25th International Interconnect Technology Conference June 27-30  |  San Jose, California
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Last updated on June 16, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday June 29, 2022

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WeAT1 Room T1
Reliability Lecture session
08:15-08:40, Paper WeAT1.1 
Effects of Composition Deviation of CuAl2 on Electromigration

Kuge, ToshihiroTohoku University
Yahagi, MasatakaTohoku University
Koike, JunichiTohoku University
08:40-09:05, Paper WeAT1.2 
Dynamics of Electromigration Voids in Cu Interconnects: Investigation Using a Physics-Based Model Augmented by Neural Networks

Saleh, Ahmed S.KU Leuven, Imec
Zahedmanesh, HoumanImec
Ceric, HajdinTU Wien
Croes, KristofImec
De Wolf, IngridKU Leuven
09:05-09:30, Paper WeAT1.3 
Reliability Evaluation of Semi-Damascene Ru/Air-Gap Interconnect with Metal Pitch down to 18 nm

Lesniewska, AlicjaImec
Varela Pedreira, OlallaImec
Roussel, PhilippeImec
Marti, GiulioImec
Pokhrel, AnkitImec
van der Veen, Marleen H.Imec
Decoster, StefanImec
O'Toole, MartinImec
Murdoch, GayleImec
Ciofi, IvanImec
Park, SeonghoImec
Tőkei, ZsoltImec
Croes, KristofImec
09:30-09:55, Paper WeAT1.4 
Reliability Benchmark of Various Via Prefill Metals

Varela Pedreira, OlallaImec
Simons, VeerleImec
van der Veen, Marleen H.Imec
Ciofi, IvanImec
Park, SeonghoImec
Tőkei, ZsoltImec
Croes, KristofImec
Pethe, ShirishAMAT
Lei, WeiApplied Materials
Hwang, ShinjaeAMAT
Wu, ZhiyuanAMAT
Chen, FengAMAT
Jansen, AlexanderAMAT
Machillot, JeromeApplied Materials
Cockburn, AndrewAMAT
09:55-10:20, Paper WeAT1.5 
Failure Mode Analysis in Microsecond UV Laser Annealing of Cu Thin Films

Demoulin, RemiLAAS-CNRS
Daubriac, RichardLAAS-CNRS
Thuries, LouisLaser Systems & Solutions of Europe (LASSE)
Scheid, EmmanuelLAAS-CNRS
Rozé, FabienLaser Systems & Solutions of Europe (LASSE)
Cristiano, FuccioLAAS-CNRS
Tabata, ToshiyukiLaser Systems & Solutions of Europe (LASSE)
Mazzamuto, FulvioLaser Systems & Solutions of Europe (LASSE)
WeBT1 Room T1
Unit Process and Integration I Lecture session
10:40-11:10, Paper WeBT1.1 
Recent Progress in Graphene Processes for Metallization and RF Applications

Ueno, KazuyoshiShibaura Institute of Technology
11:10-11:40, Paper WeBT1.2 
Advanced Process Technologies for Continuous Logic Scaling towards 2nm Node and Beyond

Yamamoto, TomonariTokyo Electron Ltd
11:40-12:05, Paper WeBT1.3 
Computational Analysis of the Role of Nanoconfinement on the Reliability of ULK Glasses

Kilic, KarsuStanford University
Dauskardt, ReinholdStanford University
WeCT1 Room T1
Unit Process and Integration II Lecture session
13:25-13:50, Paper WeCT1.1 
Improvement of Line-To-Line TDDB by Cu and Barrier-Metal Recess Structure for High Voltage Circuit in 3D Flash Memory

Noda, MitsuhikoKioxia Corporation
Fujii, KotaroKioxia Corporation
Yanai, NaomiKioxia Corporation
Watanabe, TsubasaKioxia Corporation
Kato, AtsushiKioxia Corporation
Horibe, KosukeKioxia Corporation
Yoshida, EiruKioxia Corporation
Koide, TatsuhikoKioxia Corporation
Fujita, HiroshiKioxia Corporation
Nakajima, YumiKioxia Corporation
Tagami, MasayoshiKioxia
Ohuchi, KazuyaKioxia Corporation
13:50-14:15, Paper WeCT1.2 
Enabling 3-Level High Aspect Ratio Supervias for 3nm Nodes and Below

Montero, DanielIMEC
Vega Gonzalez, VictorImec
Feurprier, YannickTokyo Electron Limited
Varela Pedreira, OlallaImec
Oikawa, NoriakiTokyo Electron Limited
Martinez, GerardoImec
Batuk, DmitryImec
Puliyalil, HarinarayananIMEC
Versluijs, JankoIMEC
De Coster, HanneIMEC
Bazzazian, NinaIMEC
Jourdan, NicolasImec
Kumar, KaushikTokyo Electron Limited
Lazzarino, FredericIMEC
Murdoch, GayleImec
Park, SeonghoImec
Tőkei, ZsoltImec
14:15-14:40, Paper WeCT1.3 
Galvanic Corrosion Effect of Co Liner on ALD TaN Barrier

Jang, JunkiSamsung Electronics
Kim, ChanghyunSamsung Electronics
Yoon, YoungsooSamsung Electronics
Choi, Yun KiSamsung Electronics Foundry Business
Kim, HoonSamsung Electronics
Park, JungilSamsung Electronics
Park, JaehyeongSamsung Electronics
Kang, MingukSamsung Electronics Foundry Business
Kim, YoungwooSamsung Electronics
Jang, SeongukSamsung Electronics
Ahn, JunghwanSamsung Electronics
Park, EunyoungSamsung Electronics
Jeong, WonminSamsung Electronics
Kim, JeongjaeSamsung Electronics
Oh, MinhyukSamsung Electronics
Han, WonkyuSamsung Electronics
Shin, DongwooSamsung Electronics
Kim, WookhwanSamsung Electronics
Yang, JaeyoungSamsung Electronics
Park, HonglaeSamsung Electronics
Kwon, SegabSamsung Electronics
Ahn, Jeong HoonSamsung Electronics Foundry Business
Ku, Jahum, Dr.Foundry Division, Samsung Electronics
WeDT1 Room T1
Advanced Interconnects I Lecture session
15:00-15:30, Paper WeDT1.1 
Advanced Interconnect Technology for 2nm Node and Beyond

Kim, JinnamSamsung Electronics
15:30-15:55, Paper WeDT1.2 
Metal-Induced Line Width Variability Challenge and Mitigation Strategy in Advanced Post-Cu Interconnects

Motoyama, KoichiIBM
Lanzillo, NicholasIBM Research
Mukesh, SagarikaIBM
Peethala, Cornelius BrownIBM Research
Spooner, TerryIBM
Edelstein, DanielIbm
Choi, KisikIBM
15:55-16:20, Paper WeDT1.3 
Barrierless ALD Molybdenum for Buried Power Rail and Via-To-Buried Power Rail Metallization

Gupta, AnshulImec
Maes, Jan WillemASM
Jourdan, NicolasImec
Zhu, ChiyuASM
Datta, SukanyaASM
Varela Pedreira, OlallaImec
Toan Le, QuocImec
Radisic, DunjaImec
Heylen, NancyImec
Pacco, AntoineImec
Wang, ShouhuaImec
Mousa, Moataz BellahASM America Inc
Byun, YoungASM
Seidel, FelixImec
de Wachter, BartImec
Murdoch, GayleImec
Tőkei, ZsoltImec
Dentoni Litta, EugenioImec
Horiguchi, NaotoImec
16:20-16:45, Paper WeDT1.4 
MP18-26 Ru Direct-Etch Integration Development with Leakage Improvement and Increased Aspect Ratio

Pokhrel, AnkitImec
Marti, GiulioImec
O'Toole, MartinImec
Murdoch, GayleImec
Gupta, AnshulImec
Decoster, StefanImec
Kundu, SouvikImec
Camerotto, ElisabethLam Research Belgium
Toan Le, QuocImec
Thiam, ArameImec
Lesniewska, AlicjaImec
Park, SeonghoImec
Tőkei, ZsoltImec
16:45-17:10, Paper WeDT1.5 
Balancing Interconnect Resistance and Capacitance at the Advanced Technology Nodes Based on Full Chip Analysis

Shim, Da EunGeorgia Institute of Technology
Naeemi, AzadGeorgia Instiute of Technology
WePoT1 Room T1
Poster Session Poster session
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.1 
A New Methodology for Modeling Air-Gap TDDB

Fang, YuKU Leuven
Ciofi, IvanImec
Roussel, PhilippeImec
Lesniewska, AlicjaImec
Degraeve, RobinImec
Tierno, DavideIMEC
De Wolf, IngridKU Leuven
Croes, KristofImec
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.2 
Stress and Thermal Stress Evolution in Mo and Ru Thin Films

Founta, ValeriaImec
Soulie, Jean-PhilippeImec
Dutta, ShibeshImec
De Wolf, IngridKU Leuven
Van de Vondel, JorisKU Leuven
Swerts, JohanImec
Tőkei, ZsoltImec
Adelmann, ChristopheImec
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.3 
Improved Resistivity of NiAl Thin Films at Low Temperature for Advanced Interconnect Metallization

Soulie, Jean-PhilippeImec
Tőkei, ZsoltImec
Swerts, JohanImec
Adelmann, ChristopheImec
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.4 
Low Resistivity Titanium Nitride Thin Film Fabricated by Atomic Layer Deposition with TiCl4 and Metal-Organic Precursors in Horizontal Vias

Kuo, Cheng HsuanUCSD
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.5 
Integration of Al2O3 Etch Stop Layer in 21nm Pitch Dual-Damascene BEOL Interconnects

Wu, ChenIMEC
Vega Gonzalez, VictorImec
De Coster, HanneIMEC
Toan Le, QuocImec
Schleicher, FilipIMEC
Lesniewska, AlicjaImec
Murdoch, GayleImec
Park, SeonghoImec
Tőkei, ZsoltImec
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.6 
Developing a Low-Temperature Flip-Chip Bonding Technology with In/Au Microbumps to Suppress the Thermal Load on Spintronics Devices

Kino, HisashiTohoku University
Fukushima, TakafumiTohoku University
Tanaka, TetsuTohoku University
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.7 
Effect of Current on Ni Catalyst Layer Used for Current-Enhanced CVD of Multilayer Graphene

Tokida, JumpeiShibaura Institute of Technology
Hasumi, RenoShibaura Institute of Technology
Ueno, KazuyoshiShibaura Institute of Technology
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.8 
Selective and Tunable Slurry for Advanced Packaging Epoxy Mold Compound

Arata, ShogoShowa Denko Materials. Co., Ltd
Noda, ChiakiShowa Denko Materials. Co., Ltd
Ichige, YasuhiroShowa Denko Materials. Co., Ltd
Nomura, SatoyukiShowa Denko Materials. Co., Ltd
Widodo, TrianggonoIntel Corp
Tsunoda, NagatoshiAssembly TD
Brun, Xavier FrancoisIntel Corporation
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.9 
Schottky Barrier Height Reduction by Oxide Layer Insertion in Al/n-GaN Structure

Koba, JiroTohoku University
Yahagi, MasatakaTohoku University
Koike, JunichiTohoku University
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.10 
A Novel Air-Gap Formation Method for Metal Interconnect

Choi, YoungjoonPhiloptics Co. Ltd
Jo, Seong-SikPhiloptics Co. Ltd
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.11 
Wet Processes Deposition for HAR TSV Metallization Using Electroless Co Liner and Alkaline Cu Seed Layer

Qiu, Li-NaFudan University
Ni, ZihongFudan University
Xin-ping, QuFudan University
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.12 
Ru Electrodeposition and Behaviors of Additives for Advanced Technology Nodes

Kim, YoujungHanyang University, Department of Material Science & Engineering
Han, HaneulHanyang University, Department of Material Science & Engineering
Lee, JinhyunHanyang University, Department of Material Science & Engineering
Yoo, BongyoungHanyang University, Department of Material Science & Engineering
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.13 
Electromigration Degradation of Gold Interconnects: A Statistical Study

Ceric, HajdinTU Wien
Lacerda de Orio, RobertoInstitute for Microelectronics, TU Wien
Selberherr, SiegfriedInstitute for Microelectronics, TU Wien
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.14 
Scaling down Diffusion Barriers: Performance and Thickness Dependence of TaN and Two-Dimensional-Material-Based Barrier Layers

Astier, Hippolyte Pierre Andre GeorgesNational University of Singapore
Mangattuchali, Muhammed JuvaidNational University of Singapore
Sinha, SoumyadeepNational University of Singapore
Chung, Jing YangNational University of Singapore
Srivastava, SaurabhNational University of Singapore
Das, ChandanApplied Materials Singapore Technology PTE LTD
Sudijono, JohnApplied Materials Singapore Technology PTE LTD
Gradecak, SilvijaNational University of Singapore
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.15 
Change in Resistivity of Fine Metal Line by KrF Excimer Laser Annealing

Usami, YasutsuguGigaphoton.Inc
Imokawa, KanameGigaphoton.Inc
Nohdomi, RyoichiGigaphoton.Inc
Kakizaki, KoujiGigaphoton.Inc
Mizoguchi, HakaruGigaphoton.Inc
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.16 
Cu to Cu Direct Bonding with Optimized Self-Annealing Behavior of the Electroplated Copper

Han, HaneulHanyang University, Department of Material Science & Engineering
Lee, ChaerinHanyang University
Park, SangwooHanyang University
Kim, YoujungHanyang University, Department of Material Science & Engineering
Yoo, BongyoungHanyang University, Department of Material Science & Engineering
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.17 
Conformal Copper ECD Metallization Process for Deep TSV

Weidner, ThomasX-Fab MEMS Foundry GmbH
Goetz, VolkerX-Fab Semiconductor Foundry GmbH
Roesch, TheresaX-Fab MEMS Foundry GmbH
Bouhlal, AsmaaXFAB France SAS
Wunder, NikX-Fab Semicondutor Foundry GmbH
Reinert, StephanX-Fab Semiconductor Foundry GmbH
Griesbach, KerstX-FAB Dresden GmbH & Co. KG
Goebelt, ManuelaX-Fab MEMS Foundry GmbH
Mehner, HannesX-Fab MEMS Foundry GmbH
17:30-19:30, Paper WePoT1.18 
Express Metrology for Sub 7nm Copper and Cobalt Damascene Plating Baths

Pavlov, MichaelECI Technology
Lin, DanniECI Technology
Shalyt, EugeneECI Technology
Liu, ZhiECI Technology
Jing, YinECI Technology




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