IITC 2020 23rd International Interconnect Technology Conference June 1-4, 2020
San Jose, California
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Last updated on September 21, 2020. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday October 8, 2020

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ThAT1 Room T1
Session 11: MOL Contacts Lecture session
06:40-07:05, Paper ThAT1.2 
Material Innovation for MOL Contact Resistance Reduction with Selective Tungsten

Hung, RaymondApplied Materials
Chen, XiApplied Materials
Xu, YiApplied Materials
Lei, YuApplied Materials
Wu, KaiApplied Materials
Lei, WeiApplied Materials
Mittal, SushantApplied Materials
Pal, AshishApplied Materials
Bazizi, El MehdiApplied Materials
Alexander, BlessyApplied Materials
Ha, Tae HongApplied Materials
Tang, XianminApplied Materials
Kashefizadeh, KeyvanApplied Materials
Kesapragada, SreeApplied Materials
Chen, ZheboApplied Materials
Kim, NamsungApplied Materials
Naik, MehulApplied Materials Inc
07:05-07:30, Paper ThAT1.3 
Nickel-Based CMOS-Compatible Contacts on P-InGaAs for III-V / Silicon Hybrid Lasers

Boyer, FloreSTMicroelectronics
Dabertrand, KarenSTMicroelectronics
Gergaud, PatriceCEA Grenoble
Nicolas, CoudurierCEA Grenoble
Nemouchi, PatriceCEA Grenoble
Jany, ChristopheCEA Grenoble
Grégoire, MagaliSTMicroelectronics
Rafhay, QuentinUniv. Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, IMEP-LAHC, F-38000 Grenoble
Rodriguez, PhilippeCEA Grenoble
ThBT2 Room T2
Session 12:  Reliability Lecture session
08:00-08:30, Paper ThBT2.1 
Intrinsic Reliability Study in Low-K Dielectrics with Co Metallurgy in 10nm Process

Zhang, GalorIntel
08:30-08:55, Paper ThBT2.2 
In-Situ Electrothermal TEM Investigation of Electromigration in Fully Embedded Cu/Co Interconnects

Lee, MijiSamsung
Chung, DohwanSamsung
Kim, HyoyoungSamsung
Lee, MijiSamsung
Kim, JinseokSamsung
Lee, MoonsooSamsung
Kang, HanbyulSamsung
Rhee, HwasungSamsung
Pae, SangwooSamsung
08:55-09:20, Paper ThBT2.3 
Electromigration Void Behavior Revisited

Witt, ChristianGlobalfoundries
ThCT3 Room T3
Session 13:  Characterization Lecture session
10:45-11:10, Paper ThCT3.2 
Characterization of Interface Interactions between Graphene and Ruthenium

Achra, SwatiKU Leuven
Wu, XiangyuKU Leuven
Trepalin, VadimKU Leuven
Nuytten, ThomasImec
Ludwig, JonathanImec
Brems, StevenImec
Afanas'ev, ValeriImec
Huyghebaert, CedricImec
Soree, BartKU Leuven
Heyns, MarcImec, KU Leuven
Asselberghs, IngeImec
Tőkei, ZsoltImec
11:10-11:35, Paper ThCT3.3 
Resistivity Impact from Modulated Line-Edge-Roughness with Self-Aligned Double Patterning

Xu, DeweiGlobalfoundries Inc
11:35-12:00, Paper ThCT3.4 
Proximity Effect of Selective Co ALD on the Nanoscale

Breeden, MichaelUC San Diego
Wolf, StevenUC San Diego
Anurag, AshayUC San Diego
Wang, VictorUC San Diego
Moser, DanielEMD Performance Materials
Kanjolia, RaviEMD Performance Materials
Moinpour, MansourEMD Performance Materials
Woodruff, JacobEMD Performance Materials
Kummel, AndrewUC San Diego
12:00-12:25, Paper ThCT3.5 
Impact of Surface Condition on Cobalt Drift into LK3.0 Films

Tierno, DavideIMEC
Lesniewska, AlicjaImec
Kljucar, LukaImec
van der Veen, Marleen H.Imec
Tőkei, ZsoltImec
Croes, KristofImec




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