Forty-Sixth Annual Allerton Conference
September 23-26, 2008, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA

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Last updated on November 12, 2008. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday September 24, 2008



Sensor Networks I Invited Session
Chair: Franceschetti, MassimoUniv. of California at San Diego
Organizer: Franceschetti, MassimoUniv. of California at San Diego
Organizer: Kumar, P. R.Univ. of Illinois

08:30-08:50, Paper WeA1.1

Network Coding for Computing (I)
Appuswami, RathinakumarUCSD
Franceschetti, MassimoUniv. of California at San Diego
Karamchandani, NikhilUCSD
Zeger, KenUC San Diego

08:50-09:10, Paper WeA1.2

Landmark-Based Position and Movement Detection of Wireless Sensor Network Devices (I)
Paschalidis, IoannisBoston Univ.
Li, KeyongBoston Univ.
Guo, DongBoston Univ.

09:10-09:30, Paper WeA1.3

Counting Objects in Dense Sensor Networks: A Topological Integral Transform. (I)
Baryshnikov, Yuliybell Lab.
Ghrist, Robert

09:30-09:50, Paper WeA1.4

Range-Based Geolocation in Fading Environments (I)
Sadler, BrianArmy Res. Lab.
Liu, NingUniv. of California, Riverside
Xu, ZhengyuanUniv. of California, Riverside
Kozick, RichardBucknell Univ.

09:50-10:10, Paper WeA1.5

Union Support Recovery in High-Dimensional Multivariate Regression (I)
Obozinski, GuillaumeUC Berkeley
Wainwright, Martin JUC Berkeley
Jordan, Michael IUC Berkeley

10:10-10:30, Paper WeA1.6

Diversity Multiplexing Tradeoff of the Half Duplex Relay Channel (I)
Pawar, SameerUniv. of California at Berkeley
Avestimehr, SalmanUC Berkeley
Tse, DavidUC Berkeley


Solarium (Porch)
Optimization Problems in Networks Regular Session
Chair: Ni, JianYale Univ.

08:30-08:50, Paper WeA2.1

Reduced-Complexity Transmit Power Optimization Techniques for Multiuser MIMO with Per-Antenna Power Constraint
Ohwatari, YusukeNTT DOCOMO, INC.
Benjebbour, AnassNTT DOCOMO, INC.
Hagiwara, JunichiroNTT DOCOMO, INC.
Ohya, TomoyukiNTT DOCOMO, INC.

08:50-09:10, Paper WeA2.2

Optimization of MIMO Ad Hoc Cognitive Radio Networks
Kim, Seung-JunUniv. of Minnesota
Giannakis, GeorgiosUniv. of Minnesota

09:10-09:30, Paper WeA2.3

Maximizing the Sum Rate in Symmetric Networks of Interfering Links under Flat Power Constraints
Badruddin, NasreenUniv. of Melbourne
Bhaskaran, Sibi RajUniv. of Melbourne
Evans, Jamie ScottMelbourne Univ.
Hanly, Stephen VaughanUniv. of Melbourne

09:30-09:50, Paper WeA2.4

Minimum Energy-Per-Bit Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
Bae, ChanghunUniv. of Michigan
Stark, WayneUniv. of Michigan

09:50-10:10, Paper WeA2.5

Minimization of Transceiver Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks with AWGN Channels
Wang, TianqiUniv. of Rochester
Heinzelman, WendiUniv. of Rochester
Seyedi, AlirezaUniv. of Rochester

10:10-10:30, Paper WeA2.6

Modeling and Analysis of Energy Harvesting Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks
Seyedi, AlirezaUniv. of Rochester
Sikdar, BiplabRensselaer Pol. Inst.


Diversity Multiplexing Regular Session

08:30-08:50, Paper WeA3.1

Power-Bandwidth Tradeoff in Multiuser Relay Channels with Opportunistic Scheduling
Oyman, OzgurIntel Corp.
Win, MoeMassachusetts Inst. of Tech.

08:50-09:10, Paper WeA3.2

Opportunistic Multi-Antenna Downlink Transmission with Finite-Rate Feedback
Tajer, AliColumbia Univ.
Wang, XiaodongColumbia Univ.

09:10-09:30, Paper WeA3.3

Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff in Multiple-Relay Network--Part I: Proposed Scheme and Single-Antenna Networks
Oveis Gharan, ShahabUniv. of Waterloo
Bayesteh, AlirezaUniv. of Waterloo
Khandani, Amir KeyvanUniv. of Waterloo

09:30-09:50, Paper WeA3.4

Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff in Multiple-Relay Network--Part II: Multiple-Antenna Networks
Oveis Gharan, ShahabUniv. of Waterloo
Bayesteh, AlirezaUniv. of Waterloo
Khandani, Amir KeyvanUniv. of Waterloo

09:50-10:10, Paper WeA3.5

Diversity Multiplexing Tradeoff of Asynchronous Cooperative Relay Networks
R. N, KrishnakumarIndian Inst. of Science
Natarajan, NaveenIndian Inst. of Science
K, SreeramIndian Inst. of Science
Kumar, P. VijayIndian Inst. of Science


MIMO/Space Time Codes - Part I Regular Session
Chair: Raghavan, VasanthanUniv. OF ILLINOIS

08:30-08:50, Paper WeA4.1

Some Geometric Methods for Construction of Space-Time Codes in Grassmann Manifolds
Utkovski, ZoranUniv. of Ulm
Chen, Pi-ChinUniv. of Ulm
Lindner, JuergenUniv. of Ulm

08:50-09:10, Paper WeA4.2

Broadcast Channel: Degrees of Freedom with No CSIR
Salim, UmerEurecom
Slock, DirkEurecom Inst.

09:10-09:30, Paper WeA4.3

On Replica Symmetry Breaking in Vector Precoding for the Gaussian MIMO Broadcast Channel
Zaidel, Benjamin M.Norwegian Univ. of Science and Tech. (NTNU)
Müller, Ralf R.Norwegian Univ. of Science and Tech. (NTNU)
de Miguel, RodrigoNorwegian Univ. of Science and Tech. (NTNU)
Moustakas, Aris L.National and Kapodistrian Univ. of Athens

09:30-09:50, Paper WeA4.4

Complementary Codes Based Channel Estimation for MIMO-OFDM Systems
Zoltowski, Michael D.Purdue Univ.
Qureshi, Tariq R.Purdue Univ.
Calderbank, A. RobertPrinceton Univ.

09:50-10:10, Paper WeA4.5

An Adaptive Limited Feedback Scheme for MIMO-OFDMA Based on Optimal Stopping
Chen, JieyingNorthwestern Univ.
Berry, RandallNorthwestern Univ.
Honig, MichaelNorthwestern Univ.


Lower Level
Network Coding - Part I Regular Session

08:30-08:50, Paper WeA5.1

A Coded-Feedback Construction of Locally Minimum-Cost Multicast Network Codes
Wang, Chih-ChunPurdue Univ.

08:50-09:10, Paper WeA5.2

Network Coding with Periodic Recomputation for Minimum Energy Multicasting in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Kim, SukwonCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Ho, TraceyCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Effros, MichelleCalifornia Inst. of Tech.

09:10-09:30, Paper WeA5.3

Toward an Optimal 1+N Protection Strategy
Kamal, AhmedIowa State Univ.
Al-Kofahi, OsamehIowa State Univ.

09:30-09:50, Paper WeA5.4

M-Perf: An Available Bandwidth Estimation Tool for Multicast Applications
Sundaram, NivedithaUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Ramanathan, ParameswaranUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison

09:50-10:10, Paper WeA5.5

A Simple Algebraic Formulation for the Scalar Linear Network Coding Problem
Subramanian, AbhayIndian Inst. of Tech. Madras
Thangaraj, AndrewIndian Inst. of Tech. Madras

10:10-10:30, Paper WeA5.6

Cayley's Hyperdeterminant, the Principal Minors of a Symmetric Matrix and the Entropy Region of 4 Gaussian Random Variables
Shadbakht, SormehCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Hassibi, BabakCalifornia Inst. of Tech.


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Machine Learning & CS Theory Invited Session
Chair: Chekuri, ChandraUIUC
Organizer: Chekuri, ChandraUniv. of Illinois
Organizer: Viswanath, PramodUniv. of Illinois

08:30-08:50, Paper WeA6.1

Spectral Clustering in High Dimensions: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Dense and Sparse Mixtures (I)
Wainwright, Martin J.UC Berkeley

08:50-09:10, Paper WeA6.2

Tighter Bounds for Random Projections of Manifolds (I)
Clarkson, KenIBM Almaden Res. Center

09:10-09:30, Paper WeA6.3

Random Projection Trees and Low Dimensional Manifolds (I)
Dasgupta, SanjoyUniv. of California at San Diego
Freund, YoavUCSD

09:30-09:50, Paper WeA6.4

Practical Near-Optimal Sparse Recovery in the L1 Norm (I)
Indyk, PiotrMIT
Berinde, RaduMIT
Ruzic, MilanITU Copenhagen

09:50-10:10, Paper WeA6.5

Some Applications of Information Theory (I)
Orlitsky, AlonUCSD

10:10-10:30, Paper WeA6.6

Recent Results on Processing Random-Order Streams and Space-Efficient Sampling (I)
McGregor, AndrewMicrosoft Res.


Wireless Communications, Multiuser Information Theory, Network Communication - I Invited Session
Chair: Poon, AdaUniv. of Illinois, U-C
Organizer: Viswanath, PramodUniv. of Illinois
Organizer: Veeravalli, VenugopalUniv. of Illinois

10:40-11:00, Paper WeB1.1

Counter Braids: Optimality of the Message Passing Decoding Algorithm (I)
Lu, YiStanford Univ.
Montanari, AndreaStanford Univ.
Prabhakar, BalajiStanford Univ.

11:00-11:20, Paper WeB1.2

Multiuser Secrecy and Tree Packing (I)
Nitinawarat, SirinUniv. of Maryland
Ye, ChunxuanInterDigital
Barg, AlexanderUniv. of Maryland
Narayan, PrakashInst. for Systems Res.
Reznik, AlexInterDigital

11:20-11:40, Paper WeB1.3

Fading Broadcast Channels with State Information at the Receivers (I)
Tse, DavidUC Berkeley
Yates, RoyRutgers Univ.
Li, ZangRutgers Univ.

11:40-12:00, Paper WeB1.4

The Two-Tap Input-Erasure Gaussian Channel and Its Application to Cellular Communications (I)
Somekh, OrenPrinceton Univ.
Simeone, OsvaldoNew Jersey Inst. of Tech.
Poor, H. VincentPrinceton Univ.
Shamai, ShlomoTech.

12:00-12:20, Paper WeB1.5

Crime and Punishment for Cognitive Radios (I)
Woyach, KristenUC Berkeley
Sahai, AnantUC Berkeley
Atia, GeorgeBoston Univ.
Saligrama, VenkateshBoston Univ.


Solarium (Porch)
Game Theory for Networks & Security Invited Session
Chair: Basar, TamerUniv. of Illinois
Organizer: Basar, TamerUniv. of Illinois
Organizer: Alpcan, TansuTech. Univ. Berlin

10:40-11:00, Paper WeB2.1

Security Games for Vehicular Networks (I)
Buchegger, SonjaDeutsche Telekom Lab.
Alpcan, TansuTech. Univ. Berlin

11:00-11:20, Paper WeB2.2

Security Investment Games of Interdependent Organizations (I)
Miura-Ko, AnnStanford Univ.
Yolken, BenjaminStanford Univ.
Bambos, NicholasStanford Univ.
Mitchell, JohnStanford Univ.

11:20-11:40, Paper WeB2.3

Dynamic Network Security Deployment under Partial Information (I)
Theodorakopoulos, GeorgeEc. Pol. Federale de Lausanne
Baras, JohnUniv. of Maryland
Le Boudec, Jean-YvesEc. Pol. Federale de Lausanne

11:40-12:00, Paper WeB2.4

Privacy-Security Tradeoffs in Biometric Security Systems
Lai, LifengPrinceton Univ.
Ho, Siu-WaiPrinceton Univ.
Poor, H. VincentPrinceton Univ.


Wireless Communications Regular Session

10:40-11:00, Paper WeB3.1

Performance Evaluation of Code-Spread OFDM
Al-Mahmoud, MuthannaPurdue Univ.
Zoltowski, Michael D.Purdue Univ.

11:00-11:20, Paper WeB3.2

Spreading Signals in the Wideband Limit
Porrat, DanaThe Hebrew Univ.
Zwecher, ElchananThe Hebrew Univ.

11:20-11:40, Paper WeB3.3

Linear-Programming Receivers
Flanagan, MarkUniv. of Bologna

11:40-12:00, Paper WeB3.4

On the Information Capacity of Gaussian Channels under Small Peak Power Constraints
Raginsky, MaximDuke Univ.


MIMO/Space Time Codes - Part 2 Regular Session
Chair: Raghavan, VasanthanUniv. OF ILLINOIS

10:40-11:00, Paper WeB4.1

Efficient Maximum-Likelihood Noncoherent Orthogonal STBC Detection
Papailiopoulos, DimitrisTech. Univ. of Crete
Karystinos, GeorgeTech. Univ. of Crete

11:00-11:20, Paper WeB4.2

An Outer Bound to the Admissible Source Region of Broadcast Channels with Arbitrarily Correlated Sources and Channel Variations
Gohari, Amin AminzadehUniv. of California, Berkeley
Anantharam, VenkatUniv. of California, Berkeley

11:20-11:40, Paper WeB4.3

Single-User MIMO vs. Multiuser MIMO in the Broadcast Channel with CSIT Constraints
Zhang, JunThe Univ. of Texas at Austin
Andrews, JeffreyThe Univ. of Texas at Austin
Heath, RobertThe Univ. of Texas at Austin


Lower Level
Network Coding - Part 2 Regular Session

10:40-11:00, Paper WeB5.1

On Capacity of Deterministic Relay Networks
Khojastepour, MohammadNEC Lab. America
Keshavarz-Haddad, AlirezaShiraz Univ.

11:00-11:20, Paper WeB5.2

Effects of Delay and Links between Relays on the Min-Cut Capacity in a Wireless Relay Network
Topakkaya, HakanIowa State Univ.
Wang, ZhengdaoIowa State Univ.

11:20-11:40, Paper WeB5.3

Distributed Design of Network Codes for Wireless Multiple Unicasts
Kim, SukwonCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Effros, MichelleCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Ho, TraceyCalifornia Inst. of Tech.

11:40-12:00, Paper WeB5.4

Random Linear Coding for Multicast Over a Time-Varying Channel
Shrader, BrookeUniv. of Maryland
Cogill, RandyUniv. of Virginia
Ephremides, AnthonyUniv. of Maryland

12:00-12:20, Paper WeB5.5

Network Codes with Deadlines
Erez, ElonaYale
Effros, MichelleCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Ho, TraceyCalifornia Inst. of Tech.


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Dynamics and Distributed Optimization Invited Session
Chair: Nedich, AngeliaUIUC
Organizer: Nedich, AngeliaUniv. of Illinois
Organizer: Shanbhag, UdayUIUC

10:40-11:00, Paper WeB6.1

A Partial Order Approach to Decentralized Control of Spatially Invariant Systems (I)
Shah, ParikshitMassachusetts Inst. of Tech.
Parrilo, Pablo A.Massachusetts Inst. of Tech.

11:00-11:20, Paper WeB6.2

Convergence Analysis of Distributed Subgradient Methods Over Random Networks (I)
Lobel, IlanMIT
Ozdaglar, AsuMIT

11:20-11:40, Paper WeB6.3

A Decentralized Newton Scheme for Min-Cost Newtork Flow Problems (I)
Ozdaglar, AsuMIT
Jadbabaie, AliUniv. of Pennsylvania

11:40-12:00, Paper WeB6.4

Distributed Sensor Localization in Euclidean Spaces: Dynamic Environments (I)
Khan, Usman A.Carnegie mellon Univ.
Kar, SoummyaCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Sinopoli, BrunoCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Moura, Jose' M. F.Carnegie Mellon Univ.

12:00-12:20, Paper WeB6.5

Rates of Convergence for Greedy Gossip with Eavesdropping
Üstebay, DenizMcGill Univ.
Oreshkin, BorisMcGill Univ.
Coates, MarkMcGill Univ.
Rabbat, MichaelMcGill Univ.


Sensor Networks II Invited Session
Chair: Veeravalli, VenugopalUniv. of Illinois, U-C
Organizer: Nedich, AngeliaUniv. of Illinois
Organizer: Veeravalli, VenugopalUniv. of Illinois

13:30-13:50, Paper WeC1.1

Efficient Energy Management Policies for Networks with Energy Harvesting Sensor Nodes (I)
Sharma, VinodIndian Inst. of Science
Mukherji, UtpalIndian Inst. of Science
Joseph, VinayIndian Inst. of Science, Bangalore

13:50-14:10, Paper WeC1.2

Networking Sensors Via Belief Propagation (I)
Sanghavi, SujayPurdue Univ.
Malioutov, DmitryMIT
Willsky, AlanMIT

14:10-14:30, Paper WeC1.3

Energy Scaling Laws for Distributed Inference in Random Networks (I)
Anandkumar, AnimashreeCornell Univ.
Yukich, JosephLehigh Univ.
Tong, LangCornell Univ.
Swami, AnanthramArmy Res. Lab.

14:30-14:50, Paper WeC1.4

Distributed Statistical Methods in Networked Video Surveillance (I)
Saligrama, VenkateshBoston Univ.
Ermis, ErhanBoston Univ.


Solarium (Porch)
Channel Coding/Fading Regular Session
Chair: Vontobel, PascalHewlett-Packard Lab.

13:30-13:50, Paper WeC2.1

Multidimensional Flash Codes (I)
Yaakobi, EitanUCSD
Vardy, AlexanderUniv. of California San Diego
Siegel, Paul H.UCSD
Wolf, JackUCSD

13:50-14:10, Paper WeC2.2

Weight Distributions of Hypergraph Codes. (I)
Barg, AlexanderUniv. of Maryland
Mazumdar, AryaUniv. of Maryland, Coll. Park
Zemor, GillesUniv. Bordeaux 1

14:10-14:30, Paper WeC2.3

Efficient Implementation of Linear Programming Decoding (I)
Taghavi, Mohammad HosseinUniv. of California, San Diego
Shokrollahi, AminEPFL
Siegel, Paul H.UCSD

14:30-14:50, Paper WeC2.4

Achievable Flows on Orthogonal Information Networks
Vasudevan, DinkarEPFL

14:50-15:10, Paper WeC2.5

On a Class of Optimal Rateless Codes
Subramanian, VijayNat'l Univ. of Ireland Maynooth
Leith, DouglasNational Univ. of Ireland

15:10-15:30, Paper WeC2.6

On Asymptotics of Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding with Channel Uncertainty
Shalev Housfater, AlonUniv. of Toronto
Lim, Teng JoonUniv. of Toronto


Controls and Optimization - Part 1 Regular Session
Chair: Mehta, Prashant G.Univ. of Illinois

13:30-13:50, Paper WeC3.1

A Stieltjes Transform Approach for Analyzing the RLS Adaptive Filter
Vakili, AliCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Hassibi, BabakCalifornia Inst. of Tech.

13:50-14:10, Paper WeC3.2

Tracking in the Presence of a Time-Varying Uncertain Gain
Vale, JulieUniv. of Waterloo
Miller, DanielUniv. of Waterloo

14:10-14:30, Paper WeC3.3

A Bayesian Network Approach to Control of Networked Markov Decision Processes
Adlakha, SachinStanford Univ.
Lall, SanjayStanford Univ.
Goldsmith, AndreaStanford Univ.

14:30-14:50, Paper WeC3.4

Mixed Norm Low Order Multirate Filterbank Design: Relaxed Commutant Lifting Approach
Du, DzungPurdue Univ.
Bhosri, WisuwatPurdue Univ.
Frazho, A.Purdue Univ.


Wireless Networks Invited Session
Chair: Franceschetti, MassimoUniv. of California at San Diego
Organizer: Kumar, P. R.Univ. of Illinois
Organizer: Franceschetti, MassimoUniv. of California at San Diego

13:30-13:50, Paper WeC4.1

The Capacity Region of Large Wireless Networks (I)
Niesen, UrsMIT
Gupta, PiyushBell Lab. Alcatel-Lucent
Shah, DevavratMIT

13:50-14:10, Paper WeC4.2

Transmission Techniques for Relay-Interference Networks (I)
Diggavi, SuhasEPFL
Mohajer, SoheinEPFL
Tse, DavidUC Berkeley
Fragouli, ChristinaEPFL

14:10-14:30, Paper WeC4.3

Modeling Distributed Beamforming in Wireless Networks (I)
Hardwick, KeryUniv. of Massachusetts
Goeckel, DennisUniv. of Massachusetts Amherst
Towsley, DonUniv. of Massachusetts

14:30-14:50, Paper WeC4.4

Clustering Multiple-Access with Relay in Wireless Networks (I)
Xie, Liang-LiangUniv. of Waterloo

14:50-15:10, Paper WeC4.5

On the Delay Performance of In-Network Aggregation in Lossy Wireless Sensor Networks (I)
Joo, ChangheeThe Ohio State Univ.
Shroff, NessThe Ohio State Univ.


Lower Level
Queueing Theory & Analysis - Part 1 Regular Session
Chair: Tezcan, TolgaUIUC

13:30-13:50, Paper WeC5.1

N-Player Bertrand-Cournot Games in Queues: Existence of Equilibrium
Jain, RahulUniv. of Southern California
Dube, ParijatIBM Watson Res.

13:50-14:10, Paper WeC5.2

Asymptotic Performance of the Non-Forced Idle Time Scheduling Policies in the Presence of Variable Demand for Resources
Radovanovic, AnaGoogle Res.
Stein, CliffColumbia Univ.

14:10-14:30, Paper WeC5.3

An Ergodic Result for Queue Length Processes of State-Dependent Queueing Networks in the Heavy-Traffic Diffusion Limit
Piera, FranciscoUniv. of Chile
Mazumdar, RaviUniv. of Waterloo

14:30-14:50, Paper WeC5.4

Effective Resource Allocation in a Queue: How Much Control Is Necessary?
Jagannathan, Krishna PrasannaMassachusetts Inst. of Tech.
Modiano, EytanMassachusetts Inst. of Tech.
Zheng, LizhongMassachusetts Inst. of Tech.


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Multiuser Interference - Part 1 Regular Session
Chair: Prabhakaran, VinodUIUC

13:30-13:50, Paper WeC6.1

Reduced Dimension Equalizer and Interference Canceller for MIMO-OFDM
Lau, ChadPurdue Univ.
Zoltowski, Michael D.Purdue Univ.

13:50-14:10, Paper WeC6.2

Encoding against an Interferer's Codebook
Maric, IvanaStanford Univ.
Liu, NanStanford Univ.
Goldsmith, AndreaStanford Univ.

14:10-14:30, Paper WeC6.3

A Layered Lattice Coding Scheme for a Class of Three User Gaussian Interference Channels
Sridharan, SriramUniv. of Texas at Austin
Jafarian, AminUniv. of Texas at Austin
Vishwanath, SriramUniv. of Texas at Austin
Jafar, SyedUCI
Shamai, ShlomoTech.

14:30-14:50, Paper WeC6.4

Distributed Interference Pricing with MISO Channels
Shi, ChangxinNorthwestern Univ.
Berry, RandallNorthwestern Univ.
Honig, MichaelNorthwestern Univ.

14:50-15:10, Paper WeC6.5

Interference Channels with Correlated Receiver Side Information
Liu, NanStanford Univ.
Gunduz, DenizPrinceton Univ.
Goldsmith, AndreaStanford Univ.
Poor, H. VincentPrinceton Univ.


Compressed Sensing & Geometric Learning Techniques Regular Session
Chair: Meyn, SeanUniv. of Illinois

15:40-16:00, Paper WeD1.1

Uniform Approximation of Functions with Random Bases
Rahimi, AliIntel Res.
Recht, BenjaminCalifornia Inst. of Tech.

16:00-16:20, Paper WeD1.2

Compressed Sensing Over the Grassmann Manifold: A Unified Analytical Framework
Xu, WeiyuCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Hassibi, BabakCalifornia Inst. of Tech.

16:20-16:40, Paper WeD1.3

Generalized Binary Search
Nowak, RobertUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison

16:40-17:00, Paper WeD1.4

Learning Sparse Doubly-Selective Channels
Bajwa, Waheed U.Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Sayeed, AkbarUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Nowak, RobertUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison

17:00-17:20, Paper WeD1.5

Overcoming SNR Walls through Macroscale Features
Tandra, RahulUC Berkeley
Sahai, AnantUC Berkeley


Solarium (Porch)
Sensor Networks in Communications Regular Session
Chair: Park, Kyung-JoonUniv. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

15:40-16:00, Paper WeD2.1

Local Interference Can Accelerate Gossip Algorithms
Nazer, BobakUniv. of California, Berkeley
Dimakis, AlexUC Berkeley
Gastpar, MichaelUniv. of California, Berkeley

16:00-16:20, Paper WeD2.2

Optimal Sensor Density for Remote Estimation Over Wireless Sensor Networks
Ambrosino, RobertoUniv. of Naples Parthenope
Sinopoli, BrunoCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Poolla, KameshwarUC Berkeley
Sastry, ShankarUC Berkeley

16:20-16:40, Paper WeD2.3

On Kalman Filtering with Faded Measurements
Dey, SubhrakantiUniv. of Melbourne
Leong, AlexUniv. of Melbourne
Evans, Jamie ScottMelbourne Univ.


Controls and Optimization - Part 2 Regular Session
Chair: Mehta, Prashant G.Univ. of Illinois

15:40-16:00, Paper WeD3.1

The Price of Anarchy in Competing Differentiated Services Networks
Musacchio, JohnUniv. of California, Santa Cruz
Wu, ShuangUniv. of California, Santa Cruz

16:00-16:20, Paper WeD3.2

Distributed Consensus with Link Failures As a Structured Stochastic Uncertainty Problem
Patterson, StacyUniv. of California, Santa Barbara
Bamieh, BassamUniv. of California, Santa Barbara

16:20-16:40, Paper WeD3.3

Distributed Kalman Filter Via Gaussian Belief Propagation
Bickson, DannyHebrew Univ. of Jerusalem
Shental, OriUCSD
Dolev, DannyHebrew Univ. of Jerusalem

16:40-17:00, Paper WeD3.4

Guaranteed Bounds for Traffic Flow Parameters Estimation Using Mixed Lagrangian-Eulerian Sensing.
Claudel, ChristianUniv. of California at Berkeley
Bayen, AlexandreUniv. of California at Berkeley


Source Coding Regular Session
Chair: Ishwar, PrakashBoston Univ.

15:40-16:00, Paper WeD4.1

Capacity Region of the Permutation Channel
Walsh, John MacLarenDrexel Univ.
Weber, StevenDrexel Univ. Dept. of Ec.

16:00-16:20, Paper WeD4.2

Worst-Case Asymmetric Distributed Source Coding
Agnihotri, SamarIndian Inst. of Science
Jamadagni, H. S.Indian Inst. of Science

16:20-16:40, Paper WeD4.3

Low-Density Linear IED Schemes for Lossless Source Coding with Decoder Only Side Information
Meng, JinUniv. of Waterloo
Yang, En-huiUniv. of Waterloo
He, Da-keRes. In Motion


Lower Level
Queueing Theory & Analysis - Part 2 Regular Session
Chair: Tezcan, TolgaUIUC

15:40-16:00, Paper WeD5.1

Large Deviations for Many Server Networks with Long Range Dependent and Batch Arrivals
Kar, SoummyaCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Moura, Jose' M. F.Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Ramanan, KavitaCarnegie Mellon Univ.

16:00-16:20, Paper WeD5.2

General Stability Conditions in Wireless Broadcast Channels
Zhou, ChanHeinrich-Hertz-Inst.
Wunder, GerhardFraunhofer German-MCI

16:20-16:40, Paper WeD5.3

Delay Analysis of Max Weight Opportunistic Scheduling in Wireless Systems
Neely, MichaelUniv. of Southern California

16:40-17:00, Paper WeD5.4

Incentivizing Anonymous ``Peer-To-Peer'' Paper Reviews
Venkitasubramaniam, ParvathinathanCornell Univ.
Sahai, AnantUC Berkeley


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Multiuser Interference - Part 2 Regular Session
Chair: Coleman, ToddUniv. of Illinois, U-C

15:40-16:00, Paper WeD6.1

On the Capacity of MIMO Interference Channels
Shang, XiaohuSyracuse Univ.
Chen, BiaoSyracuse Univ.
Kramer, GerhardAlcatel-Lucent
Poor, H. VincentPrinceton Univ.

16:00-16:20, Paper WeD6.2

Asymptotically Optimal Transmit Strategies for the Multiple Antenna Interference Channel
Larsson, Erik G.Linköping Univ.
Danev, DanyoLinköping Univ.
Jorswieck, EduardDresden Univ. of Tech.

16:20-16:40, Paper WeD6.3

On Gaussian Interference Channels with Multiple Receive Antennas
Wang, I-HsiangUC Berkeley
Tse, DavidUC Berkeley

16:40-17:00, Paper WeD6.4

Ergodic Two-User Interference Channels: Is Separability Optimal?
Sankar, LalithaPrinceton Univ.
Shang, XiaohuSyracuse Univ.
Erkip, ElzaPol. Univ.
Poor, H. VincentPrinceton Univ.