7th International Conference on MicroManufacturing
March 12-14, 2012, Norris University Center, Northwestern University, IL, USA

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Last updated on April 19, 2014. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Monday March 12, 2012

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MoWC McCormick Auditorium
Welcome Regular Session
MoPL McCormick Auditorium
Keynote: Dr. Koji Ikuta Regular Session
MoA1 202 Northwestern
Micro-Cutting: Materials Issues Regular Session
10:20-10:45, Paper MoA1.1 
Instrumented Nanoindentation of Single Crystal Al with Long Wedge Indenters
Chen, KeLouisiana State Univ.
Meng, Wen JinLouisiana State Univ.
Sinclair, G. B.Louisiana State Univ.
10:45-11:10, Paper MoA1.2 
Pressure and Temperature Effects in Silicon During Indentation Tests
Ravindra, DeepakWestern Michigan Univ.
Patten, JohnWestern Michigan Univ.
Ghantasala, MuralidharWestern Michigan Univ.
11:10-11:35, Paper MoA1.3 
Micro Machining of Single Crystalline Silicon Using Biaxial Vibration with Adjustable Phase and Amplitude
Chiang, H. N.Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung Univ. R
Ko, Po-WeiNational Cheng Kung Univ.
Wang, J.-J. JunzNational Cheng Kung Univ. R.O.C.
Zheng, Charles MingNational Cheng Kung Univ.
11:35-12:00, Paper MoA1.4 
Capability of Tungsten Carbide Micro-Mills to Machine Hardened Tool Steels
Gilbin, AlexandreFEMTO-ST Inst. UMR CNRS 6174
Fontaine, MichaelFEMTO-ST Inst. UMR CNRS 6174, ENSMM Besançon
Michel, GerardENSMM
Thibaud, SébastienFEMTO-ST / Franche-Comté Univ.
Picart, PhilippeFEMTO-ST, UMR CNRS 6174, Univ. of Franche-Comté,Besançon
MoA2 203 Lake
Micromachines: Structure Regular Session
10:20-10:45, Paper MoA2.1 
A Flexure-Based Parallel-Kinematic Structure for Improvement of Parallelism in COG Bonding Process
Jeong, Young HunKorea Pol. Univ.
10:45-11:10, Paper MoA2.2 
A Study on the Effects of Isolator, Motor and Work Surface Heights on the Vibrations of Ultra-Precision Machine Tools
Okwudire, Chinedum E.Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor
11:10-11:35, Paper MoA2.3 
Design and Direct Machining of Mesoscale Elastic Structures
Jared, BradleySandia National Lab.
Boyce, BradSandia National Lab.
Knorovsky, JerrySandia National Lab.
Serna, LysleSandia National Lab.
11:35-12:00, Paper MoA2.4 
Investigation on the Machine Tool Spindle And/or Bearing Thermal Error Motions
Sarhan, AhmedUniv. of Malaya
Matsubara, AtsushiKyoto Univ.
MoA3 206 Arch
Laser Surface Texturing Regular Session
10:20-10:45, Paper MoA3.1 
Surface Integrity in Laser Assisted Mechanical Micro-Machining (LAMM) of Inconel 625
Samanta, AvikIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
Teli, MaheshIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
Singh, RameshIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
10:45-11:10, Paper MoA3.2 
Laser Surface Texturing of Medical Needles for Friction Control
Han, PeidongNorthwestern Univ.
Pallav, KumarNorthwestern Univ.
Ehmann, KornelNorthwestern Univ.
11:10-11:35, Paper MoA3.3 
Experimental Characterization of Fiber Laser Based Surface Texturing
Anand, PiyushIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
Bajpai, VivekIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
Singh, RameshIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay, MUMBAI, INDIA.
11:35-12:00, Paper MoA3.4 
Micro-Texturing Onto Glassy Carbon Substrates by Multi-Axially Controlled Pico-Second Laser Machining
Aizawa, TatsuhikoShibaura Inst. of Tech.
Inohara, TadahikoLIPS-Works Co. Ltd.
MoB1 202 Northwestern
Micro-Cutting Surface Texturing Regular Session
13:00-13:25, Paper MoB1.1 
Micro Manufacturing of Micro Hierarchical Pattern Using Precision Mechanical Machining
Choi, SoochangKorea Inst. of Machinery & materials
Lee, Sang MinPusan National Univ.
Park, Jong Kweonkorea Inst. of machinary & materials
Lee, Deug WooPusan National Univ.
13:25-13:50, Paper MoB1.2 
AFM Probe-Based Mechanical Machining: Modelling of the Surface Generation Process
Elkaseer, AhmedCardiff Univ.
Brousseau, EmmanuelCardiff Univ.
13:50-14:15, Paper MoB1.3 
Efficient Machining of Micro Dimples for Friction Reduction
Kästner, JanLeibniz Univ. Hannover
Kayapinar, HaydarLeibniz Univ. Hannover
14:15-14:40, Paper MoB1.4 
Micro Dimple Machining with Ball End Mill
Matsumura, TakashiTokyo Denki Univ.
Horii, JyunichiroTokyo Denki Univ.
Takahashi, SatoruTokyo Denki Univ.
MoB2 203 Lake
Micromachines Sensing Regular Session
13:00-13:25, Paper MoB2.1 
Study of a Vision-Based Volumetric-Error Measurment Method for Micro Machine Tools
Wang, Shih-MingChung Yuan Christian Univ.
Lin, Ji-JunChung Yuan Christian Univ.
13:25-13:50, Paper MoB2.2 
Sensor Fusion for Micro Positioning
Kuhfuss, BerndUniv. of Bremen, Faculty of Production Engineering–Germany
Schenck, ChristianUniv. of Bremen, Faculty of Production Engineering
Hellwig, ChristianUniv. of Bremen, Faculty of Production Engineering
Wilhelmi, PhilippUniv. of Bremen
13:50-14:15, Paper MoB2.3 
Identification of Dynamometer Dynamics for Accurate Measurement of Micro-Cutting Forces
Korkmaz, EmrullahCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Gozen, Bulent ArdaCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Bediz, BekirCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Ozdoganlar, BurakCarnegie Mellon Univ.
14:15-14:40, Paper MoB2.4 
Initial Study on the High-Speed, High-Precision Micromilling of Laminated Electric Steels
Liles, HowardGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Mayor, J.RhettGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
MoB3 206 Arch
Edm 1 Regular Session
13:00-13:25, Paper MoB3.1 
Modeling of Micro Wire EDM Process and Wire Vibration
Feng, XiaobingNational Univ. of Singapore
Wong, Yoke SanNational Univ. of Singapore
Hong, Geok SoonNational Univ. of Singapore
13:25-13:50, Paper MoB3.2 
Effect of Electropolishing on the Surface Topography of Micro-Wire Electrodischarge Machined Simulated Coil Gaps
Serna, LysleSandia National Lab.
Jared, BradleySandia National Lab.
Boyce, BradSandia National Lab.
Knorovsky, JerrySandia National Lab.
13:50-14:15, Paper MoB3.3 
Study on Depth Error in Fabrication of Micro Channels Via Micro-EDM Milling
Modica, FrancescoInst. of IndustrialTechnology and Automation
Marrocco, ValeriaCNR-ITIA, Inst. of Industrial Tech.
Fassi, IRreneNational Res. Council - Inst. of IndustrialTechnology a
Bellantone, VincenzoInst. of Tech. and automation, National Res.
14:15-14:40, Paper MoB3.4 
Effect of Different Microstructure of Materials on Micro-EDM
Yu, ZuyuanDalian Univ. of Tech.
Guo, MeigangDalian Univ. of Tech.
Li, JianzhongDalian Univ. of Tech.
Wang, LianjiDalian Univ. of Tech.
Natsu, WataruTokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Tech.
MoC1 202 Northwestern
Micro-Cutting: Applications Regular Session
15:20-15:45, Paper MoC1.1 
Effect of Different Working Fluids on Machining of Bovine Bone Using Micro Rotary Ultrasonic Machining
Gu, LinShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Rajurkar, K.PUniv. of Nebraska-Lincoln
Patwardhan, AmeyUniv. of Nebraska-Lincoln
15:45-16:10, Paper MoC1.2 
Microstructural Modeling of Machining of Ti6Al4V
Lakhani, HarnishIIT Bombay
Joshi, ShashikantIIT Bombay
Tewari, AsimIIT Bombay
Joshi, SuhasIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
16:10-16:35, Paper MoC1.3 
Grinding of Sharp Tip in Thin NiTi and Stainless Steel Wire for Medical Devices
Wang, YanchengUniv. of Michigan
Spangler, ChristopherUniv. of Michigan
van Loon, MackenzkieUniv. of Michigan
Tai, Bruce L-JUniv. of Michigan
Xu, KaiShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Shih, AlbertUniv. of Michigan
16:35-17:00, Paper MoC1.4 
Grinding of Lancet Needle Tip and Its Tissue Insertion Force Analysis
Wang, YanchengUniv. of Michigan
van Loon, MackenzkieUniv. of Michigan
Spangler, ChristopherUniv. of Michigan
Tai, Bruce L-JUniv. of Michigan
Xu, KaiShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Shih, AlbertUniv. of Michigan
MoC2 203 Lake
Laser Processing Regular Session
15:20-15:45, Paper MoC2.1 
Femtosecond Pulse Filamentation Based Fabrication of In-Fiber Bragg Grating in Single Mode Fiber and Its Performance Analysis
Ahmed, FaridUniv. of Victoria, Mechanical Engineering
Bouchard, DevanUniv. of Victoria
Wild, PeterUniv. of Victoria
Jun, Martin Byung-GukUniv. of Victoria
15:45-16:10, Paper MoC2.2 
A Study of Laser Fine Cutting of Slot Arrays Based on Vapour-Melt Ratio Controlling
Wang, XuyueDalian Univ. of Tech.
16:10-16:35, Paper MoC2.3 
Eximer Laser Ablation of Micro-Lenses Using Gray-Scale Mask Technique
Kulkarni, AnishIIT Bombay
Marla, DeepakIIT Bombay
Bhandarkar, Upendra BhandarkarIIT Bombay
Joshi, SuhasIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
16:35-17:00, Paper MoC2.4 
Numerical Modeling of Laser Sintering Process
Joshi, SuhasIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
MoC3 206 Arch
Edm 2 Regular Session
15:20-15:45, Paper MoC3.1 
An Experimental Study of Electrochemical Discharge Machining with Reversed Alignment
Wu, JieShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Zhu, JingwenShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Kang, XiaomingShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Zhao, WanshengShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
15:45-16:10, Paper MoC3.2 
Electrical Discharge Machining for Small-Holes with Pulse Control Techniques
Jiang, YiJiangnan Univ.
Zhao, WanshengShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Xi, XuechengShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
16:10-16:35, Paper MoC3.3 
Experimental Investigation of Micro-EDM Operation in Fabrication of Micro-Holes
Maity, KalipadaNational Inst. of Tech. Rourkela, Odisha
Vishwakarma, U.National Inst. of Tech. Rourkela, Odisha
16:35-17:00, Paper MoC3.4 
Characterization of Micro-EDM Process for Pyrolytic Carbon
Gupta, NeerajIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
Bajpai, VivekIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
Singh, RameshIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay, MUMBAI, INDIA.