7th International Conference on MicroManufacturing
March 12-14, 2012, Norris University Center, Northwestern University, IL, USA

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Last updated on April 18, 2014. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday March 14, 2012

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WePL McCormick Auditorium
Keynote: Dr.-Ing. Habil. Sergej Fatikow Regular Session
WeA1 202 Northwestern
Micro-Cutting: Modeling Regular Session
09:30-09:55, Paper WeA1.1 
Numerical Simulation of Micro Milling Process with Sine-Wave Edge Shapes
Ono, TakenoriTsuyama national Coll. of Tech.
09:55-10:20, Paper WeA1.2 
Finite Element Modeling of Orthogonal Micromachining of Anisotropic Pyrolytic Carbon Via Damaged Plasticity
Bajpai, VivekIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
Singh, RameshIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay, MUMBAI, INDIA.
10:20-10:45, Paper WeA1.3 
Simulation-Based Study of the Micro-Endmilling Process
Elkaseer, AhmedCardiff Univ.
Dimov, StefanUniv. of Birmingham
Minev, RoussiCardiff Univ.
Scholz, SteffenCardiff Univ.
10:45-11:10, Paper WeA1.4 
Ductile Mode Material Removal Model of Micro Rotary Ultrasonic Machining
Gu, LinShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Gao, FeiShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Zhao, WanshengShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Rajurkar, K.PUniv. of Nebraska-Lincoln
Yu, ZuyuanDalian Univ. of Tech.
11:10-11:35, Paper WeA1.5 
Prediction of Cutting Conditions Effects on Micro Milling Performance
Zdebski, DanielUniv. of Nottingham
Ratchev, SvetanUniv. of Nottingham
Stephenson, DavidCranfield Univ.
Allen, DavidCranfield Univ.
11:35-12:00, Paper WeA1.6 
A Surface Generation Model for the Elliptical Vibration Texturing Process
Guo, PingNorthwestern Univ.
Ehmann, KornelNorthwestern Univ.
WeA2 203 Lake
Embossing Regular Session
09:30-09:55, Paper WeA2.1 
Constitutive Model and Processing Map of Bulk Amorphous Alloy in the Supercooled Liquid Region
Zhang, Shi-HongInst. of Metal Res. Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Cheng, MingInst. of Metal Res. Chinese Acad. of Sciences
Wang, Rui-XueInst. of Metal Res. Chinese Acad. of Sciences
09:55-10:20, Paper WeA2.2 
Micro-Manufacturing of 3-D Porous Surfaces – Investigations on Porosity and Hardness
Cora, Omer NecatiKaradeniz Tech. Univ.
Koc, MuammerNSF I/UCR Center for Precision Forming (CPF) USA
10:20-10:45, Paper WeA2.3 
Mixing and Characterisation of Copper Feedstock for Hot Embossing Process and Itsapplication to Metallic Mould Replication
Gelin, Jean-ClaudeFEMTO-ST Inst. Univ. of Franche-Comte
10:45-11:10, Paper WeA2.4 
Hot-Embossing of Polymeric Micro-Tubes
Zhao, JieUniv. of Strathclyde
Qin, YiUniv. of Strathclyde
Razali, AkhtarUniv. of Strathclyde
Yip, Arthur L KUniv. of Strathclyde
Fei, ZhicongUniv. of Strathclyde
11:10-11:35, Paper WeA2.5 
Enhanced Performance of a Hybrid Process for Manufacturing Surgical-Grade Knife Blade Cutting Edges from Bulk Metallic Glass
Krejcie, Alex JUniv. of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
Kapoor, Shiv G.Univ. of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
DeVor, Richard E.Univ. of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
11:35-12:00, Paper WeA2.6 
Experimental Study of Electrical-Assisted Micro/Meso Embossing Process
Peng, LinfaShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Mai, JianmingShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
Lai, XinminShanghai Jiao Tong Univ.
WeA3 206 Arch
Assembly Regular Session
09:30-09:55, Paper WeA3.1 
Modeling and Design Optimization of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Parmar, KaushikUniv. of Calgary
Kianimanesh, AmirUniv. of Calgary
Freiheit, TheodorUniv. of Calgary
Park, SimonUniv. of Calgary
09:55-10:20, Paper WeA3.2 
A New Approach for Handling of Micro Parts in Bulk Metal Forming
Mahshid, RasoulDenmark Tech. Univ.
Hansen, Hans NoergaardTech. Univ. of Denmark
Arentoft, MogensIPU
10:20-10:45, Paper WeA3.3 
Automated Nanohandling and Nanofabrication by a Combined Robotic AFM/SEM/FIB System
Fatikow, SergejUniv. of Oldenburg
Bartenwerfer, MalteTech. Cluster Automated Nanohandling, Inst. for Informa
Eichhorn, VolkmarDiv. Microrobotics and Control Engineering, Univ. of Ol
Zimmermann, SörenTech. Cluster Automated Nanohandling, Inst. for Informa
Krohs, FlorianInst. for Information Tech. OFFIS
10:45-11:10, Paper WeA3.4 
Development of a Modular and Compliant Micro-Assembly Platform with Integrated Force and Compliance Measurement Capabilities
Moore, PaulUniv. of Florida
Rakotondrabe, MickyFEMTO-ST Inst. ENSMM
Clevy, CedricFEMTO-ST Inst. ENSMM
Wiens, GloriaUniv. of Florida
11:10-11:35, Paper WeA3.5 
Quantification of Thermal Resistance of Transient-Liquid-Phase Bonded Interfaces for Assembly of Cu-Based Microchannel Heat Exchangers
Lu, BinLouisiana State Univ.
Chen, KeLouisiana State Univ.
Meng, Wen JinLouisiana State Univ.
Mei, FanghuaEnervana Tech. LLC
Karki, AmarLouisiana State Univ.
Jin, RongyinLouisiana State Univ.
11:35-12:00, Paper WeA3.6 
Influence of Micro Surface Texturing on Adhesion Strength
Xu, DongkaiNorthwestern Univ.
Ng, Man KwanNorthwestern Univ.
Cao, JianNorthwestern Univ.
Fan, RongNorthwestern Univ.