52nd Annual Allerton Conference on
Communication, Control, and Computing
October 1-3, 2014
Allerton Retreat Center, Monticello, IL, USA

Forty-Fourth Annual Allerton Conference
Sept 27-29, 2006, Allerton House, UIUC, Illinois, USA

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Technical Program for Thursday September 28, 2006

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ThIA Library
Cooperative Wireless Communication and Sensing Invited Session
Chair: Franceschetti, MassimoUniv. of California at San Diego
Organizer: Franceschetti, MassimoUniv. of California at San Diego
Organizer: Kumar, PRUniv. of Illinois Urbana
08:30-09:00, Paper ThIA.110 
Shot Noise Models for the Dual Problems of Cooperative Coverage and Outage in Random Networks (I)
Venkataraman, JagadishUniv. of Notre Dame
Haenggi, MartinUniv. of Notre Dame
Collins, OliverUniv. of Notre Dame
09:00-09:30, Paper ThIA.120 
Congestion Control and Routing Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks (I)
Zawodniok, MaciejUniv. of Missouri-Rolla
Sarangapani, JagannathanUniv. of Missouri-Rolla
09:30-10:00, Paper ThIA.130 
Achieving 2/3 Throughput Approximation with Sequential Maximal Scheduling under Primary Interference Constraints (I)
Sarkar, SaswatiUniv. of Pennsylvania
Kar, KoushikRensselaer Pol. Inst
10:30-11:00, Paper ThIA.150 
On Universal Distributed Estimation of Noisy Fields with One-Bit Sensors (I)
Wang, YeBoston Univ
Ma, NanBoston Univ
Zhao, ManqiBoston Univ
Ishwar, PrakashBoston Univ
Saligrama, VenkateshBoston Univ
11:00-11:30, Paper ThIA.160 
Collaborative Content Distribution for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (I)
Johnson, MarkUC Berkeley
De Nardis, LucaUC Berkeley
Ramchandran, KannanUC Berkeley
11:30-12:00, Paper ThIA.170 
Maxwell Meets Shannon: Space-Time Duality in Multiple Antenna Channels (I)
Franceschetti, MassimoUniv. of California at San Diego
Chakraborty, KaushikUniv. of California, San Diego
ThIB Porch
Network Coding Invited Session
Chair: Lun, Desmond S.Massachusetts Inst. of Tech
Organizer: Meyn, SeanUniv. of Florida
Organizer: Médard, MurielMIT
Organizer: Kötter, RalfTech. Univ. München
08:30-09:00, Paper ThIB.110 
Network Coding Techniques for Topology Inference (I)
Fragouli, ChristinaEPFL
Markopoulou, AthinaUniv. of California, Irvine
Diggavi, SuhasEPFL
09:00-09:30, Paper ThIB.120 
On Constructive Network Coding for Multiple Unicasts (I)
Ho, TraceyCalifornia Inst. of Tech
Chang, Yu-HanUniv. of Southern California
Han, KeesookAFOSR/IFGB
09:30-10:00, Paper ThIB.130 
Network Coding Capacity with a Limited Number of Coding Nodes (I)
Cannons, JillianUniv. of California, San Diego
Zeger, KenUC San Diego
10:30-11:00, Paper ThIB.150 
Conservative Network Coding (I)
Harvey, NicholasMIT
Jain, KamalMicrosoft Res
Lau, Lap ChiUniv. of Toronto
Nair, ChandraMicrosoft Res
Wu, YunnanMicrosoft Corp
11:00-11:30, Paper ThIB.160 
Fiber Memory (I)
Li, Shuo-YenThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Tan, XuesongThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
ThIC Butternut
Multiuser Secrecy Regular Session
Chair: Moulin, PierreUniv. of Illinois
08:30-09:00, Paper ThIC.110 
Achievable Rates for the General Gaussian Multiple Access Wire-Tap Channel with Collective Secrecy
Tekin, EnderThe Pennsylvania State Univ
Yener, AylinThe Pennsylvania State Univ
09:00-09:30, Paper ThIC.120 
Secure Communication Over Fading Channels
Liang, YingbinPrinceton Univ
Poor, H. VincentPrinceton Univ
09:30-10:00, Paper ThIC.130 
Relay Secrecy in Wireless Networks with Eavesdropper
Venkitasubramaniam, ParvathinathanCornell Univ
He, TingCornell Univ
Tong, LangCornell Univ
10:30-11:00, Paper ThIC.150 
Secure Broadcasting with Multiuser Diversity
Khisti, AshishMIT
Wornell, GregoryMIT
Tchamkerten, AslanMIT
11:00-11:30, Paper ThIC.160 
Secrecy Capacity of Independent Parallel Channels
Li, ZangRutgers Univ
Yates, RoyRutgers Univ
Trappe, WadeRutgers Univ
11:30-11:45, Paper ThIC.171 
An Opportunistic Physical-Layer Approach to Secure Wireless Communications
Bloch, MatthieuGt-Cnrs Umi 2958
Barros, JoãoFCUP - Univ. of Porto
Rodrigues, MiguelUniv. of Cambridge
McLaughlin, Steven W.Georgia Inst. of Tech
11:45-12:00, Paper ThIC.172 
Spectrum Management for Interference-Limited Multiuser Communication Systems
Hayashi, ShunsukeKyoto Univ
Luo, Zhi-QuanUniv. of Minnesota
ThID Pine
Source Coding Invited Session
Chair: Shamir, GilUniv. of Utah
Organizer: Shamir, GilUniv. of Utah
Organizer: Singer, AndrewUniv. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
08:30-09:00, Paper ThID.110 
Sampling Distortion Measures (I)
Niesen, UrsMIT
Shah, DevavratMIT
Wornell, GregoryMIT
09:00-09:30, Paper ThID.120 
Improving the Redundancy of Slepian-Wolf Coding by Feedback (I)
He, Da-keIBM T. J. Watson Res. Center
Lastras-Montano, LuisIBM T. J. Watson Res. Center
Yang, En-huiUniv. of Waterloo
09:30-10:00, Paper ThID.130 
Using a Universal Coding Technique for Sources with Large Alphabets to Estimate Differential Entropy (I)
Willems, Frans M.J.Eindhoven Univ. of Tech
10:30-11:00, Paper ThID.150 
Minimax Risk for Gaussian Sequence Models (I)
Liang, FengDuke Univ.
11:00-11:30, Paper ThID.160 
Results on Compression and Probability Estimation (I)
Orlitsky, AlonUCSD
ThIE Lower Level
Network Algorithms and Analysis Invited Session
Chair: Hajek, BruceUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Organizer: Hajek, BruceUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Organizer: Srikant, RUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
08:30-09:00, Paper ThIE.110 
Cost Shares and Approximation Algorithms for Network Design Problems (I)
Fleischer, LisaDartmouth
09:00-09:30, Paper ThIE.120 
Bloom Filters Via D-Left Hashing and Dynamic Bit Reassignment : Extended Abstract (I)
Bonomi, FlavioCisco Systems
Mitzenmacher, MichaelHarvard Univ
Panigrahy, RinaStanford Univ
Singh, SushilCisco Systems
Varghese, GeorgeUniv. of California San Diego
09:30-10:00, Paper ThIE.130 
Multi-Objective Network Protocols (I)
Goel, AshishStanford Univ.
10:30-11:00, Paper ThIE.150 
Control Plane Resilience: The Method of Strong Detection (I)
Rajendran, Raj KumarColumbia Univ
Misra, Vishal Columbia Univ
Rubenstein, DanColumbia Univ
11:00-11:30, Paper ThIE.160 
Congestion Control in Networks with No Congestion Drops (I)
Lu, YiStanford Univ
Pan, RongCisco Systems
Prabhakar, BalajiStanford Univ
Bergamasco, DavideCisco Systems
Alaria, ValentinaCisco Systems
Baldini, AndreaCisco Systems
11:30-12:00, Paper ThIE.170 
Stochastic Stability under Fair Bandwidth Allocation: General File Size Distribution (I)
Chiang, MungPrinceton Univ
Shah, DevavratMIT
Tang, Ao (Kevin)California Inst. of Tech
ThIF Brick
Theory of Graphical Models Regular Session
Chair: Yeh, EdmundYale Univ
08:30-09:00, Paper ThIF.110 
Criteria for Rapid Mixing of Gibbs Samplers and Uniqueness of Gibbs Measures
Winkler, Stephan NorbertYale Univ
Tatikonda, SekharYale Univ
09:00-09:30, Paper ThIF.120 
A Rigorous Proof of the Cavity Method for Counting Matchings
Bayati, MohsenStanford Univ
Nair, ChandraMicrosoft Res
09:30-10:00, Paper ThIF.130 
Belief Propagation Is Asymptotically Equivalent to MAP Estimation for Sparse Linear Systems
Wang, Chih-ChunPurdue Univ
Guo, DongningNorthwestern Univ
10:30-11:00, Paper ThIF.150 
Clustering and Mixing in Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Tatikonda, SekharYale Univ
11:00-11:30, Paper ThIF.160 
Detection of Markov Random Fields on Two-Dimensional Intersymbol Interference Channels
Zhu, YingWashington State Univ
Cheng, TaikunWashington State Univ
Sivakumar, KrishnamoorthyWashington State Univ
Belzer, BenjaminWashington State Univ
11:30-11:45, Paper ThIF.171 
Improving Convergence of Belief Propagation Decoding
Stepanov, MikhailUniv. of Arizona
Chertkov, MichaelLos Alamos National Lab
11:45-12:00, Paper ThIF.172 
Accelerated Gossip Algorithms for Distributed Computation
Cao, MingYale Univ
Spielman, DanielYale Univ
Yeh, EdmundYale Univ
ThIG Visitor Center
Sensor Networking Regular Session
Chair: Do, MinhUniv. of Illinois
08:30-09:00, Paper ThIG.110 
Data Fusion Trees for Detection: Does Architecture Matter?
Tay, Wee-PengMIT
Tsitsiklis, JohnMIT
Win, MoeMIT
09:00-09:30, Paper ThIG.120 
Optimal Sensor Querying in Kalman Filtering
Wu, WeiUniv. of Texas at Austin
Arapostathis, AriUniv. of Texas at Austin
09:30-10:00, Paper ThIG.130 
Randomization for Robust Communication in Networks, or Brother, Can You Spare a Bit?
Sarwate, Anand D.Univ. of California, Berkeley
Gastpar, MichaelUniv. of California, Berkeley
10:30-11:00, Paper ThIG.150 
Capacity of Cooperative Fusion in the Presence of Byzantine Sensors
Kosut, OliverCornell Univ
Tong, LangCornell Univ
11:00-11:30, Paper ThIG.160 
Sensor Deployment Optimization for Network Intrusion Detection
Yoo, Tae-SicIdaho National Lab
Garcia, Humberto E.Idaho National Lab
11:30-11:45, Paper ThIG.171 
Location Sensing with Robust Minimax Thin-Plate Splines
Mohammad, MuqsithUniv. of Houston
Zheng, RongUniv. of Houston
Barton, RicardUniv. of Houston
ThIIA Library
System Theory for Sensor Networks Invited Session
Chair: Veeravalli, VenugopalUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Organizer: Veeravalli, VenuUniv. of Illinois
13:30-14:00, Paper ThIIA.210 
Cooperative Localization Bounds for Wireless Sensor Networks (I)
Shi, QicaiMotorola
Patwari, NealUniv. of Utah
Kyperountas, SpyrosMotorola
Correal, NeiyerMotorola
14:00-14:30, Paper ThIIA.220 
Distributed Beamforming Using 1 Bit Feedback: From Concept to Realization (I)
Mudumbai, RaghuramanUC Santa Barbara
Wild, BenUC Berkeley
Madhow, UpamanyuUniv. of California, Santa Barbara
Ramchandran, KannanUC Berkeley
14:30-15:00, Paper ThIIA.230 
Ramanujan Topologies for Decision Making in Sensor Networks (I)
Kar, SoummyaCarnegie Mellon Univ
Moura, Jose' M. F.Carnegie Mellon Univ
15:30-16:00, Paper ThIIA.250 
Sensing for Communication: The Case of Cognitive Radio (I)
Sahai, AnantUC Berkeley
Tandra, RahulUC Berkeley
Hoven, Niels KangUC Berkeley
Mishra, Sridhar MubaraqUC Berkeley
16:00-16:30, Paper ThIIA.260 
Source-Channel Communication Protocols and Tradeoffs in Active Wireless Sensing (I)
Sayeed, AkbarUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Sivanadyan, ThiagarajanUniv. of Wisconsin - Madison
16:30-17:00, Paper ThIIA.270 
Optimal Power Allocation for Distributed Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks (I)
Zhang, XinPrinceton Univ
Poor, H. VincentPrinceton Univ
Chiang, MungPrinceton Univ
ThIIB Porch
Joint Source-Channel Coding and Iterative Source Coding Invited Session
Chair: Shamir, GilUniv. of Utah
Organizer: Shamir, GilUniv. of Utah
Organizer: Singer, AndrewUniv. of Illinois
13:30-14:00, Paper ThIIB.210 
On the Shannon Cipher System with a Capacity-Limited Key Distribution Channel (I)
Merhav, NeriTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech
14:00-14:30, Paper ThIIB.220 
Joint Source-Channel Coding for the Arbitrarily Varying Wyner-Ziv Source and Gel'fand-Pinsker Channel (I)
Winshtok, AmirTech. - IIT
Steinberg, YossefTech. - IIT
14:30-15:00, Paper ThIIB.230 
Fountain Codes for the Slepian-Wolf Problem (I)
Shokrollahi, AminEPFL
Ndzana Ndzana, BertrandEPFL
15:30-16:00, Paper ThIIB.250 
Analysis of Belief Propagation for Non-Systematic LDPC Codes with Redundant Data (I)
Alloum, AmiraEc. Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications (ENST)
Boutros, Joseph JeanEc. Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications (ENST)
Shamir, GilUniv. of Utah
16:00-16:30, Paper ThIIB.260 
Design Considerations for Iteratively-Decoded Source-Channel Coding Schemes (I)
Thobaben, RagnarUniv. of Kiel
Kliewer, JoergUniv. of Notre Dame
ThIIC Butternut
Multiuser Information Theory Regular Session
Chair: Coleman, ToddUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
13:30-14:00, Paper ThIIC.210 
Rate-Splitting and Its Applications for a General Wireless Channel
Gopalan, RaviKiranUniv. of Notre Dame
Ranganathan, ShyamUniv. of Notre Dame
Padmanabhan, KrishnanUniv. of Notre Dame
Collins, OliverUniv. of Notre Dame
14:00-14:30, Paper ThIIC.220 
Secrecy Capacity Region of Binary and Gaussian Multiple Access Channels
Liang, YingbinPrinceton Univ
Poor, H. VincentPrinceton Univ
14:30-15:00, Paper ThIIC.230 
Asymptotic Transport Capacity of Wireless Erasure Networks
Smith, BrianUniv. of Texas at Austin
Vishwanath, SriramUniv. of Texas at Austin
15:30-16:00, Paper ThIIC.250 
Asymptotic Analysis of Downlink OFDMA Capacity
Chen, JieyingNorthwestern Univ
Berry, RandallNorthwestern Univ
Honig, MichaelNorthwestern Univ
16:00-16:30, Paper ThIIC.260 
On an Improvement Over R'enyi's Equivocation Bound
Santhi, NandakishoreUniv. of California San DIego
Vardy, AlexanderUniv. of California San Diego
16:30-16:45, Paper ThIIC.271 
An Outer Bound for a Multiuser Two-Way Channel
Dash, DebashisRice Univ
Sabharwal, AshutoshRice Univ
16:45-17:00, Paper ThIIC.272 
Bounds on the Capacity of the Soft Handover Channel
Rajan, DineshSouthern Methodist Univ
Muharemovic, TarikTexas Inst
17:00-17:15, Paper ThIIC.281 
Achievable Sum Rate Bounds of Zero-Forcing Based Linear Multi-User MIMO Systems
Chae, Chan-ByoungThe Univ. of Texas at Austin
Heath, RobertThe Univ. of Texas at Austin
Mazzarese, DavidSamsung Electronics
ThIID Pine
Challenges in Speech Communication Over Digital Channels Invited Session
Chair: Hasegawa-Johnson, MarkUniv. of Illinois
Organizer: Hasegawa-Johnson, MarkUniv. of Illinois
Organizer: McLaughlin, MikeMotorola
Organizer: Jasiuk, MarkMotorola
13:30-14:00, Paper ThIID.210 
The ITU-T Embedded Variable Bit Rate Speech Coder - Requirements and Standardization (I)
Gibbs, Jonathan AlastairMotorola UK Ltd
14:00-14:30, Paper ThIID.220 
A Framework for Coded-Domain Acoustic Echo Control (I)
Sukkar, RafidTellabs, Inc
Younce, RickTellabs, Inc
Zhang, PengTellabs, Inc
14:30-15:00, Paper ThIID.230 
Distributed Acquisition and Processing Systems for Speech and Audio (I)
Anderson, DavidGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Ravindran, SourabhGeorgia Inst. of Tech
15:30-16:00, Paper ThIID.250 
Evaluation of Speech Quality in Communication Systems (I)
Sharpley, AlanDynastat, Inc.
ThIIE Lower Level
Coding Theory III Invited Session
Chair: Vontobel, PascalHewlett-Packard Lab
Organizer: Ashikhmin, AlexeiBell Lab. Tech
Organizer: Koetter, RalfUniv. of Illinois
13:30-14:00, Paper ThIIE.210 
Probabilistic Analysis of Linear Programming Decoding (I)
Daskalakis, ConstantinosUniv. of California, Berkeley
Dimakis, AlexandrosUC Berkeley
Karp, RichardUniv. of California, Berkeley
Wainwright, MartinUC Berkeley
14:00-14:30, Paper ThIIE.220 
A General Computation Rule for Lossy Summaries/Messages with Examples from Equalization (I)
Hu, JunliETH Zurich
Dauwels, JustinRIKEN Brain Science Inst
Kschischang, Frank R.Univ. of Toronto
Loeliger, Hans-AndreaETH Zurich
14:30-15:00, Paper ThIIE.230 
A Scaling Law for Gallager A (I)
Ezri, JeremieEPFL (Lausanne)
Montanari, AndreaStanford Univ
Urbanke, RudigerEPFL (Lausanne)
15:30-16:00, Paper ThIIE.250 
The Asymptotic Error Floor of LDPC Ensembles under BP Decoding (I)
Montanari, AndreaStanford Univ
16:00-16:30, Paper ThIIE.260 
Computational Hardness and Explicit Constructions of Error Correcting Codes (I)
Cheraghchi, MahdiEPFL
Shokrollahi, AminEPFL
Widgerson, AviInst. for Advanced Studies
16:30-17:00, Paper ThIIE.270 
Achieving List Decoding Capacity Using Folded Reed-Solomon Codes (I)
Guruswami, VenkatesanUniv. of Washington
Rudra, AtriUniv. of Washington
ThIIF Brick
Resource Allocation Networks Regular Session
Chair: Meyn, SeanUniv. of Illinois
13:30-14:00, Paper ThIIF.210 
Resource Allocation and Quality of Service Evaluation for Wireless Communication Systems Using Fluid Models
Liu, LingjiaTexas A&M Univ
Parag, ParimalTexas A&M Univ
Tang, JiaTexas A&M Univ
Chen, Wei-YuTexas A&M Univ
Chamberland, Jean-FrancoisTexas A&M Univ
14:00-14:30, Paper ThIIF.220 
Cross-Layer Congestion and Contention Control for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Yu, YingqunUniv. of Minnesota
Giannakis, GeorgiosUniv. of Minnesota
14:30-15:00, Paper ThIIF.230 
Implementation in Nash Equilibria of a Rate Allocation Problem in Networks
Stoenescu, TudorCalifornia Inst. of Tech
Ledyard, JohnCalifornia Inst. of Tech
15:30-16:00, Paper ThIIF.250 
The Estimation Error of Adaptive Deterministic Packet Marking
Andrew, LachlanCaltech
Hanly, Stephen VaughanUniv. of Melbourne
16:00-16:30, Paper ThIIF.260 
Limits on Reverse Link Capacity of Large Wireless Networks with Fading
Gopalan, RaviKiranUniv. of Notre Dame
Collins, OliverUniv. of Notre Dame
16:30-17:00, Paper ThIIF.270 
Optimal Rate Allocation in a Wireless Ad-Hoc Network
Ehsan, NavidUniv. of California, San Diego
Cruz, ReneUniv. of California, San Diego
17:00-17:15, Paper ThIIF.281 
Loss Rates in Large Loss Systems with Subexponential Demands
Radovanovic, AnaIBM T.J. Watson Res. Center
Lu, YingdongIBM T.J. Watson Res. Center
ThIIG Visitor Center
Algebraic and Combinatorial Coding Theory Regular Session
Chair: Duursma, IwanUniv. of Illinois
13:30-14:00, Paper ThIIG.210 
Identifying Codes and the Set Cover Problem
Laifenfeld, MosheBoston Univ
Trachtenberg, AriBoston Univ
Berger-Wolf, TanyaUniv. of Illinois
14:00-14:30, Paper ThIIG.220 
The Tradeoff between Cyclic Topology and Complexity in Graphical Models of Linear Codes
Halford, Thomas RUniv. of Southern California
Chugg, Keith MUniv. of Southern California
14:30-15:00, Paper ThIIG.230 
Algebraic Soft-Decision Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes Using Bit-Level Soft Information
Jiang, JingTexas A&M Univ
Narayanan, KrishnaTexas A&M Univ
15:30-16:00, Paper ThIIG.250 
The Stopping Redundancy Hierarchy of Cyclic Codes
Hehn, ThorstenUniv. of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Laendner, StefanUniv. of Colorado at Boulder
Milenkovic, OlgicaUniv. of Colorado at Boulder
Huber, Johannes B.Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg
16:00-16:30, Paper ThIIG.260 
A Multiple Lattice Reduction Based Detector for Space Time Block Codes Based on Cyclotomic Extensions
Gopalan, AdityaIndian Inst. of Tech. Madras
Bhashyam, SrikrishnaIndian Inst. of Tech. Madras
16:30-17:00, Paper ThIIG.270 
Efficient Computation of the Binary Vector That Maximizes a Rank-3 Quadratic Form
Karystinos, GeorgeTech. Univ. of Crete
Liavas, AthanasiosTech. Univ. of Crete




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