CVCI 2021 Tianjin
5th CAA International Conference on Vehicular Control and Intelligence 29-31, October, 2021
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Last updated on October 28, 2021. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

CVCI 2021 Keyword Index

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Advanced Driving Assistant SystemSaAT2.1, SaAT2.6, SaAT5.4, SaBT3.1, SaBT4.1, SaBT4.6, SuAT2.1, SuAT2.2, SuAT2.3, SuAT2.4, SuAT2.5, SuAT3.4, SuAT3.5, SuAT4.3, SuAT5.1, SuAT5.2, SuAT6.3, SuBT2.5, SuBT2.6, SuBT4.6, SuCT1.3, SuCT1.4, SuCT1.6, SuCT1.7, SuCT2.1, SuCT2.2, SuCT2.8, SuCT3.1, SuCT3.2, SuCT3.3, SuCT3.5, SuCT3.6, SuCT3.7, SuCT4.2, SuCT4.4, SuCT4.6, SuCT5.1, SuCT5.2, SuCT6.5, SuCT6.7
Automated and Connected VehicleSaAT2.6, SaAT3.1, SaAT3.4, SaAT4.3, SaAT5.2, SaBT1.5, SaBT2.5, SaBT2.6, SaBT3.2, SaBT3.3, SaBT4.1, SaBT4.3, SaBT4.5, SaBT4.6, SaBT5.4, SaBT5.5, SuAT1.3, SuAT1.5, SuAT2.5, SuAT2.6, SuAT3.2, SuAT3.4, SuAT5.4, SuAT6.3, SuBT1.2, SuBT2.5, SuBT2.6, SuBT3.5, SuBT3.6, SuBT5.5, SuBT5.6, SuBT6.1, SuBT6.2, SuBT6.4, SuBT6.6, SuCT1.1, SuCT1.5, SuCT2.1, SuCT2.3, SuCT2.5, SuCT2.6, SuCT2.7, SuCT3.3, SuCT3.4, SuCT3.5, SuCT3.6, SuCT3.7, SuCT4.3, SuCT5.6, SuCT6.1, SuCT6.2, SuCT6.5, SuCT6.7
Control of UAV/USV/UUVsSaAT4.1, SaBT6.6, SuAT3.1, SuBT1.6, SuBT2.2, SuBT2.3, SuBT3.1, SuBT3.2, SuBT3.6, SuBT6.3, SuBT6.5, SuCT1.8
Decision MakingSaAT1.1, SaAT1.3, SaAT2.2, SaAT2.3, SaAT2.5, SaAT5.3, SaAT5.4, SaAT6.4, SaBT1.2, SaBT1.4, SaBT5.5, SaBT6.4, SaBT6.5, SuAT1.6, SuAT3.3, SuAT4.4, SuAT6.4, SuBT5.6, SuCT1.2, SuCT1.3, SuCT1.7, SuCT2.3, SuCT2.4, SuCT5.2, SuCT5.3, SuCT5.4, SuCT5.7
Electrification of VehicleSaAT1.3, SaAT1.4, SaAT4.5, SaAT6.4, SaAT6.6, SaBT5.1, SaBT5.2, SaBT5.3, SaBT5.4, SaBT5.6, SuAT4.1, SuAT4.4, SuAT5.1, SuAT5.3, SuAT6.5, SuBT4.3, SuBT4.4, SuBT4.5
Engine ControlSaBT6.5, SuAT4.1, SuAT4.6, SuAT5.6, SuAT6.6
Fuel Cell VehicleSaAT5.2, SuAT1.4, SuBT4.4, SuBT4.5
Human-Computer InteractionSaAT2.2, SaAT2.4, SaBT4.6, SuAT2.2, SuBT1.1, SuBT5.5, SuBT6.3, SuCT1.1, SuCT1.2, SuCT1.3, SuCT1.4, SuCT1.5, SuCT1.6
Hybrid Electric VehicleSaAT5.1, SaBT5.1, SaBT5.2, SaBT5.3, SuAT1.1, SuAT1.4, SuAT4.2, SuAT4.5, SuAT6.1, SuAT6.2, SuAT6.4, SuAT6.5, SuAT6.6, SuBT4.2, SuBT4.3
Integrated Chassis ControlSaAT1.4, SaAT4.3, SaAT6.3, SaAT6.6, SaBT4.4, SaBT6.1, SaBT6.2, SuBT3.4, SuBT5.1, SuCT4.1, SuCT6.4
Intelligence of vehicleSaAT1.1, SaAT1.2, SaAT1.3, SaAT2.2, SaAT2.5, SaAT2.6, SaAT3.3, SaAT3.4, SaAT3.5, SaAT3.6, SaAT4.2, SaAT4.4, SaAT4.6, SaAT5.3, SaAT5.6, SaBT1.1, SaBT1.3, SaBT1.4, SaBT2.2, SaBT2.5, SaBT3.3, SaBT3.4, SaBT3.5, SaBT3.6, SaBT4.1, SaBT4.2, SaBT4.3, SaBT6.3, SuAT1.1, SuAT1.3, SuAT1.5, SuAT1.6, SuAT2.1, SuAT2.2, SuAT2.3, SuAT2.4, SuAT2.5, SuAT2.6, SuAT3.2, SuAT3.3, SuAT5.2, SuAT5.4, SuBT1.5, SuBT2.1, SuBT2.3, SuBT2.4, SuBT2.5, SuBT3.4, SuBT3.6, SuBT5.1, SuBT6.4, SuCT1.4, SuCT1.7, SuCT2.2, SuCT2.5, SuCT2.7, SuCT3.1, SuCT3.2, SuCT3.5, SuCT3.6, SuCT3.7, SuCT4.6, SuCT5.1, SuCT5.2, SuCT5.3, SuCT5.7, SuCT6.2, SuCT6.6, SuCT6.7
Multi-Sensor FusionSaAT3.2, SaAT3.3, SaAT3.6, SaAT5.4, SaAT5.6, SaBT1.4, SaBT3.1, SaBT3.2, SaBT3.3, SaBT3.4, SaBT3.5, SaBT3.6, SuAT1.2, SuAT2.1, SuAT3.2, SuAT3.6, SuCT2.7, SuCT3.1, SuCT3.3, SuCT4.3, SuCT4.5, SuCT4.6, SuCT5.1, SuCT5.7
Railway Train ControlSaAT5.5, SaAT5.6
Trajectory PlanningSaAT2.3, SaAT2.4, SaAT4.6, SaBT1.1, SaBT1.5, SaBT2.2, SaBT4.3, SaBT6.6, SuAT5.2, SuAT5.4, SuAT5.5, SuBT1.2, SuBT1.4, SuBT1.5, SuBT2.1, SuBT2.3, SuBT3.2, SuBT3.4, SuBT3.5, SuBT5.6, SuCT1.8, SuCT2.4, SuCT4.3, SuCT5.4
Trajectory PredictionSaAT3.1, SaAT3.2, SuBT1.4, SuBT1.5, SuBT3.3, SuCT5.4
Vehicle controlSaAT1.2, SaAT2.1, SaAT2.5, SaAT4.2, SaAT4.3, SaAT4.4, SaAT4.5, SaAT6.1, SaAT6.2, SaAT6.3, SaBT1.2, SaBT1.5, SaBT2.1, SaBT2.3, SaBT2.4, SaBT4.2, SaBT4.4, SaBT5.4, SaBT5.5, SaBT6.1, SaBT6.2, SaBT6.3, SaBT6.4, SaBT6.5, SuAT1.6, SuAT2.6, SuAT3.1, SuAT3.5, SuAT4.3, SuAT5.3, SuAT5.5, SuAT6.1, SuAT6.4, SuAT6.5, SuBT1.2, SuBT1.3, SuBT2.1, SuBT2.2, SuBT2.4, SuBT3.3, SuBT3.5, SuBT4.1, SuBT4.6, SuBT6.2, SuBT6.4, SuCT1.6, SuCT1.8, SuCT2.1, SuCT2.2, SuCT2.3, SuCT2.4, SuCT2.5, SuCT2.6, SuCT2.8, SuCT4.1, SuCT4.4, SuCT4.5, SuCT4.7, SuCT5.3, SuCT6.1, SuCT6.2, SuCT6.3, SuCT6.4
Vehicle Dynamics and ControlSaAT1.2, SaAT1.4, SaAT2.1, SaAT2.3, SaAT2.4, SaAT3.1, SaAT4.2, SaAT4.4, SaAT4.5, SaAT4.6, SaAT6.1, SaAT6.3, SaAT6.5, SaAT6.6, SaBT2.1, SaBT2.3, SaBT3.1, SaBT4.2, SaBT4.4, SaBT6.1, SaBT6.2, SaBT6.3, SaBT6.4, SaBT6.6, SuAT3.1, SuAT3.4, SuAT5.1, SuAT5.5, SuAT5.6, SuBT2.2, SuBT2.4, SuBT2.6, SuBT3.3, SuBT4.1, SuBT4.6, SuBT5.1, SuBT5.2, SuBT5.3, SuBT5.4, SuBT5.5, SuBT6.1, SuBT6.2, SuBT6.6, SuCT1.1, SuCT1.2, SuCT1.5, SuCT2.6, SuCT2.8, SuCT4.4, SuCT4.7, SuCT5.5, SuCT6.3, SuCT6.4, SuCT6.5
Vehicle Powertrain ControlSaAT5.2, SaAT6.4, SaBT1.2, SuAT1.1, SuAT1.4, SuAT4.3, SuAT4.5, SuAT5.6, SuAT6.1, SuAT6.2, SuAT6.3, SuBT1.3, SuBT4.1, SuBT4.4, SuCT4.1, SuCT4.5




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