward Cooperative Wireless Network
Elia, PetrosUniv. of Southern California
Kumar, P. VijayIndian Inst. of Science
10:30-11:00, Paper WIC.150 
Throughput and Transmission Capacity of Ad Hoc Networks with Channel State Information
Weber, StevenDrexel Univ
Andrews, JeffreyThe Univ. of Texas at Austin
Jindal, NiharUniv. of Minnesota
11:00-11:30, Paper WIC.160 
Throughput-Optimal Configuration of Wireless Networks
Karnik, AdityaUniv. of Waterloo
Iyer, AravindPurdue Univ
Rosenberg, CatherineUniv. of Waterloo
11:30-12:00, Paper WIC.170 
On Broadcast Stability Region in Random Access through Network Coding
Sagduyu, Yalin EvrenUniv. of Maryland
Ephremides, AnthonyUniv. of Maryland
12:00-12:15, Paper WIC.181 
Rate-Distortion Bounds on Location-Based Routing Protocol Overheads in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Bisnik, NabhendraRPI
Abouzeid, AlhusseinRPI
12:15-12:30, Paper WIC.182 
Reliability Bounds for Delay-Constrained Multi-Hop Networks
Oyman, OzgurIntel Corp
WID Pine
Communications, Control, and Optimization Regular Session
Chair: Mehta, Prashant G.Univ. of Illinois
08:30-09:00, Paper WID.110 
On Stabilizing the Double Integrator with Switched Gain Feedback and Binary Sensing
Tarraf, Danielle C.MIT
Megretski, AlexandreMIT
Dahleh, MuntherMIT
09:00-09:30, Paper WID.120 
Receding Horizon Networked Control
Gupta, VijayCalifornia Inst. of Tech
Sinopoli, BrunoStanford Univ. & UC Berkeley
Adlakha, SachinStanford Univ
Goldsmith, AndreaStanford Univ
Murray, RichardCalifornia Inst. of Tech
09:30-10:00, Paper WID.130 
On the Stability of Hybrid Systems with Random Switching
Zhu, ChaoWayne State Univ
Yin, GeorgeWayne State Univ
Song, QingshuoUniv. of Southern California
10:30-11:00, Paper WID.150 
Duality in Stability Theory: Lyapunov Function and Lyapunov Measure
Vaidya, UmeshIowa State Univ
11:00-11:30, Paper WID.160 
A Game Theoretic Model for Network Upgrade Decisions
Musacchio, JohnUniv. of California, Santa Cruz
Walrand, JeanUniv. of California, Berkeley
Wu, ShuangUniv. of California, Santa Cruz
11:30-12:00, Paper WID.170 
LMS versus Wiener Filter for a Decision Feedback Equalizer
Kavitha, VeerarunaIndian Inst. of Science
Sharma, VinodIndian Inst. of Science
WIE Lower Level
Learning Invited Session
Chair: Shamir, GilUniv. of Utah
Organizer: Shamir, GilUniv. of Utah
Organizer: Singer, AndrewUniv. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
08:30-09:00, Paper WIE.110 
How to Filter an "Individual Sequence with Feedback" (I)
Weissman, TsachyStanford
09:00-09:30, Paper WIE.120 
Sharp Thresholds for Sparsity Recovery in the High-Dimensional and Noisy Setting (I)
Wainwright, MartinUC Berkeley
09:30-10:00, Paper WIE.130 
Upper and Lower Error Bounds for Active Learning (I)
Castro, RuiUniv. of Wisconsin, Madison
Nowak, RobertUniv. of Wisconsin, Madison
WIF Brick
MIMO Regular Session
Chair: Madhow, UpamanyuUniv. of California, Santa Barbara
08:30-09:00, Paper WIF.110 
Millimeter Wave MIMO: Wireless Links at Optical Speeds (I)
Torkildson, EricUniv. of California, Santa Barbara
Ananthasubramaniam, BharathUniv. of California, Santa Barbara
Madhow, UpamanyuUniv. of California, Santa Barbara
Rodwell, MarkUniv. of California, Santa Barbara
09:00-09:30, Paper WIF.120 
Impact of Spatial Correlation on Statistical Precoding in MIMO Channels with Linear Receivers
Raghavan, VasanthanUniv. OF WISCONSIN
Sayeed, AkbarUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
09:30-10:00, Paper WIF.130 
Scaling-Law Optimal Training and Scheduling in the SIMO Uplink
Murugesan, SugumarOhio State Univ
Uysal-Biyikoglu, ElifOhio State Univ
Schniter, PhilipOhio State Univ
10:30-11:00, Paper WIF.150 
STORM : Optimal Constellations for Noncoherent MIMO Communications at Low SNR under PAPR Constraints
Srinivasan, ShivratnaUniv. of Colorado, Boulder
Varanasi, MaheshUniv. of Colorado, Boulder
11:00-11:30, Paper WIF.160 
Mismatched and Optimum Receivers for the Correlated Rician Fading MIMO Channel
Taricco, GiorgioPol. Di Torino
Coluccia, GiulioPol. Di Torino
11:30-12:00, Paper WIF.170 
User Selection for MIMO Broadcast Channel with Sequential Water-Filling
Wang, JianqiPurdue Univ
Love, David J.Purdue Univ
Zoltowski, Michael D.Purdue Univ
12:00-12:30, Paper WIF.180 
Systematic Expansion of Space-Time Block Multiple TCM Codes for Two Transmit Antennas
Lee, HeechoonUniv. of California Los Angeles
Fitz, Michael P.Univ. of California Los Angeles
WIG Visitor Center
Broadcast Regular Session
Chair: Poon, AdaUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
08:30-09:00, Paper WIG.110 
Scheduling of Multi-Antenna Broadcast Systems with Heterogeneous Users
Jagannathan, Krishna PrasannaMIT
Borst, SemBell Labs, Lucent Tech
Whiting, PhilipBell Labs, Lucent Tech
Modiano, EytanMIT
09:00-09:30, Paper WIG.120 
Broadcasting a Message Over Erasure Channels with Cooperating Receivers
Khalili, RaminCNRS-Supelec-Paris XI
Lasaulce, SamsonCNRS-Supelec-Paris XI
Duhamel, PierreCNRS-Supelec-Paris XI
09:30-10:00, Paper WIG.130 
Discrete Memoryless Interference and Broadcast Channels with Confidential Messages
Liu, RuohengRutgers Univ
Maric, IvanaStanford Univ
Spasojevic, PredragRutgers Univ
Yates, RoyRutgers Univ
10:30-11:00, Paper WIG.150 
Transmitter Design with Interference Pre-Subtraction for Uncertain Broadcast Channels
Botros Shenouda, MichaelMcMaster Univ
Davidson, Timothy NMcMaster Univ
11:00-11:30, Paper WIG.160 
On the Diversity-Multiplexing Region of Broadcast Channels with Partial Channel State Information
Stojanovic, IvanaBoston Univ
Sharif, MasoudBoston Univ
Ishwar, PrakashBoston Univ
11:30-11:45, Paper WIG.171 
Achievable Rates for the Fading MIMO Broadcast Channel with Imperfect Channel Estimation
Piantanida, PabloCNRS/LSS-Supelec
Duhamel, PierreLab. Des Signaux Et Systèmes (L2S)-Supélec
11:45-12:00, Paper WIG.172 
Capacity of Fading Broadcast Channels with Limited-Rate Feedback
Agarwal, RajivStanford Univ
Cioffi, JohnStanford Univ
12:00-12:15, Paper WIG.181 
Precoding for Broadcasting with Linear Network Codes (I)
Zou, QiyueUniv. of California, Los Angeles
Nosratinia, AriaUniv. of Texas at Dallas
Sayed, Ali H.Univ. of California, Los Angeles
WIIA Library
Topics in Communication Theory Invited Session
Chair: Viswanath, PramodUniv. of Illinois
Organizer: Viswanath, PramodUniv. of Illinois
13:30-14:00, Paper WIIA.210 
How Does the Information Capacity of Ad Hoc Networks Scale? (I)
Ozgur, AyferEPFL, Lausanne
Leveque, OlivierEc. Pol. Federale De Lausanne
Tse, DavidUC Berkeley
14:00-14:30, Paper WIIA.220 
On the Reliability of Gaussian Channels with Noisy Feedback (I)
Kim, Young-HanUCSD
Lapidoth, AmosETH Zurich
Weissman, TsachyStanford
14:30-15:00, Paper WIIA.230 
Fractional Power Reuse in Cellular Networks (I)
Wu, XinzhouQualcomm Flarion Tech
Das, ArnabQualcomm Flarion Tech
Li, JunyiQualcomm Flarion Tech
Laroia, RajivQualcomm Flarion Tech
15:30-16:00, Paper WIIA.250 
I-Projection and the Geometry of Error Exponents (I)
Borade, ShashiMIT
Zheng, LizhongMIT
16:00-16:30, Paper WIIA.260 
Cooperative Encoding with Asymmetric State Information at the Transmitters (I)
Somekh-Baruch, AneliaPrinceton Univ
Shamai (Shitz), ShlomoTech
Verdu, SergioPrinceton Univ
WIIB Porch
Communication, Feedback, and Rate Distortion Invited Session
Chair: Hadjicostis, ChristoforosUniv. of Illinois
Organizer: Hadjicostis, ChristoforosUniv. of Cyprus
13:30-14:00, Paper WIIB.210 
Finite-Rate Real-Time Navigation
Sarma, SrideviMIT
Dahleh, MuntherMIT
14:00-14:30, Paper WIIB.220 
The Directed Data Processing Inequality and Its Applications (I)
Tatikonda, SekharYale Univ.
14:30-15:00, Paper WIIB.230 
On the Fixed Point Problem in the Abstract Rate Distortion Theory (I)
Rezaei, FarzadUniv. of Ottawa
Charalambous, CharalambosUniv. of Cyprus
Ahmed, NasirUddinUniv. of Ottawa
15:30-16:00, Paper WIIB.250 
Coding for Additive White Noise Channels with Feedback Corrupted by Quantization or Bounded Noise (I)
Martins, NunoUniv. of Maryland
Weissman, TsachyStanford
16:00-16:30, Paper WIIB.260 
Gaussian Channels with Feedback: Confluence of the Fundamental Limitations on Communication, Estimation, and Control (I)
Liu, JialingIowa State Univ.
Elia, NicolaIowa State Univ.
16:30-17:00, Paper WIIB.270 
Beating the Burnashev Bound in Delay with Noisy Feedback (I)
Draper, StarkUniv. of Wisconsin at Madison, Mitsubishi Electric Res
Sahai, AnantUniv. of California at Berkeley
WIIC Butternut
Iterative LDPC Regular Session
Chair: Lun, Desmond S.Massachusetts Inst. of Tech
13:30-14:00, Paper WIIC.210 
Exact EXIT Functions for Convolutional Codes Over the Binary Erasure Channel
Shi, JunIntel Corp
ten Brink, StephanWionics Res. -- Realtek Group
14:00-14:30, Paper WIIC.220 
Raptor Codes for Hybrid ARQ
Soljanin, EminaBell Labs
Varnica, NedeljkoMarvell Semiconductor, Inc
Whiting, PhilipBell Labs
14:30-15:00, Paper WIIC.230 
Information-Reduced Carrier Synchronization of BPSK and QPSK Using Soft Decision Feedback
Simon, MarvinJet Propulsion Lab
Valles, Esteban LuisUniv. of California, Los Angeles
Jones, ChristopherJet Propulsion Lab
Wesel, RichardUniv. of California, Los Angeles
Villasenor, JohnUniv. of California, Los Angeles
15:30-15:45, Paper WIIC.251 
LDPC Codes Over Ergodic and Non-Ergodic Relay Channels
Hu, JunArizona State Univ
Duman, TolgaArizona State Univ
15:45-16:00, Paper WIIC.252 
On the Performance of Distributed LT Codes
Puducheri, SrinathUniv. of Notre Dame
Kliewer, JoergUniv. of Notre Dame
Fuja, Thomas E.Univ. of Notre Dame
16:00-16:15, Paper WIIC.261 
LDPC Coding for Variable-Rank MIMO Channels
Bagley, ZacharyUniv. of Utah
Schlegel, ChristianUniv. of Alberta
16:15-16:30, Paper WIIC.262 
Coded Random CDMA with Partitioned Spreading
Truhachev, DmitriUniv. of Alberta
Schlegel, ChristianUniv. of Alberta
Krzymien, LukaszUniv. of Alberta
16:30-16:45, Paper WIIC.271 
Improved Optimum-Degree Randomized LDPC Codes of Moderate Length by Welding
Doenmez, AndacUniv. of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Hehn, ThorstenUniv. of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Laendner, StefanUniv. of Colorado at Boulder
Huber, Johannes B.Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg
16:45-17:00, Paper WIIC.272 
Methods for Efficient Network Coding
Maymounkov, PetarMIT
Harvey, NicholasMIT
Lun, Desmond S.Massachusetts Inst. of Tech
Coding Theory II Invited Session
Chair: Ashikhmin, AlexeiBell Lab. Tech
Organizer: Ashikhmin, AlexeiBell Lab. Tech
Organizer: Koetter, RalfUniv. of Illinois
13:30-14:00, Paper WIID.210 
Explicit Constructions for Compressed Sensing Problems (I)
Indyk, PiotrMIT
14:00-14:30, Paper WIID.220 
Enumerating RNA Motifs: A Coding-Theoretic Approach (I)
Milenkovic, OlgicaUniv. of Colorado at Boulder
14:30-15:00, Paper WIID.230 
Performance Analysis of Algebraic Soft-Decision Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes (I)
Duggan, AndrewUniv. of Maryland, Coll. Park
Barg, AlexanderUniv. of Maryland, Coll. Park
15:30-16:00, Paper WIID.250 
Quantum Convolutional Codes: Encoders and Structural Properties (I)
Grassl, MarkusUniv. Karlsruhe (TH)
Rötteler, MartinNEC Lab. America, Inc
16:00-16:30, Paper WIID.260 
Quantum Error Correcting Subsystem Codes and Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing (I)
Bacon, DaveUniv. of Washington
Casaccino, AndreaUniv. of Siena
16:30-17:00, Paper WIID.270 
Subsystem Codes (I)
Aly, Salah ATexas A&M Univ
Klappenecker, AndreasTexas A&M Univ
Sarvepalli, Pradeep KiranTexas A&M Univ
WIIE Lower Level
Information Theory Regular Session
Chair: Coleman, ToddUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
13:30-14:00, Paper WIIE.210 
Computation Complexity and Information Theoretic Depth of Decision Trees
Sohangir, SinaStanford Univ
Linscott, IvanStanford Univ
14:00-14:30, Paper WIIE.220 
Bounds on Distortion Bit-Cost Function for First Order Sigma-Delta Analog-To-Digital Converter with Input Noise
Kakavand, HosseinStanford Univ
El Gamal, AbbasStanford Univ
14:30-15:00, Paper WIIE.230 
Error Exponents for Joint Source-Channel Coding with Delay-Constraints
Chang, ChengUC Berkeley
Sahai, AnantUC Berkeley
15:30-16:00, Paper WIIE.250 
Lossy Source Coding for a Cascade Communication System with Side-Informations
Vasudevan, DinkarEPFL
Tian, ChaoEPFL
Diggavi, SuhasEPFL
16:00-16:30, Paper WIIE.260 
Coding into a Source: A Direct Inverse Rate-Distortion Theorem
Agarwal, MukulMIT
Sahai, AnantUC Berkeley
Mitter, SanjoyMIT
WIIF Brick
Queueing Theory Regular Session
Chair: Meyn, SeanUniv. of Illinois
13:30-14:00, Paper WIIF.210 
Scheduling with Soft Deadlines for Input Queued Switches
Dua, AdityaStanford Univ
Bambos, NicholasStanford Univ
14:00-14:30, Paper WIIF.220 
A New Min-Cut Problem with Application to Electric Power Network Partitioning
Sen, ArunabhaArizona State Univ
Ghosh, PavelArizona State Univ
Vittal, VijayArizona State Univ
Yang, BoArizona State Univ
14:30-15:00, Paper WIIF.230 
Linear Stability Analysis of FAST TCP Using a New Accurate Link Model
Tang, Ao (Kevin)California Inst. of Tech
Jacobsson, KristerKTH
Andrew, LachlanCalifornia Inst. of Tech
Low, StevenCalifornia Inst. of Tech
15:30-16:00, Paper WIIF.250 
Cooperation and Resource Sharing in Data Networks: A Queueing Perspective
Javidi, TaraUniv. of California, San Diego
16:00-16:30, Paper WIIF.260 
A Multi-Class Discrete-Time Processor-Sharing Queueing Model for Scheduled Message Communication Over Multiaccess Channels with Joint Maximum-Likelihood Decoding
Kompalli Chakravartula, Kalyanarama Sesha SayeeIndian Inst. of Science
Mukherji, UtpalIndian Inst. of Science
16:30-16:45, Paper WIIF.271 
Stable Throughput of Cognitive Radios with Relaying Capability
Simeone, OsvaldoNJIT
Yeheskel, Bar-NessNJIT
Spagnolini, UmbertoPol. Di Milano
16:45-17:00, Paper WIIF.272 
On Best-Case Throughput of Cellular Data Networks with Cooperating Base Stations
Acampora, AnthonyUniv. of California, San Diego
Bhardwaj, SumitUniv. of California, San Diego
Tamari, RonQualcomm Inc
17:00-17:30, Paper WIIF.280 
Modulated Branching Processes and Origins of Power Laws
Jelenkovic, Predrag R.Columbia Univ
Tan, JianColumbia Univ
WIIG Visitor Center
Fading Channels Regular Session
Chair: Poon, AdaUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
13:30-14:00, Paper WIIG.210 
Finite-SNR Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoffs for Half Duplex Protocols in Fading Relay Channels
Stauffer, ErikStanford Univ
Oyman, OzgurIntel Corp
Narasimhan, RaviUniv. of California, Santa Cruz
Paulraj, ArogyaswamiStanford Univ
14:00-14:30, Paper WIIG.220 
On Successive Refinement of Diversity for Fading ISI Channels
Dusad, SanketEPFL
Diggavi, SuhasEPFL
14:30-15:00, Paper WIIG.230 
On Optimal Outage in Fading Relay Channels at Low SNR
Atia, GeorgeBoston Univ
Sharif, MasoudBoston Univ
Saligrama, VenkateshBoston Univ
15:30-16:00, Paper WIIG.250 
Minimum Probability of Error in Sparse Wideband Channels
Hariharan, GauthamUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Sayeed, AkbarUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
16:00-16:15, Paper WIIG.261 
Tracking Performance of an LMS-Linear Equalizer for Fading Channels
Kavitha, VeerarunaIndian Inst. of Science
Sharma, VinodIndian Inst. of Science
16:15-16:30, Paper WIIG.262 
On the Spectral Efficiency of Noncoherent Doubly Selective Channels
Kannu, ArunThe Ohio State Univ
Schniter, PhilipThe Ohio State Univ
16:30-16:45, Paper WIIG.271 
On the Impact of Finite Receiver Resolution in Fading Channels
Middleton, GarethRice Univ
Sabharwal, AshutoshRice Univ
16:45-17:00, Paper WIIG.272 
Untangling the SVD's of Random Matrix Sample Paths
Browne, David W.Univ. of California at Los Angeles
Browne, Michael W.Ohio State Univ
Fitz, Michael P.Northrop Grumman




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