52nd Annual Allerton Conference on
Communication, Control, and Computing
October 1-3, 2014
Allerton Retreat Center, Monticello, IL, USA

Forty-Fourth Annual Allerton Conference
Sept 27-29, 2006, Allerton House, UIUC, Illinois, USA

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Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Friday September 29, 2006

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FIG Library
Plenary Speaker Invited Session
Chair: Singer, AndrewUniv. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
08:30-09:30, Paper FIG.109 
Information Theory Today (I)
Verdú, SergioPrinceton
FIA Library
Games and Pricing in Networks Invited Session
Chair: Srikant, RUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Organizer: Hajek, BruceUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Organizer: Srikant, RUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
10:00-10:30, Paper FIA.140 
On Kelly-Type Mechanisms for Polymatroids (I)
Berry, RandallNorthwestern Univ
Vohra, RakeshNorthwestern Univ
10:30-11:00, Paper FIA.150 
Positive Externalities and Optimal Scale (I)
Johari, RameshStanford Univ
Kumar, SunilStanford Univ
11:00-11:30, Paper FIA.160 
Toward Topology Aware Networks (I)
Mihail, MilenaGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Saberi, AminStanford Univ
11:30-12:00, Paper FIA.170 
Price and Capacity Competition (I)
Acemoglu, DaronMIT
Bimpikis, KostasMIT
Ozdaglar, AsuMIT
FIB Porch
Networked Control Invited Session
Chair: Franceschetti, MassimoUniv. of California at San Diego
Organizer: Franceschetti, MassimoUniv. of California at San Diego
Organizer: Kumar, P. R.Texas A&M Univ
10:00-10:30, Paper FIB.140 
Worst-Case Time Complexity of a Lattice Formation Problem (I)
Savla, KetanUniv. of California, Santa Barbara
Bullo, FrancescoUCSB
10:30-11:00, Paper FIB.150 
On Consensus Over Random Networks (I)
Tahbaz-Salehi, AlirezaUniv. of Pennsylvania
Jadbabaie, AliUniv. of Pennsylvania
11:00-11:30, Paper FIB.160 
Regular Quantization for Communication-Constrained Feedback Channels (I)
Baillieul, JohnBoston Univ
11:30-12:00, Paper FIB.170 
Delay Impulsive Systems: A Model for NCSs (I)
Naghshtabrizi, PayamUniv. of California at Santa Barbara
Hespanha, JoaoElectrical and Computer Eng
FIC Butternut
Distributed Systems and Aerospace Applications Invited Session
Chair: Neogi, NatashaUniv. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Organizer: Neogi, NatashaUniv. of Illinois, U-C
Organizer: Langbort, CedricUIUC
10:00-10:30, Paper FIC.140 
A Constant Factor Approximation Algorithm for Event-Based Sampling (I)
Cogill, RandyStanford Univ
Lall, SanjayStanford Univ
Hespanha, JoaoUC Santa Barbara
10:30-11:00, Paper FIC.150 
Distributed Mobile Disk Cover - a Building Block for Mobile Backbone Networks (I)
Srinivas, AnandMIT
Zussman, GilMIT
Modiano, EytanMIT
11:00-11:30, Paper FIC.160 
Leader-Based Multi-Agent Coordination through Hybrid Optimal Control (I)
Bjorkenstam, StaffanChalmers Univ. of Tech
Ji, MengGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Egerstedt, MagnusGeorgia Inst. of Tech
Martin, ClydeTexas Tech. Univ
11:30-12:00, Paper FIC.170 
Airspace Complexity (I)
Lee, KeumjinGEORGIA Tech
Feron, EricGEORGIA Tech
Pritchett, AmyGeorgia Inst. of Tech
12:00-12:30, Paper FIC.180 
Target Tracking of Arrival Aircraft Using Hybrid Estimation (I)
Seah, Chze EngPurdue Univ
Hwang, InseokPurdue Unversity
FID Pine
Network Optimization Invited Session
Chair: Ho, TraceyCalifornia Inst. of Tech
Organizer: Meyn, SeanUniv. of Florida
Organizer: Médard, MurielMIT
Organizer: Kötter, RalfTech. Univ. München
10:00-10:30, Paper FID.140 
FAST Copper for Broadband Access (I)
Chiang, MungPrinceton Univ
Huang, JianweiPrinceton Univ
Tan, Chee WeiPrinceton Univ
Cendrillon, RaphaelMarvell Hong Kong Ltd
Xu, DahaiPrinceton Univ
Yi, YungPrinceton Univ
10:30-11:00, Paper FID.150 
Economic Aspects of Network Coding (I)
Ahmed, EbadMIT
Eryilmaz, AtillaLIDS, Massachusetts Inst. of Tech
Medard, MurielMIT
Ozdaglar, AsuMIT
11:00-11:30, Paper FID.160 
Distributed Scheduling Schemes for Throughput Guarantees in Wireless Networks (I)
Sharma, GauravPurdue Univ
Joo, ChangheePurdue Univ
Shroff, NessPurdue Univ
11:30-12:00, Paper FID.170 
Heterogeneous Congestion Control (I)
Tang, Ao (Kevin)California Inst. of Tech
Wei, DavidCalifornia Inst. of Tech
Low, StevenCalifornia Inst. of Tech
Chiang, MungPrinceton Univ
FIE Lower Level
Compressed Sensing Invited Session
Chair: Baron, DrorRice Univ
Organizer: Bresler, YoramUniv. of Illinois
Organizer: Strauss, MartinUniv. of Michigan
Organizer: Baron, DrorRice Univ
10:00-10:30, Paper FIE.140 
Algorithmic Linear Dimension Reduction in the L1 Norm for Sparse Vectors (I)
Gilbert, AnnaUniv. of Michigan
Strauss, MartinUniv. of Michigan
Tropp, JoelUniv. of Michigan
Vershynin, RomanUniv. of California, Davis
10:30-11:00, Paper FIE.150 
Computational Issues for Interior-Point Methods in Compressive Sampling (I)
Candes, EmmanuelStanford Univ.
Romberg, JustinGeorgia Tech.
11:00-11:30, Paper FIE.160 
Compressed Sensing Algorithms for Functions (I)
Muthukrishnan, SRutgers Univ.
11:30-12:00, Paper FIE.170 
Measurements vs. Bits: Compressed Sensing Meets Information Theory (I)
Sarvotham, ShriramRice Univ
Baron, DrorRice Univ
Baraniuk, RichardRice Univ
12:00-12:30, Paper FIE.180 
Fast Algorithms for Reconstruction in Compressed Sensing (I)
Donoho, DavidStanford Univ.
FIF Brick
Tracking Regular Session
Chair: Stipanovic, DusanUniv. of Illinois
10:00-10:30, Paper FIF.140 
Zero-Error Target Tracking through Limited Querying of Binary Sensors
Barbosa, Patricia RColorado State Univ
Li, HuaColorado State Univ
Chong, EdwinColorado State Univ
Hannig, JanColorado State Univ
Kulkarni, SanjeevPrinceton Univ
10:30-11:00, Paper FIF.150 
Tracking Stopping Times
Niesen, UrsMIT
Tchamkerten, AslanMIT
Wornell, GregoryMIT
11:00-11:30, Paper FIF.160 
MAP Trajectory Estimation for a Switching Process with Continuous Levels
Han, Jae-JoonPurdue Univ
Gelfand, SaulPurdue Univ
Doerschuk, PeterCornell Univ
11:30-12:00, Paper FIF.170 
Estimation for Random Sensor Failure with Unknown Failure Rate
Hounkpevi, FranckMarquette Univ
Yaz, Edwin EnginMarquette Univ
12:00-12:15, Paper FIF.181 
Temporal Sensing Capacity
Rachlin, YaronCarnegie Mellon Univ
Negi, RohitCarnegie Mellon Univ
Khosla, PradeepCarnegie Mellon Univ
FIG Visitor Center
Timing and Capacity Regular Session
Chair: Sarwate, DilipUniv. of Illinois
10:00-10:30, Paper FIG.140 
Capacity of the Trapdoor Channel with Feedback
Permuter, HaimStanford
Cuff, PaulStanford Univ
Van Roy, BenjaminStanford Univ
Weissman, TsachyStanford
10:30-11:00, Paper FIG.150 
Mismatch Decoding of a Compound Timing Channel
Momcilovic, PetarUniv. of Michigan
11:00-11:30, Paper FIG.160 
The Capacity Region of a Class of Discrete Degraded Interference Channels
Liu, NanUniv. of Maryland
Ulukus, SennurUniv. of Maryland
11:30-12:00, Paper FIG.170 
On the Capacity of Time Varying Channels with Periodical Feedback
Ansari Sadrabadi, MehdiUniv. of Waterloo
Maddah-ali, Mohammad AliUniv. of Waterloo
khandani, Amir KeyvanUniv. of Waterloo
12:00-12:15, Paper FIG.181 
The Low and High SNR Behavior of the OFDM Delay Limited Capacity
Wunder, GerhardFraunhofer German-Sino Lab. for Mobile Communications - MCI
Michel, ThomasFraunhofer German-Sino Lab. for Mobile Communications - MCI
12:15-12:30, Paper FIG.182 
Timing Channel Capacity for Uniform and Gaussian Servers
Sellke, SarahPurdue Univ
Shroff, NessPurdue Univ
Bagchi, SaurabhPurdue Univ
Wang, Chih-ChunPurdue Univ




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