CVCI 2020 Hangzhou
4th CAA International Conference on Vehicular Control and Intelligence 18-20 December, 2020
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Last updated on December 25, 2020. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

CVCI 2020 Keyword Index

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Advanced Driving Assistant SystemSaBPA1.2, SaBPA1.5, SaD1.3, SaD4.1, SaD4.3, SaD4.4, SaD4.5, SaE1.3, SaE1.7, SaE4.4, SaE4.7, SaGKH1.2, SaPosI1-01.2, SaPosI1-01.3, SaPosI1-01.6, SaPosI1-01.9, SaPosI1-01.12, SaPosI1-01.18, SaPosII1-01.1, SaPosII1-01.5, SaPosII1-01.11, SaPosII1-01.12, SaPosII1-01.14, SaPosII1-01.15, SuD1.4, SuD1.6, SuD2.4, SuD3.2, SuD3.3, SuD3.4, SuD3.5, SuE1.1, SuE2.1, SuE2.2, SuE2.7, SuE3.1, SuE3.5, SuE4.1, SuE4.2, SuE4.7, SuPosIII1-01.6, SuPosIII1-01.8, SuPosIII1-01.9, SuPosIII1-01.11, SuPosIII1-01.14
Automated and Connected VehicleSaBPA1.2, SaBPA1.3, SaD1.1, SaD1.2, SaD1.3, SaD1.4, SaD1.5, SaD1.6, SaD3.6, SaD4.5, SaE1.1, SaE1.7, SaE2.1, SaE2.2, SaE2.4, SaE3.2, SaE3.3, SaE3.6, SaE4.1, SaE4.2, SaE4.4, SaE4.6, SaGKH1.3, SaPosI1-01.3, SaPosI1-01.4, SaPosI1-01.7, SaPosI1-01.10, SaPosI1-01.12, SaPosI1-01.13, SaPosI1-01.14, SaPosI1-01.15, SaPosI1-01.16, SaPosI1-01.17, SaPosI1-01.18, SuD1.3, SuD2.3, SuD2.4, SuD3.1, SuD3.3, SuD3.4, SuE1.2, SuE1.4, SuE1.5, SuE1.6, SuE1.7, SuE2.3, SuE3.5, SuE4.1, SuE4.3, SuE4.4, SuE4.5, SuE4.6, SuE5.5, SuPosIII1-01.4, SuPosIII1-01.6, SuPosIII1-01.9, SuPosIII1-01.11, SuPosIII1-01.12, SuPosIII1-01.14, SuPosIII1-01.15
Control of UAV/USV/UUVsSaGKH1.1, SaPosI1-01.8, SaPosI1-01.10, SuD2.6, SuPosIII1-01.5, SuPosIII1-01.13
Decision MakingSaBPA1.1, SaD1.6, SaE1.1, SaE4.3, SaGKH1.2, SaGKH1.3, SaPosI1-01.2, SaPosI1-01.9, SaPosI1-01.12, SaPosI1-01.16, SaPosI1-01.17, SaPosII1-01.13, SaPosII1-01.19, SuD2.1, SuD2.6, SuD4.2, SuD4.3, SuE1.4, SuE2.4, SuE2.5, SuE3.4, SuE4.1, SuE4.4, SuE4.5, SuE5.7, SuPosIII1-01.15
Electrification of vehicleSaBPA1.1, SaD3.1, SaD3.2, SaD3.3, SaD3.5, SaE1.5, SaE3.4, SaGKH1.4, SaPosII1-01.1, SaPosII1-01.3, SuD3.5, SuD4.1, SuD4.3, SuD4.4, SuD4.5, SuE5.6, SuPosIII1-01.4
Engine controlSaD2.2, SaD3.1, SaE3.5, SaPosII1-01.4, SaPosII1-01.16, SaPosII1-01.18
Fuel Cell VehicleSaD2.1, SaD2.2, SaD2.3, SaD2.4, SaD2.5, SaD2.6, SaD3.4, SaE2.5, SuD5.1, SuD5.2, SuD5.3, SuD5.4, SuD5.5, SuD5.6
Human-Computer InteractionSaD4.1, SaD4.4, SaE1.4, SaE4.3, SuD1.6, SuE2.1, SuE2.2, SuE2.3, SuE2.5, SuE2.6, SuE5.7
Hybrid Electric VehicleSaD2.6, SaD3.2, SaD3.5, SaE2.5, SaE2.6, SaE2.7, SaE3.2, SaE3.3, SaE3.6, SaE3.7, SaGKH1.5, SaPosI1-01.11, SaPosI1-01.14, SuD4.3, SuD4.5, SuD5.4, SuD5.5, SuE1.3, SuE5.1, SuE5.2
Integrated Chassis ControlSaE1.5, SaPosII1-01.9, SuD1.3, SuE2.6, SuE3.2, SuE3.7, SuE4.6, SuE5.6, SuPosIII1-01.2
Intelligence of vehicleSaBPA1.1, SaBPA1.2, SaBPA1.3, SaBPA1.5, SaD1.1, SaD1.4, SaD1.5, SaD1.6, SaD3.6, SaD4.1, SaD4.3, SaD4.4, SaD4.5, SaD4.6, SaE1.1, SaE1.2, SaE1.4, SaE1.7, SaE2.1, SaE2.2, SaE2.4, SaE4.4, SaE4.6, SaE4.7, SaGKH1.3, SaPosI1-01.3, SaPosI1-01.8, SaPosI1-01.13, SaPosI1-01.14, SaPosI1-01.15, SuD1.1, SuD1.2, SuD1.5, SuD1.6, SuD2.1, SuD2.2, SuD2.4, SuD2.5, SuD3.2, SuD3.3, SuE1.4, SuE1.5, SuE1.7, SuE2.3, SuE3.4, SuE3.5, SuE3.6, SuE4.2, SuE4.4, SuE4.7, SuE5.5, SuPosIII1-01.1, SuPosIII1-01.2, SuPosIII1-01.3, SuPosIII1-01.4, SuPosIII1-01.5, SuPosIII1-01.6, SuPosIII1-01.7, SuPosIII1-01.8, SuPosIII1-01.9, SuPosIII1-01.10, SuPosIII1-01.11, SuPosIII1-01.12, SuPosIII1-01.13, SuPosIII1-01.14
Railway Train ControlSuD2.3
Vehicle controlSaBPA1.4, SaD1.1, SaD1.2, SaD1.4, SaD2.6, SaD3.6, SaE1.3, SaE1.4, SaE1.6, SaE2.3, SaE2.5, SaE2.7, SaE3.1, SaE3.4, SaE4.6, SaGKH1.1, SaPosI1-01.1, SaPosI1-01.4, SaPosI1-01.5, SaPosI1-01.6, SaPosI1-01.7, SaPosI1-01.9, SaPosI1-01.11, SaPosI1-01.13, SaPosI1-01.16, SaPosII1-01.2, SaPosII1-01.3, SaPosII1-01.4, SaPosII1-01.5, SaPosII1-01.6, SaPosII1-01.8, SaPosII1-01.9, SaPosII1-01.10, SaPosII1-01.11, SaPosII1-01.13, SaPosII1-01.14, SaPosII1-01.15, SaPosII1-01.17, SaPosII1-01.18, SuD1.5, SuD2.2, SuD2.3, SuD3.1, SuD4.1, SuD4.6, SuD5.6, SuE1.1, SuE1.2, SuE1.6, SuE1.7, SuE2.5, SuE3.1, SuE3.2, SuE3.3, SuE3.4, SuE3.6, SuE3.7, SuE4.7, SuE5.1, SuE5.2, SuE5.3, SuE5.4, SuE5.5, SuPosIII1-01.1, SuPosIII1-01.7, SuPosIII1-01.10, SuPosIII1-01.13, SuPosIII1-01.15
Vehicle Dynamics and ControlSaD1.2, SaD1.3, SaD2.2, SaD2.5, SaD4.2, SaE1.3, SaE1.5, SaE1.6, SaE3.1, SaE4.1, SaE4.2, SaE4.5, SaE4.7, SaGKH1.1, SaGKH1.5, SaPosI1-01.1, SaPosI1-01.5, SaPosI1-01.6, SaPosI1-01.7, SaPosI1-01.8, SaPosI1-01.11, SaPosI1-01.17, SaPosII1-01.1, SaPosII1-01.2, SaPosII1-01.5, SaPosII1-01.6, SaPosII1-01.7, SaPosII1-01.8, SaPosII1-01.9, SaPosII1-01.10, SaPosII1-01.11, SaPosII1-01.12, SaPosII1-01.13, SaPosII1-01.14, SaPosII1-01.15, SaPosII1-01.17, SaPosII1-01.18, SuD1.2, SuD1.3, SuD1.4, SuD1.5, SuD2.2, SuD3.6, SuD5.4, SuE1.1, SuE1.2, SuE1.6, SuE2.6, SuE2.7, SuE3.1, SuE3.3, SuE3.6, SuE3.7, SuE4.2, SuE4.5, SuE4.6, SuE5.4, SuPosIII1-01.2, SuPosIII1-01.10
Vehicle Powertrain ControlSaBPA1.4, SaD3.1, SaD3.2, SaD3.4, SaD3.5, SaE2.1, SaE2.2, SaE2.3, SaE2.4, SaE2.6, SaE2.7, SaE3.1, SaE3.2, SaE3.3, SaE3.6, SaPosII1-01.6, SaPosII1-01.8, SaPosII1-01.10, SaPosII1-01.19, SuD3.6, SuD4.5, SuD5.3, SuE1.3, SuE3.3, SuE5.1, SuE5.2, SuE5.6




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