IITC 2020 23rd International Interconnect Technology Conference June 1-4, 2020
San Jose, California
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Last updated on September 21, 2020. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday October 7, 2020

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WeAT1 Room T1
Session 6:  Integration / Patterning Lecture session
06:10-06:40, Paper WeAT1.1 
7nm BEOL Integration and Qualification for Manufacturing

Ahn, Jeong HoonSamsung Electronics Foundry Business
Cho, YoungwooFoundry Business & R&D Center, Samsung Electronics Inc
Lee, Kyoung-WooFoundry Business & R&D Center, Samsung Electronics Inc
Jung, SungyupFoundry Business & R&D Center, Samsung Electronics Inc
Bang, YongseungFoundry Business & R&D Center, Samsung Electronics Inc
Lee, MijiSamsung
Kim, ChinFoundry Business & R&D Center, Samsung Electronics Inc
07:40-08:05, Paper WeAT1.4 
A Study of Metal on Metal Multiple Patterning Scheme

Chen, Hsueh-ChungIBM Research
Silvestre, Mary-ClaireIBM Research
Ghosh, SomnathIBM Research
Mignot, YannIBM Research
Kelly, JamesIBM Research
Clevenger, LarryIBM
Spooner, TerryIBM
WeBT2 Room T2
Session 7:  DTCO Lecture session
09:05-09:30, Paper WeBT2.2 
Interconnect Design-Technology Co-Optimization for Sub-3nm Technology Nodes

Baert, RogierIMEC
Ciofi, IvanImec
Patli, SudhirIMEC
Zografos, OdysseasImec
Sarkar, SatadruIMEC
Chehab, BilalIMEC
Jang, DoyoungIMEC
Spessot, AlessioImec
Ryckaert, JulienImec
Tőkei, ZsoltImec
09:30-09:55, Paper WeBT2.3 
Parasitic Resistance Reduction for Aggressively Scaled Stacked Nanosheet Transistors

Fan, Su-ChenIBM
Xie, Ruilong XieIBM
Wu, HengIBM Research
Liu, ZuoguangIBM Research
Frougier, JulienGlobalFoundries
Greene, AndrewIBM
Pancharatnam, ShantiIBM
Bhosale, PrasadIBM
Mochizuki, ShogoIBM
Zhang, JingyunIBM Research
Sankarapandian, MuthumanickamIBM Corporation
Wynne, JeanIBM Research
Loubet, NicolasIBM
Basker, VeeraraghavanIBM Research
Guo, DechaoIBM
Haran, BalaIBM
Bu, HuimingIBM Research
WeCT3 Room T3
Session 8:   RC Scaling Lecture session
10:25-10:55, Paper WeCT3.1 
A Comprehensive BEOL Performance Assessment: Interconnects Optimized for Signal Routing and Power Delivery in Advanced CMOS Technolody Nodes

Lanzillo, NickIBM Research
10:55-11:20, Paper WeCT3.2 
Modeling and Benchmarking Back End of the Line Technologies on Circuit Designs at Advanced Nodes

Huang, VictorGeorgia Institute of Technology
Shim, Da EunGeorgia Institute of Technology
Kim, JinwooGeorgia Institute of Technology
Pentapati, Sai Surya KiranGeorgia Institute of Technology
Lim, Sung KyuGeorgia Institute of Technology
Naeemi, AzadGeorgia Instiute of Technology
11:20-11:45, Paper WeCT3.3 
Scaling Effects on Microstructure and Implication on Resistivity of Co Nanointerconnects

Hu, SzutungUnversity of Texas at Austin
Ho, PaulUnversity of Texas at Austin
11:45-12:10, Paper WeCT3.4 
Optimizing Interconnects RC Variability for Automotive Manufacturing Using Novel Advanced Process Control

Yew, Kwang SingGlobalfoundries
WeDT4 Room T4
Sessions 9A and 9B: On Demand Poster Sessions Poster session
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.1 
Low Temperature Graphene-Capping BEOL Metal Technology

Huang, Jian-ZhiNational Taiwan University
Hsu, Yun-HsuanNational Taiwan University
Ni, I-ChihNational Taiwan University
Wu, Chih-INational Taiwan University
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.2 
Plasma-Induced Roughness and Chemical Modifications of TiN Bottom Electrode and Their Impact on HfO2-MIM Properties

Rogalskyj, SophiaSUNY Polytechnic Institute, Tokyo Electron Technology Center Of
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.3 
An Ultra Energy-Saving Metal/Insulator/Metal Structure for One Selector-One RRAM

Chen, Po-HusnNaval Academy
Lin, Chih-YangNational Sun Yat-Sen University
Chang, Ting-ChangNational Sun Yat-Sen University
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.4 
The Structural Origin of the Minimum Diffusion Barrier Thickness of Ultara-Thin TaNx

Kuge, ToshihiroTohoku University
Yahagi, MasatakaTohoku University
Koike, JunichiTohoku University
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.5 
3D Coin Integration for Realizing Next-Generation Flexible Electronic Systems

Shaikh, Sohail FaizanKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
Qaiser, NadeemKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Hussain, Muhammad MustafaKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.6 
Analysis of Extreme Pattern Density and Interconnects Routing Impacts on Via Open

Yew, Kwang SingGlobalfoundries
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.7 
Atomistic Modeling to Engineer Ohmic Contacts between Monolayer MoS2 and Transition Metals

Prashant, KumarIndian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Yerragudi, PullaiahIndian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Gupta, DineshIndian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Nayak, KaushikIndian Institute of Technology
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.8 
Development of Spin-On Carbon Materials with High Planarization Performance for Multilayer Resist Process

Kawashima, KeisukeMitsui Chemicals, Inc
Inoue, KojiMitsui Chemicals, Inc
Fujii, KenichiMitsui Chemicals, Inc
Oda, TakashiMitsui Chemicals, Inc
Kohmura, KazuoMitsui Chemicals, Inc
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.9 
Improving Ruthenium Polishing through the Use of Ceria Abrasives

Netzband, ChristopherSUNY Polytechnic Institute
Dunn, KathleenSUNY Polytechnic Institute
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.10 
Evaluation of Local Valence Electron Density and Dielectric Functions in Metal Interconnects Using Spatially Resolved EELS Spectra

Kawasaki, NaohikoToray Research Center, Inc
Otsuka, YujiToray Research Center, Inc
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.11 
Grain Boundary Scattering in Ru and Cu Interconnects

Markussen, TroelsSynopsys
Gunst, TueSynopsys
Aboud, ShelaSynopsys
Blom, AndersSynopsys
Lanzillo, NickIBM Research
Philip, TimIBM
Cobb, JonathanSynopsys
Robison, RobertIBM
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.12 
Compatibility Study of Low Temperature PECVD SiOxNy Thin Films on Polymer Resist for Image Sensor Applications

Chevreux, FabienSTMicroelectronics
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.13 
Self-Aligning Ruthenium Interconnects

Schlag, LeslieFachgebiet Nanotechnologie, Technische Universität
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.14 
Possibility of Cu2Mg for Liner-Barrier Free Interconnects

Chen, LinghanTohoku University
Ando, DaisukeTohoku University
Sutou, YujiTohoku University
Yahagi, MasatakaTohoku University
Koike, JunichiTohoku University
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.15 
High-Growth-Rate Atomic Layer Deposition of High-Quality Ru Using a Novel Ru Metalorganic Precursor

Kotsugi, YoheiTanaka Precious Metals
Han, Seung-MinYeungnam University
Tsugawa, TomohiroTanaka Precious Metals
Ohtake, ShigeyukiTanaka Precious Metals
Harada, RyosukeTanaka Precious Metals
Kim, Soo-HyunYeungnam University
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.16 
Selective Metal Deposition to Decrease Cost and Increase Productivity

Rhoades, RobertRevasum Inc
Mavliev, RashidIpgrip LLC
Gottfried, KnutFraunhofer ENAS
Ivanov, IgorAxbio Inc
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.17 
Electrochemical Analysis of Copper Damascene Plating Bath Used for Direct Plating on Cobalt Barrier

Pavlov, MichaelECI Technology
Liu, ZhiECI Technology
Shalyt, EugeneECI Technology
Lin, DanniECI Technology
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.18 
Comparative Study of the Growth Characteristics and Electrical Properties of Atomic-Layer-Deposited W Films Obtained from Newly Synthesized Metalorganic and Halide Precursor

Lee, YujinYonsei University
Seo, SeunggiYonsei University
Nam, TaewookYonsei University
Lee, HyunhoYonsei University
Yoon, HwiYonsei University
Lee, SanghunYonsei University
Oh, Il-kwonYonsei University
Kim, HyungjunYonsei University
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.19 
Suppression of H2O Absorption by Hydrophobic-Like Surface of SiOx without Si-OH Group

Ueda, TetsuyaNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.20 
The Precursor Adsorption Mechanism, Growth Characteristics and Electrical Properties of Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposited Tungsten Films by Using Tungsten Chloride Precursors

Seo, SeunggiYonsei University
Lee, YujinYonsei University
Oh, Il-kwonYonsei University
Shong, BonggeunHongik University
Yoon, HwiYonsei University
Lee, SanghunYonsei University
Kim, HyungjunYonsei University
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.21 
The Effect of Oxygen Content of ITO Bottom Electrode on Degradation Characteristics of (Pb, La)(Zr, Ti)O3 Capacitor

Saito, TakeyasuOsaka Prefecture University
Ishida Yuki, YukiOsaka Prefecture University
Kobayashi Atsushi, AtsushiOsaka Prefecture University
Okamoto Naoki, NaokiOsaka Prefecture University
Kitajima Akira, AkiraOsaka University
Norizawa Kimihiro, KimihiroOsaka University
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.22 
Electrodeposition and Electrical Properties of Ni or Ni-Co Alloy Thin Films

Saito, TakeyasuOsaka Prefecture University
Rindo Masashi, MasashiOsaka Prefecture University
Okamoto Naoki, NaokiOsaka Prefecture University
Kitajima Akira, AkiraOsaka University
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.23 
Fundamental Studies on the Curing Behavoir of Porous CVD and Spin-On Dielectrics

Koehler, NicoleTechnische Universität Chemnitz
Attallah, AhmedHelmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Institute of Radiation Phy
Liedke, Maciej OskarHelmholtz-Zentrum Dresden - Rossendorf
Butterling, MaikHelmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Hirschmann, EricHelmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Ecke, RamonaFraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems
Wagner, AndreasHelmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Schulz, StefanFraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems
12:10-13:30, Paper WeDT4.24 
Study of Adhesion for Cu/Ru(Zn) on Dielectrics by an Improved Four-Point Bending Measurement

Xin-ping, QuFudan University




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