IITC 2020 23rd International Interconnect Technology Conference June 1-4, 2020
San Jose, California
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Last updated on September 21, 2020. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Friday October 9, 2020

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FrAT1 Room T1
Session 15:  3D, Memory, and Novel System Lecture session
07:10-07:35, Paper FrAT1.3 
Integration of an Advanced 3D TSV with the 7nm EUV Logic Process

Ding, ShaofengSamsung Electronics Foundry Business
Choi, Yun KiSamsung Electronics Foundry Business
Kim, JihyungSamsung Electronics Foundry Business
Kang, MingukSamsung Electronics Foundry Business
Seo, DongjuSamsung Electronics Foundry Business
Yoo, HaeriSamsung Electronics Foundry Business
Lee, Joon NyungSamsung Electronics Foundry Business
Oh, Jae HeeSamsung Electronics Foundry Business
Park, Won JiSamsung Electronics Foundry Business
Masuoka, YuriSamsung Electronics Co. Ltd
Ahn, Jeong HoonSamsung Electronics Foundry Business
Kwon, SdSamsung Electronics Foundry Business
07:35-08:00, Paper FrAT1.4 
Impacts of Misalignment on 1um Pitch Cu-Cu Hybrid Bonding

Kagawa, YoshihisaSony Semiconductor Solutions
Hashiguchi, HidetoSony Semiconductor Solutions
Kamibayashi, TakumiSony Semiconductor Solutions
Haneda, MasakiSony Semiconductor Solutions
Fujii, NobutoshiSony Semiconductor Solutions
Furuse, ShunsukeSony Semiconductor Solutions
Hirano, TomoyukiSony Semiconductor Solutions
Iwamoto, HayatoSony Semiconductor Solutions
FrBT2 Room T2
Session 16:  Beyond Cu Lecture session
09:00-09:25, Paper FrBT2.2 
Thickness Scaling of NiAl Thin Films for Alternative Interconnect Metallization

Soulie, Jean-PhilippeImec
Tőkei, ZsoltImec
Swerts, JohanImec
Adelmann, ChristopheImec
09:25-09:50, Paper FrBT2.3 
Enhanced Vertical Conductivity in Few-Layer Graphene and Graphite with Transition Metal Intercalation: A Theoretical Study

Ni, ZeyuanTokyo Electron Technology Solutions
Matsumoto, TakashiTokyo Electron Technology Solutions
Ifuku, RyotaTokyo Electron Technology Solutions
Matsukuma, MasaakiTokyo Electron Technology Solutions
Matsuzaki, KazuyoshiTokyo Electron Technology Solutions
09:50-10:15, Paper FrBT2.4 
Ru As an Alternative Material for Advanced Contacts

Hosseini, MaryamsadatImec
Schaekers, MarcImec
van der Veen, Marleen H.Imec
Teugels, LieveImec
Batuk, DmitryImec
Martinez, GerardoImec
Yu, HaoImec
Jourdan, NicolasImec
Schleicher, FilipImec
Debruyn, HaroenImec
Vanstreels, KrisIMEC
Demuynck, StevenImec
Tőkei, ZsoltImec
Horiguchi, NaotoImec
10:15-10:40, Paper FrBT2.5 
Structural Stability of Tight-Pitched Damascene Interconnects

Mukesh, SagarikaIBM
Lanzillo, NickIBM Research
Motoyama, KoichiIBM
Spooner, TerryIBM
10:40-11:05, Paper FrBT2.6 
UV Nanosecond Laser Annealing for Ru Interconnects

Jourdan, NicolasImec
Rozé, FabienLaser Systems & Solutions of Europe (LASSE)
Tabata, ToshiyukiLaser Systems & Solutions of Europe (LASSE)
Lariviere, StéphaneImec
Contino, AntoninoImec
Mazzamuto, FulvioLaser Systems & Solutions of Europe (LASSE)
Tőkei, ZsoltImec




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