25th International Interconnect Technology Conference June 27-30  |  San Jose, California
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Last updated on June 16, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday June 30, 2022

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ThAT1 Room T1
Advanced Interconnects II Lecture session
08:15-08:45, Paper ThAT1.1 
Recent Advances in Ni-Based GeSn Metallization

Quintero, AndreaCEA-Leti
Gergaud, PatriceCEA Grenoble
Hartmann, Jean-MichelCEA-LETI
Reboud, VincentCEA-Leti
Rodriguez, PhilippeCEA-Leti
08:45-09:15, Paper ThAT1.2 
Ru ALD with Bulk-Like Resistivity for Interconnects

Breeden, MichaelUC San Diego
Wang, VictorUC San Diego
Kanjolia, RaviEMD Performance Materials
Moinpour, MansourEMD Performance Materials
Woodruff, JacobEMD Performance Materials
Simka, HarsonoSamsung Electronics
Kummel, AndrewUC San Diego
09:15-09:40, Paper ThAT1.3 
Capacitive Impacts of Etch-Induced Dielectric Damage in Highly-Scaled Interconnect Architectures

Wilson, Janet MIBM Research
Lanzillo, NicholasIBM Research
09:40-10:05, Paper ThAT1.4 
Performance Improvement for Cu Interconnects by SAM and ELD Technologies

Kikuchi, YukiTokyo Electron Limited
10:05-10:30, Paper ThAT1.5 
Low Resistance Cu Vias for 24nm Pitch and Beyond

van der Veen, Marleen H.Imec
Varela Pedreira, OlallaImec
Jourdan, NicolasImec
Park, SeonghoImec
Struyf, HerbertImec
Tőkei, ZsoltImec
Leal Cervantes, CarmenAMAT
Chen, FengAMAT
Xie, XiangjinAMAT
Wu, ZhiyuanAMAT
Jansen, AlexanderAMAT
Machillot, JeromeApplied Materials
Cockburn, AndrewAMAT
ThBT1 Room T1
DTCO Lecture session
10:50-11:20, Paper ThBT1.1 
Design-Technology Co-Optimization for BEOL Interconnect in Advanced Technologies

Woltgens, PieterASML
11:20-11:45, Paper ThBT1.2 
EUV Minimum Pitch Single Patterning for 5nm Node Manufacturing

Park, JungilSamsung Electronics
Choi, Yun KiSamsung Electronics Foundry Business
Ahn, Jeong HoonSamsung Electronics Foundry Business
Jung, Byung JeSamsung Electronics
Lee, HoyounSamsung Electronics
Kim, JinhoSamsung Electronics
Park, EunyoungSamsung Electronics
Park, JaehyeongSamsung Electronics
Song, Hyun-JiSamsung Electronics
Lee, MijiSamsung
Ku, Jahum, Dr.Foundry Division, Samsung Electronics
11:45-12:10, Paper ThBT1.3 
Evaluation of BEOL Scaling Boosters for Sub-2nm Using Enhanced-RO Analysis

Farokhnejad, AnitaIMEC
Esposto, SimoneIMEC
Ciofi, IvanIMEC
Zografos, OdysseasIMEC
Weckx, PieterIMEC
Ryckaert, JulienIMEC
Schuddinck, PieterIMEC
Xiang, YangIMEC
Tokei, ZsoltIMEC
ThCT1 Room T1
DTCO and Unit Process and Integration Lecture session
13:30-13:55, Paper ThCT1.1 
Cryogenic CMOS Performance Analysis Including BEOL Characteristics at 4K for Quantum Controller Application

Okamoto, KoichiroNanoBridge Semiconductor, Inc
Tanaka, TakahisaThe University of Tokyo
Miyamura, MakotoNanoBridge Semiconductor, Inc
Ishikuro, HirokiKeio University
Uchida, KenThe University of Tokyo
Sakamoto, ToshitsuguNanoBridge Semiconductor, Inc
Tada, MunehiroNanoBridge Semiconductor, Inc
13:55-14:20, Paper ThCT1.2 
Dual Damascene 28nm-Pitch Single Exposure EUV Design Rules Evaluation by Voltage Contrast Characterization

Blanco Carballo, Victor M.Imec
Cerbu, DorinImec
Schleicher, FilipIMEC
Van De Kerkhove, JeroenImec
Leray, PhilippeImec
Kissoon, NicolaAsml
De Poortere, EtienneAsml
14:20-14:50, Paper ThCT1.3 
ALD Mo for Advanced MOL Local Interconnects

Hosseini, MaryamsadatImec
Tierno, DavideIMEC
Maes, Jan WillemASM
Zhu, ChiyuASM
Datta, SukanyaASM
Byun, YoungASM
Mousa, MoatazASM
Jourdan, NicolasImec
Dentoni Litta, EugenioImec
Horiguchi, NaotoImec
14:50-15:20, Paper ThCT1.4 
Low Resistivity Tungsten and Ruthenium through Textural Control Using Ion Beam Deposition

Mehta, RutvikVeeco Instruments Inc
Cerio, FrankVeeco Instruments Inc
Wang, Yuejing (Crystal)Veeco Instruments Inc
Turner, PaulVeeco Instruments Inc
Kim, JinhoVeeco Instruments Inc
Kulkarni, AshishVeeco Instruments Inc
Saghayezhian, MohammadVeeco Instruments Inc
Caldwell, RobertVeeco Instruments Inc




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