3rd World Congress on Micro and Nano Manufacturing 10th - 12th September 2019, Raleigh NC, USA 3rd WCMNM

3rd World Congress on Micro and Nano Manufacturing
September 10-12, 2019, Raleigh NC, USA

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Last updated on August 27, 2019. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday September 11, 2019

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Laser Surface Texturing on the Micro and Nanoscale Using (ultra) Short
Pulsed Lasers - Fundamentals and Applications, by Dr. Gert-Willem
R.B.E. Rmer
Plenary Session
Sensors and Systems Regular Session
10:30-10:50, Paper WeAT1.1 
Development of Piezoelectric Force Sensor Using PZT/CNT/PVA Nanocomposites
Rezvani, SinaUniversity of Calgary
Liu, LeiUniversity of Calgary
Lee, JihyunUniversity of Calgary
Park, SimonUniversity of Calgary
10:50-11:10, Paper WeAT1.2 
Electrical Conductivity and Structural Evolution of Polymer Derived SiC Ceramics Pyrolyzed from 1200C to 1800C
Xu, ChengyingNC State University
Atiqur, ChowdhuryNC State University
11:10-11:30, Paper WeAT1.3 
Non-Contact Planar Stage Based on Near-Field Acoustic Transportation
Guo, PingNorthwestern Univeresity
Yang, YangThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Chen, KeyuThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
11:30-11:50, Paper WeAT1.4 
Development of a Multiaxial Miniature Testing System with High Temperature and In-Situ Scanning Electron Microscope Testing Capabilities
Rahman, FarhanNorth Carolina State University
Tasnim, HassanNorth Carolina State University
Ngaile, GraciousNorth Carolina State University
11:50-12:10, Paper WeAT1.5 
Analysis of Sound Signal for Quality Monitoring in Laser Micro Lap Welding
Kuo, Bo-SiNational Chung Hsing University
Lu, Ming-ChyuanNational Chung Hsing University
12:10-12:30, Paper WeAT1.6 
A Proposal of Mechanical Characteristic Measurement Method Using Micro Forceps with Force Sensing - Evaluation Using Simulation -
Fujiwara, YudaiUniversity of Toyama
Sasaki, TohruUniversity of Toyama
Tachikawa, KaoruUniversity of Toyama
Murakami, AtsushiUniversity of Toyama
Terabayashi, KenjiUniversity of Toyama
Dohda, KuniakiNorthwestern University
Niwa, HirotakeUniversity of Toyama
Nano Manufacturing/Technology II Regular Session
10:30-10:50, Paper WeAT2.1 
Electrokinetic Movement of the Microparticulates between High Resistance Microelectrodes under the Influence of Dielectrophoretic Force
Cortez, JenniferUniversity of California Irvine
Damyar, KimiaUniversity of California Irvine
Gao, RuntianXiamen University
Kulinsky, LawrenceUniversity of California, Irvine
10:50-11:10, Paper WeAT2.2 
Enzyme Nanopatterning by High-Throughput Thermochemical Scanning Probe Lithography
Liu, XiangyuNew York University
Kumar, MohitCity University of New York
Cal, AnnalisaNew York University
Albisetti, EdoardoDipartimento Di Fisica, Politecnico Di Milano
Zheng, XiaoruiNew York University
Ulijn, ReinCity University of New York
Riedo, ElisaNew York University
11:10-11:30, Paper WeAT2.3 
Graphene Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composites an Innovative Approach
Ranjan, RachitIndian Institute of Technology (ISM)
Bajpai, VivekIndian Institute of Technology (ISM) Dhanbad
11:30-11:50, Paper WeAT2.4 
Flexibility Enhancements of Hybrid Copper Inks with Cellulose Nanocrystals
Liu, LeiUniversity of Calgary
Wong, DannyUniversity of Calgary
Lee, JihyunUniversity of Calgary
Park, SimonUniversity of Calgary
11:50-12:10, Paper WeAT2.5 
Thermocapillary Dewetting-Based Dynamic Spatial Light Modulator
Kovacevich, DylanRutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Nitzsche, MichaelRutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Saro-Cortes, ValeriaRutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Gamboa, ArielleRutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Davis, EmilyRutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Ma, TianxingRutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Singer, JonathanRutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Microman Regular Session
10:30-10:50, Paper WeAT3.1 
Debinding and Pre-Sintering of High Aspect Ratio Micro Bi-Lumen Tubes Produced by Extrusion of 17-4PH Feedstock
Kuriakose, SandeepPolitecnico Di Milano
Cataldo, SalvatorePolitecnico Di Milano
Parenti, PaoloPolitecnico Di Milano
Annoni, MassimilianoPolitecnico Di Milano
10:50-11:10, Paper WeAT3.2 
Effect of Feedstock Properties on Extrusion of High Aspect Ratio Micro Bi-Lumen Tubes
Kuriakose, SandeepPolitecnico Di Milano
Annoni, MassimilianoPolitecnico Di Milano
11:10-11:30, Paper WeAT3.3 
Experimental Investigation into a Novel Configuration of Hybrid Laser-Electrochemical Micromachining Process
Saxena, Krishna KumarKU Leuven University
Qian, JunUniversity of Leuven
Reynaerts, DominiekKU Leuven
11:30-11:50, Paper WeAT3.4 
Modelling the Filling Behavior of Micro Structured Plastic Optical Components
Loaldi, DarioTechnical University of Denmark
Quagliotti, DaniloTechnical University of Denmark
Calaon, MatteoTechnical University of Denmark
Tosello, GuidoTechnical University of Denmark
11:50-12:10, Paper WeAT3.5 
Injection Moulding Based Replication Process - Replication of Nanofeatures for Anti-Microbial Applications
Gilson, Millan-JohnUniversity of Bradford
Whiteside, BenUniversity of Bradford
Katsikogianni, MariaUniversity of Bradford
12:10-12:30, Paper WeAT3.6 
Influence of Vibrations in Micro Polishing and Its Effect on Material Removal
Ben Achour, SoufianTechnical University of Denmark
Gaeta, GianpieroTechnical University of Denmark
Bissacco, GiulianoDTU
De Chiffre, LeonardoTechnical University of Denmark
Surface Engineering II Regular Session
14:00-14:20, Paper WeBT1.1 
Laser Surface Modification of Wire-Electric Discharge Machined Graphene Nanoparticle Reinforced SiC Composites
Meinam, Annebushan SinghIndian Institute of Technology Bombay
Hanzel, OndrejSlovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia
Singh, RameshIndian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India
Sajgalik, PavolSlovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia
Marla, DeepakIIT Bombay
14:20-14:40, Paper WeBT1.2 
Plasma-Printed AISI316L Multi-Punch Array for Fabrication of Aluminum Heatsink with Micro-Pillar Fins
Aizawa, TatsuhikoShibaura Institute of Technology
Shiratori, TomomiKomatsuseiki Kosakusho CO., LTD
Wasa, KenjiTecDia, Co. Ltd
14:40-15:00, Paper WeBT1.3 
Multiscale Surface Patterning of Zirconia by Picosecond Pulsed Laser Irradiation
Yamamuro, YukaKeio University
Shimoyama, TomotakaTOSOH Corporation
Yamashita, IsaoTOSOH Corporation
Yan, JiwangKeio University
15:00-15:20, Paper WeBT1.4 
Dual Regime Spray Deposition Based Laser Direct Writing of Metal Patterns on Polymer Substrates
Akin, SemihPurdue University
Gabor, TedPurdue University
Jo, SeunghwanPurdue University
Park, YeonsooPurdue University
Tsai, Jung-TingPurdue University
Lee, Chi-HwanPurdue University
Park, MinsooSeoul National University of Science and Technology
Jun, Martin Byung-GukPurdue University
15:20-15:40, Paper WeBT1.5 
A Novel Laser Patterning Process for Highly Flexible Transparent Conducting Heater
Haoxuan, YouThe University of Iowa
Lowery, ZachUniversity of Iowa
Wang, QinghuaUniversity of Iowa
Lamuta, CaterinaUniversity of Iowa
Toor, FatimaThe University of Iowa
Wang, RuoxingPurdue University
Ratner, AlbertThe University of Iowa
Wu, WenzhuoPurdue University
Ding, HongtaoThe University of Iowa
Micromachining II Regular Session
14:00-14:20, Paper WeBT2.1 
Experimental Investigation in Microdrilling of Ni-Based Alloy under Different Cooling Environment
Azim, SabanaNational Institute of Technology Rourkela
Gangopadhyay, SoumyaIndian Institute of Technology Bhilai
Mahapatra, Siba SankarNational Institute of Technology Rourkela
Mittal, RinkuIndian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Mumbai
Singh, RameshIndian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India
14:20-14:40, Paper WeBT2.2 
Effect of Process Parameters on Work Softening Behavior of Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glass During Orthogonal Micromachining Operation
Dhale, KarunaIndian Institute of Technology Bombay
Banerjee, NilanjanIndian Institute of Technology Bombay
Singh, RameshIndian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India
14:40-15:00, Paper WeBT2.3 
An Approach to Improve Cutting Performance in Micro Milling of Titanium Alloy
Liao, Yunn-ShiuanNational Taiwan University
Li, Tsung-HsienNational Taiwan University
Liu, Yi-ChenNational Taiwan University
15:00-15:20, Paper WeBT2.4 
Fabrication of Neural Probe Delivery Microneedles and Characterization of Their Insertion Forces
Yalcintas, Ezgi PinarCarnegie Mellon University
Khilwani, RakeshCarnegie Mellon University
Ozdoganlar, BurakCarnegie Mellon University
15:20-15:40, Paper WeBT2.5 
Correlation of Ductile-Brittle Transition with Residual Stress Transitions and During Scratching of Silicon
Alreja, ChiragIndian Institute of Technology Madras
Subbiah, SathyanIndian Institute of Technology Madras
Additive Manufacturing I Regular Session
14:00-14:20, Paper WeBT3.1 
Micro-Lattice Material Fabrication by High Resolution DLP Stereolithography
Shin, Chow ShingNational Taiwan University
Liu, Kai YuDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University
14:20-14:40, Paper WeBT3.2 
A Benchmark Artifact to Evaluate the Manufacturing of Microfeatures by DLP Stereolithgraphy
Rebaioli, LaraConsiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche
Fassi, IreneNational Research Council
14:40-15:00, Paper WeBT3.3 
FDM Process Optimisation for Low Surface Roughness and Energy Consumption
Elkaseer, AhmedKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Schneider, StellaKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Scholz, SteffenKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
15:00-15:20, Paper WeBT3.4 
Improvements in Accuracy of Fused Deposition Modeling Via Integration of Low-Cost On-Board Vision Systems
Basile, VitoSTIIMA-CNR Institute of Intelligent Industrial Technologies And
Modica, FrancescoInstitute of IndustrialTechnology and Automation
Fontana, GianmauroSTIIMA-CNR Institute of Intelligent Industrial Technologies And
Ruggeri, SerenaInstitute of Industrial Technologies and Automation
Fassi, IreneNational Research Council
15:20-15:40, Paper WeBT3.5 
Rheology and Direct-Ink-Writing of Liquid Metal Particle-Based Polymer Composites
Nesaei, SepehrWashington State University
Gozen, Bulent ArdaWashington State University
Tribology Regular Session
16:10-16:30, Paper WeCT1.1 
The Use of Femtosecond Laser Processing for Producing Surface Structures/Textures on Diamond-Like Carbon Coated Replication Masters
Michalek, AleksandraUniversity of Birmingham
Penchev, PavelUniversity of Birmingham
Dimov, StefanUniversity of Birmingham
16:30-16:50, Paper WeCT1.2 
Lotus-Leaf Inspired Surfaces: Hydrophobicity Evolution of Replicas Due to Mechanical Cleaning and Tool Wear
Romano, Jean-MichelUniversity of Birmingham
Garcia-Giron, AntonioUniversity of Birmingham
Penchev, PavelUniversity of Birmingham
Gulcur, MertUniversity of Bradford
Whiteside, BenUniversity of Bradford
Dimov, StefanUniversity of Birmingham
16:50-17:10, Paper WeCT1.3 
Progressive Damage Assessment of Tool Coating of Amorphous Carbon (WC/a-C) in High-Speed Micromilling of Ti-6Al-4V
Mittal, RinkuIndian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Mumbai
Kulkarni, Salil SIndian Institute of Technology Bombay
Barshilia, HarishCSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories
Singh, RameshIndian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India
17:10-17:30, Paper WeCT1.4 
Formulation of SiO2/Oil Nano-Suspension by Hydrodynamic Cavitation and Its Lubrication Mechanism in the Metal Forming Process
Pang, HaoNorth Carolina State Univeristy, Raleigh, North Carolina
Kandl, NicholasNorth Carolina State Univeristy, Raleigh, North Carolina
Ngaile, GraciousNorth Carolina State University
17:30-17:50, Paper WeCT1.5 
Research on Machining Characteristics and Tool Wear in ECM with Electrolyte Suction Tool with Auxiliary Anode
Tabata, TakafumiTokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Natsu, WataruTokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Liu, GuanxianGuangdong University of Technology
Modeling and Simulation II Regular Session
16:10-16:30, Paper WeCT2.1 
Regenerative Chatter Detection Using State Transition Matrix
Kushwaha, ShashwatKU Leuven
Gorissen, BenjaminKU Leuven
Qian, JunUniversity of Leuven
Reynaerts, DominiekKU Leuven
16:30-16:50, Paper WeCT2.2 
Numerical Modeling of the AISI 316LN Plastic Deformation During Machining Using a Modified Genetic Algorithm
Kim, Do YoungUlsan National Institute of Science and Technology
Kim, Dong MinPurdue University
Park, Hyung WookUlsan National Institute of Science and Technology
Dongchan, KimUNIST
16:50-17:10, Paper WeCT2.3 
Machining Simulation in Focused Ion Beam Sputtering
Matsumura, TakashiTokyo Denki University
Ogasawara, RyosukeTokyo Denki University
17:10-17:30, Paper WeCT2.4 
Experimental Investigation and Modelling of Hastelloy C-276 Using Electro Discharge Machining to Determine Mrr and Surfacefinish
Maity, KalipadaNational Insititute of Technology, Rourkela, Odisha
17:30-17:50, Paper WeCT2.5 
On the Prediction of Anode Profile in Wire-Electrochemical Micromachining (Wire-ECMM) Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
Srivastava, IshanIndian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Vyom Sharma, Vyom SharmaIndian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Srivastava, VishalIndian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Janakarajan, RamkumarIIT Kanpur
Micromachining III Regular Session
16:10-16:30, Paper WeCT3.1 
Axial Strategy for Ultraprecise Single Point Cutting of V-Grooves. Case 2: Constant Cutting Area
Joao, DelfimWestern University
Milliken, NicolasNational Research Council
Tutunea-Fatan, Remus O.Western University
Bordatchev, EvgueniNational Research Council of Canada
16:30-16:50, Paper WeCT3.2 
A Study on the Damage Layer Removal of Single Crystal Silicon Wafer after Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Etching
Guo, WeijiaNational University of Singapore
A, Senthil KumarNational University of Singapore
Zhang, XinQuanSingapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology
Deng, HuiSouthern Universty of Science and Technology
16:50-17:10, Paper WeCT3.3 
Research on the Modeling of Burr Formation Process in Micro-Flat Milling Operation on Ti-6Al-4V
Chen, NiNanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Wu, YangNanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Zhenjun, LiNanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Li, LiangNanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics
He, NingNanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics
17:10-17:30, Paper WeCT3.4 
Sub Surface Pore Induced Quilting During Machining of Metal Foams
Sundharamoorthi, VinothkumarIndian Institute of Technology
Subbiah, SathyanIndian Institute of Technology Madras




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