7th International Conference on MicroManufacturing
March 12-14, 2012, Norris University Center, Northwestern University, IL, USA

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Last updated on April 23, 2014. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Tuesday March 13, 2012

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TuPP McCormick Auditorium
Keynote: Prof. Chad Mirkin Regular Session
TuA1 202 Northwestern
Micro-Cutting: Process Behavior Regular Session
08:00-08:25, Paper TuA1.1 
Evaluation of Superficial and Dimensional Quality Features in Metallic Micro-Channels by Micro-Milling
Monroy, KarlaTecnologico de Monterrey
Attanasio, AldoUniv. of Brescia
Ceretti, ElisabettaUniv. of Brescia
Siller, Hector R.Tecnologico de Monterrey
Hendrichs, NicolasTecnologico de Monterrey
Giardini, ClaudioUniv. of Bergamo
08:25-08:50, Paper TuA1.2 
Effect of Machining Parameters on Burr Size of Micromilled Foils
Mathai, GeorgeGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Melkote, ShreyesGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Rosen, DavidGeorge W. Woodruff School ofMechanical Eng, Georgia Inst. of
08:50-09:15, Paper TuA1.3 
Burr Reduction Method in Microdrilling of Metal Sheets by Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA) Coating
Giorleo, LucaUniv. of Brescia
Ceretti, ElisabettaUniv. of Brescia
Giardini, ClaudioUniv. of Bergamo
09:15-09:40, Paper TuA1.4 
Wear Compensation Using Mechatronical Reamer
Kuhfuss, BerndUniv. of Bremen, Faculty of Production Engineering–Germany
Allers, SebastianUniv. of Bremen, Bremen Inst. for Mechanical Engineerin
Wilhelmi, PhilippUniv. of Bremen
09:40-10:05, Paper TuA1.5 
Analysis of Tool Wear and Size Effect for Diamond Coated Tool in Micro Milling of Graphite
Liu, I-ChenNational Chung Hsing Univ.
Lu, Ming-ChyuanNational Chung Hsing Univ.
TuA2 203 Lake
Forming Processes 1 Regular Session
08:00-08:25, Paper TuA2.1 
Micro Hole Piercing for Ultra Fine Grained Steel
Komatsu, TakafumiKomatsuseiki Kosakusho
Kobayashi, HitoshiKomatsuseiki Kosakusho Co., Ltd.
Torizuka, ShiroNational Inst. for Material Science
Nagayama, Shin-ichiTokushu Kinzoku Excel Co., Ltd.
08:25-08:50, Paper TuA2.2 
Effects of Dry Machining on Process Limits in Micro Rotary Swaging
Kuhfuss, BerndUniv. of Bremen, Faculty of Production Engineering–Germany
Moumi, EricUniv. of Bremen, Faculty of Production Engineering
Piwek, VolkerUniv. of Bremen, Faculty of Production Engineering – German
08:50-09:15, Paper TuA2.3 
High-Velocity Coining of Microstructures in High-Grade Steel
Koenig, ChristophTech. Univ. Berlin
Mahr, FrederikTech. Univ. Berlin
09:15-09:40, Paper TuA2.4 
Measurement of Strain Gradients and Forces During Electrically-Assisted Microbending
Kinsey, BradUniv. of New Hampshire
Jordan, AdamUniv. of New Hampshire
09:40-10:05, Paper TuA2.5 
Micro Surface-Texturing by Electrically-Assisted Micro-Rolling (EAµR)
Ng, Man KwanNorthwestern Univ.
Cao, JianNorthwestern Univ.
Fan, RongNorthwestern Univ.
TuA3 206 Arch
Polymer Nanofabrication Regular Session
08:00-08:25, Paper TuA3.1 
Injection Molded CNT Nanocomposite Based Strain Sensor Network
Parmar, KaushikUniv. of Calgary
Mahmoodi, MehdiUniv. of Calgary
Graham, EldonUniv. of Calgary
Park, SimonUniv. of Calgary
08:25-08:50, Paper TuA3.2 
High-Rate Nanomanufacturing by Combining Nanomilling and Elastomer Molding Processes
Gozen, Bulent ArdaCarnegie Mellon Univ.
Ozdoganlar, BurakCarnegie Mellon Univ.
08:50-09:15, Paper TuA3.3 
Injection Molding of Nanostructures for Structural Colors
Yoo, Yeong-EunKIMM
choi, doo-sunKIMM
Seo, Jae-WonSNUT
Kim, Sun-KyoungSNUT
09:15-09:40, Paper TuA3.4 
Controlled Micropatterning of Continuous Conducting Nanofiber Arrays Using Low-Voltage Near-Field Electrospinning
Bisht, Gobind SinghUniv. of California Irvine
Kulinsky, LawrenceUniv. of California Irvine
Madou, MarcUniv. of California Irvine
Nesterenko, SergiyUniv. of California Berkeley
Canton, GiuliaUniv. of California Irvine
Liu, Han ZhenUniv. of California Irvine
09:40-10:05, Paper TuA3.5 
Electrospinning of Nonaligned and Aligned Polycaprolactone Fibers for Bone Tissue Engineering
Ko, JunghyukUniv. of Victoria
Mohtaram, NimaUniv. of Victoria, Mechanical Engineering
Willerth, StephanieUniv. of Victoria, Mechanical Engineering
Jun, Martin Byung-GukUniv. of Victoria
TuB1 202 Northwestern
Surface Preparation Regular Session
10:30-10:55, Paper TuB1.1 
Effects of Laser Pulse Duration on Pulse Laser Micro Polishing
Vadali, MadhuUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Ma, ChaoUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Duffie, NeilUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Li, XiaochunUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Pfefferkorn, Frank E.Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
10:55-11:20, Paper TuB1.2 
Designing Surfaces by Laser Remelting
Temmler, AndréRWTH Aachen Univ.
Willenborg, EdgarFraunhofer Inst. for Laser Tech.
Wissenbach, KonradFraunhofer Inst. for Laser Tech.
11:20-11:45, Paper TuB1.3 
Fabrication Technology of Superhydrophobic Surfaces Based on Electrochemical Machining Method
Xu, WenjiDalian Univ. of Tech.
Song, JinlongDalian Univ. of Tech.
TuB2 203 Lake
Forming Processes 2 Regular Session
10:30-10:55, Paper TuB2.1 
Small Mechanical Press with Double-Axes Servo System for the Forming of Micro Metal Products
Chen, Pin-JyunNational Chiao Tung Univ.
Wu, Wen-ChiehMetal Inducstries Res. and Development Center
Tu, Kuo-YinMetal Industries Res. & Development Centre
Lin, YutingMetal Industries Res. & Development Centre
10:55-11:20, Paper TuB2.2 
Kinematics and Dynamic Balancing Analysis for Design of Micro Press
Lin, YutingMetal Industries Res. & Development Centre
Wang, Hsin-TeMetal Industries Res. & Development Centre
Cheng, TsungJenMetal Industries Res. & Development Centre
Lin, IChenMetal Industries Res. & Development Centre
Chen, Pin-JyunNational Chiao Tung Univ.
Lin, Chih-HaoMetal Industries Res. & Development Centre
11:20-11:45, Paper TuB2.3 
Microheading Process: Deformation and Realization
Fu, Ming WangThe Hong Kong Pol. Univ.
Chan, Wai LunThe Hong Kong Pol. Univ.
TuB3 206 Arch
Polymer Molding 1 Regular Session
10:30-10:55, Paper TuB3.1 
Liga-Mold Inserts for Industrial Use
Heneka, JochenKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech. (KIT)
10:55-11:20, Paper TuB3.2 
Characterization of Rheological Behaviour and Numerical Results Concerning Mixing Process in Brabender® Twin-Screw Mixer of Polymers and Loaded Polymers
barriere, thierryfemto-st
Gelin, Jean-ClaudeFEMTO-ST Inst. Univ. of Franche-Comte
11:20-11:45, Paper TuB3.3 
Influence of Pre-Sintering Temperature and Time on the Bending Strength of Alumina
Li, JianzhongDalian Univ. of Tech.
Zhang, LongDalian Univ. of Tech.
Yu, ZuyuanDalian Univ. of Tech.
Lu, YongfengUniv. of Nebraska-Lincoln
Chen, GuoqingDalian Univ. of Tech.
TuC1 202 Northwestern
Micromachines: Design Regular Session
14:15-14:40, Paper TuC1.1 
Design of a Compact Fluidic XY-Stage for Precise Positioning
Denkena, BerendLeibniz Univ. Hannover
Möhring, Hans-ChristianLeibniz Univ. Hannover
Kayapinar, HaydarLeibniz Univ. Hannover
14:40-15:05, Paper TuC1.2 
NAPS: Robotic Platform for Nanosystems Integration
Murthy, RakeshUniv. of Texas at Arlington
Das, AdityaUniv. of Texas at Arlington
15:05-15:30, Paper TuC1.3 
Transfer Printing with Microfabricated Instrumented Stamps
Ahmed, NumairUniv. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Ferreira, Placid M.Univ. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
TuC2 203 Lake
Friction in Forming Regular Session
14:15-14:40, Paper TuC2.1 
Micro-Patterning Onto DLC Coating by Plasma Oxygen Etching
Aizawa, TatsuhikoShibaura Inst. of Tech.
Yunata, EdoUniv. of Brawijaya
Redationo, TugurUniv. of Brawijaya
Fukuda, TatsuyaMitue Mold Engineering, Col., Ltd.
14:40-15:05, Paper TuC2.2 
Characterization of the Effects of High-Frequency Vibration on Aluminum and Copper Upsetting
Witthauer, AdamIowa State Univ.
Yao, ZheheZhejiang Univ.
Kim, Gap-YongIowa State Univ.
15:05-15:30, Paper TuC2.3 
Friction Factor in a Progressive Microforming Process
Ghassemali, EhsanNanyangTechnological Univ. (SIMTech)
Tan, Minj-JenSchool of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Tech.
C.V. Lim, SamuelSingapore Inst. of Manufacturing Tech.
E.W. Jarfors, AndersJönköping Univ.
TuC3 206 Arch
Polymer Molding 2 Regular Session
14:15-14:40, Paper TuC3.1 
A Disposable Lab-On-A-Disk with Micro/Macro Structures Fabricated by Injection Molding and Polymer Thermal Bonding
La, MoonwooPOSTECH
Kim, Dong SungPOSTECH
14:40-15:05, Paper TuC3.2 
Micro-Injection Molding of Polymer Substrates with Pillars and Wells Using Conventional Mold Base and Heating
Rodgers, JohnLehigh Univ.
Bekisli, BurakLehigh Univ.
Coulter, JohnLehigh Univ.
15:05-15:30, Paper TuC3.3 
Demoulding Force in Micro-Injection Moulding
Griffiths, Christian AndrewCardiff Univ.
Dimov, StefanUniv. of Birmingham
TuC4 207 Rock
Metrology Regular Session
14:15-14:40, Paper TuC4.1 
An Artificial Compound-Eye Imaging System for Measuring Moving Objects in 2½D Space
Si, DiShenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech.
Tang, GuanrongGuanzhou Inst. of Advanced Tech. Chinese Acad. Sci
Du, RuxuThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
14:40-15:05, Paper TuC4.2 
Machine Integrated Measurement of Ultra Precision Machined Specular Surfaces
Kurz, MartinTU Berlin
15:05-15:30, Paper TuC4.3 
Experimental Study of Microscale Probe Measurement System Using Wire-Based Probe and Acoustic Emission Sensor
Elfurjani, SalahUniv. of Victoria, Mechanical Engineering
Bayesteh, AbdolrezaUniv. of Victoria, Mechanical Engineering
Jun, Martin Byung-GukUniv. of Victoria
TuD1 202 Northwestern
Micro-Cutting: Tooling Regular Session
15:50-16:15, Paper TuD1.1 
Experimental Study of the Effect of Tool Orientation on Cutting Forces in Five-Axis Micro-Milling of Brass
Barakchi Fard, M. JavadThe Univ. of Western Ontario
Bordatchev, EvgueniNational Res. Council of Canada
Tauhiduzzaman, MohammedNational Res. Council of Canada
16:15-16:40, Paper TuD1.2 
Micro Cutting Tool Measurement by Focus-Variation
Scherer, StefanAlicona Imaging GmbH
Danzl, ReinhardAlicona Imaging GmbH
Helmli, FranzAlicona Imaging GmbH
16:40-17:05, Paper TuD1.3 
Development of a Meso-Scale CBN Flexible Cutting Tool for Micro-Groove Machining of Stainless Steel
Raghavendra, HariUniv. of Illinois at Urbana chamapign
Bourne, KeithFOXXCON
DeVor, Richard E.Univ. of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
Kapoor, Shiv G.Univ. of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
17:05-17:30, Paper TuD1.4 
Influence of Different Tool Corner Radius on Milling Ti6Al4V
Tian, RukunShandong Univ.
TuD2 203 Lake
Size Effect in Forming Regular Session
15:50-16:15, Paper TuD2.1 
Influence of Grain Size on Micro-Extrusion Tribology of Brass
Ngaile, GraciousNorth Carolina State Univ.
16:15-16:40, Paper TuD2.2 
Experimental Study of the Size Effects in the Upsetting of Metallic Materials
Shen, HuiZhejiang Univ.
Mei, DeqingZhejiang Univ.
Yao, ZheheZhejiang Univ.
Chen, ZichenZhejiang Univ.
16:40-17:05, Paper TuD2.3 
Experimental Study on Size Effects in Micro Semisolid Forming of Aluminum Alloy
Tang, PeiZhejiang Univ.
Mei, DeqingZhejiang Univ.
Yao, ZheheZhejiang Univ.
Chen, ZichenZhejiang Univ.
17:05-17:30, Paper TuD2.4 
Constitutive Model for Thin Sheets with One or Several Grains across Thickness in Micro-Forming
Wang, QianShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Dong, XianghuaiShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
TuD3 206 Arch
Metal Injection Molding Regular Session
15:50-16:15, Paper TuD3.1 
Electrohydrodynamic Printing of Metal Oxide Microstructures
Sidhu, RaminderdeepUniv. of Texas at Arlington
Sin, JeongsikUniv. of Texas at Arlington
Lee, Woo HoUniv. of Texas at Arlington
Stephanou, HarryUniv. of Texas at Arlington
Wijesundara, MuthuUniv. of Texas at Arlington
16:15-16:40, Paper TuD3.2 
Facing Challenges in Micro-Powder-Injection-Molding: Improving Dimensional Accuracy by Tool Design
Mueller, TobiasKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech.
Piotter, VolkerKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech.
Plewa, KlausKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech.
16:40-17:05, Paper TuD3.3 
Effect of Moulding Parameters on the Local Particle Density and Particle Size Distribution in Micro Metal Parts
Weber, OxanaKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech.
Rack, AlexanderEuropean Synchrotron Radiation Facility
Schulz, MichaelKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech.
17:05-17:30, Paper TuD3.4 
Micromanufacturing Using Eco-Friendly Metal Powder Injection Moulding
Weber, OxanaKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech.
Hanemann, ThomasKarlsruhe Inst. of Tech.