IEEE IUS 2019 The 2019 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium October 6 - 9, 2019. Glasgow, Scotland

2019 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS)
October 6-9, 2019, SEC, Glasgow, Scotland

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Last updated on October 29, 2019. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

IUS 2019 Keyword Index

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ADA Device ApplicationsMoA8.1, MoA8.5, MoC8.1, MoC8.2, MoPoS-26.7, MoPoS-26.9, MoPoS-26.10, MoPoS-27.6, MoPoS-27.7, MoPoS-27.10, MoSPS.14, MoSPS.15, TuE7.2, TuF6.3, TuF6.5, TuG6.1, TuPoS-24.1, TuPoS-24.6, TuPoS-24.8, TuPoS-25.2, TuPoS-25.7, TuPoS-25.9, WeI6.3, WeI6.5, WeI6.6, WeJ6.5, WeK6.1, WeK6.3, WeK6.4, WeK6.5, WeK6.6, WePoS-26.1, WePoS-26.2, WePoS-26.5, WePoS-26.6, WePoS-27.3, WePoS-27.6
ADD Device DesignMoA8.6, MoC8.1, MoC8.2, MoC8.3, MoC8.4, MoPoS-26.2, MoPoS-26.5, MoPoS-26.6, MoPoS-26.7, MoPoS-26.8, MoPoS-26.10, MoPoS-27.6, MoPoS-28.10, MoSPS.13, MoSPS.15, TuF6.1, TuF6.5, TuG6.1, TuG6.3, TuG6.4, TuPoS-24.3, TuPoS-24.4, TuPoS-24.7, TuPoS-25.1, TuPoS-25.2, TuPoS-25.3, TuPoS-25.4, TuPoS-25.5, TuPoS-25.6, TuPoS-25.7, TuPoS-25.8, TuPoS-25.9, WeI6.2, WeI6.3, WeI6.5, WeI6.6, WeJ6.3, WeJ6.4, WeJ6.6, WeK6.4, WeK6.5, WePoS-26.3, WePoS-26.5, WePoS-26.7, WePoS-27.1, WePoS-27.2, WePoS-27.3, WePoS-27.4, WePoS-27.5, WePoS-27.6, WePoS-27.8
ADM Device ModelingMoA8.2, MoA8.3, MoA8.5, MoB8.1, MoB8.2, MoB8.3, MoB8.4, MoB8.5, MoC8.2, MoC8.3, MoC8.4, MoPoS-26.2, MoPoS-26.3, MoPoS-26.6, MoPoS-26.8, MoPoS-27.2, MoPoS-28.10, MoSPS.14, TuE7.2, TuG6.2, TuG6.4, TuG6.5, TuPoS-24.3, TuPoS-24.7, TuPoS-24.8, TuPoS-24.9, TuPoS-25.1, TuPoS-25.4, TuPoS-25.5, TuPoS-25.8, WeI6.1, WeJ6.3, WeJ6.6, WeK6.1, WeK6.2, WeK6.5, WePoS-27.1, WePoS-27.5, WePoS-27.7, WePoS-27.9
AMP Materials & PropagationMoA8.2, MoA8.4, MoB8.1, MoB8.2, MoB8.3, MoB8.4, MoB8.5, MoC8.1, MoPoS-26.1, MoPoS-26.3, MoPoS-26.4, MoPoS-26.5, MoPoS-27.1, MoPoS-27.2, MoPoS-27.3, MoPoS-27.4, MoPoS-27.6, MoPoS-27.7, MoPoS-27.8, MoPoS-27.9, MoPoS-27.10, TuE7.2, TuF6.2, TuF6.5, TuF6.6, TuG6.2, TuG6.5, TuPoS-24.2, TuPoS-24.5, TuPoS-24.6, TuPoS-25.7, TuPoS-25.8, WeI6.1, WeI6.2, WeI6.4, WeJ6.4, WeK6.6, WePoS-27.8
AMR Microacoustics ResonatorsMoA8.1, MoA8.2, MoA8.3, MoA8.4, MoA8.5, MoA8.6, MoB8.2, MoB8.3, MoB8.4, MoB8.5, MoC8.3, MoC8.4, MoPoS-26.2, MoPoS-26.4, MoPoS-26.7, MoPoS-26.8, MoPoS-26.9, MoPoS-27.1, MoPoS-27.2, MoPoS-27.4, MoPoS-27.5, MoPoS-27.8, MoPoS-27.9, MoPoS-27.10, MoSPS.13, MoSPS.14, MoSPS.15, TuE4.4, TuF6.1, TuF6.2, TuF6.6, TuG6.1, TuG6.3, TuG6.4, TuG6.5, TuPoS-24.1, TuPoS-24.2, TuPoS-24.3, TuPoS-24.4, TuPoS-24.5, TuPoS-24.6, TuPoS-24.9, TuPoS-25.1, TuPoS-25.2, TuPoS-25.3, TuPoS-25.4, TuPoS-25.5, TuPoS-25.6, WeI6.1, WeI6.3, WeI6.6, WeJ6.4, WeJ6.6, WeK6.1, WeK6.2, WeK6.3, WeK6.6, WePoS-26.1, WePoS-26.3, WePoS-26.6, WePoS-26.7, WePoS-27.1, WePoS-27.2, WePoS-27.3, WePoS-27.4, WePoS-27.6, WePoS-27.8
AMS Microacoustic Sensor Devices & AppsMoPoS-26.3, MoPoS-26.4, MoPoS-26.6, MoPoS-27.1, MoPoS-27.5, MoPoS-27.7, MoPoS-27.9, MoSPS.13, TuE4.4, TuF6.1, TuF6.2, TuF6.6, TuPoS-24.2, TuPoS-25.9, WeJ6.1, WeK6.3, WeK6.4, WePoS-26.1, WePoS-26.2, WePoS-26.3, WePoS-26.4, WePoS-26.5, WePoS-26.6, WePoS-26.7, WePoS-26.8, WePoS-26.9
ATR Tunable & Reconfigurable DevicesMoPoS-26.10, TuPoS-24.1, TuPoS-24.5, TuPoS-25.6, WeI6.2, WePoS-27.2, WePoS-27.4
MBB Medical Beamforming and Beam SteeringMoA4.1, MoA4.2, MoA4.4, MoB1.1, MoB1.2, MoB1.3, MoB3.1, MoB3.3, MoB3.4, MoB4.6, MoC10.1, MoC10.2, MoC10.3, MoC10.4, MoPoS-01.1, MoPoS-01.2, MoPoS-01.3, MoPoS-01.4, MoPoS-01.5, MoPoS-01.6, MoPoS-07.6, MoPoS-09.1, MoPoS-09.3, MoPoS-09.7, MoPoS-09.8, MoPoS-10.1, MoPoS-11.7, MoPoS-14.5, MoPoS-18.1, MoPoS-18.2, MoPoS-18.3, MoPoS-18.4, MoPoS-18.5, MoPoS-18.6, MoPoS-18.7, MoPoS-31.5, MoSPS.1, MoxA4.1, MoxA4.2, TuD1.2, TuD5.1, TuD5.2, TuD5.3, TuD5.4, TuD5.5, TuD5.6, TuE1.1, TuE1.2, TuE5.1, TuE5.2, TuE5.3, TuE5.4, TuE5.5, TuE5.6, TuE8.3, TuF1.1, TuF1.2, TuF1.3, TuF1.4, TuF1.5, TuF8.5, TuG3.2, TuPoS-01.1, TuPoS-01.2, TuPoS-01.3, TuPoS-01.4, TuPoS-02.1, TuPoS-02.2, TuPoS-02.3, TuPoS-02.4, TuPoS-02.5, TuPoS-02.6, TuPoS-05.5, TuPoS-07.3, TuPoS-10.5, TuPoS-10.6, TuPoS-11.5, TuPoS-13.1, TuPoS-13.2, TuPoS-13.3, TuPoS-13.4, TuPoS-26.17, TuPoS-27.4, WeH2.1, WeH2.3, WeH2.5, WeH8.1, WeH8.2, WeH8.4, WeH8.5, WeI3.3, WeI5.5, WeI5.6, WeI8.1, WeI8.2, WeI8.3, WeI8.4, WeI8.5, WeI8.6, WeJ1.6, WeJ5.2, WeK1.4, WeK2.5, WeK5.4, WePoS-01.1, WePoS-01.2, WePoS-01.5, WePoS-03.2, WePoS-03.4, WePoS-03.9, WePoS-11.3, WePoS-11.4, WePoS-11.8, WePoS-11.9, WePoS-15.5, WePoS-17.8, WePoS-18.5
MBE Biological Effects & DosimetryMoA1.1, MoA1.3, MoA1.4, MoA5.3, MoC3.2, MoC5.2, MoPoS-02.2, MoPoS-02.3, MoPoS-02.4, MoPoS-02.5, MoPoS-06.2, MoPoS-06.5, MoPoS-16.2, MoPoS-16.4, MoPoS-17.2, TuE1.4, TuE3.1, TuE3.4, TuE3.5, TuF3.2, TuF3.4, TuF3.5, TuPoS-03.1, TuPoS-03.2, TuPoS-03.3, TuPoS-03.4, TuPoS-03.6, TuPoS-15.1, TuPoS-15.4, TuPoS-16.1, TuPoS-16.4, TuPoS-16.5, TuPoS-17.1, TuPoS-17.4, WeH5.1, WeH5.2, WeH5.3, WeH5.4, WeH5.6, WeJ2.5, WeJ3.3, WeK2.1, WeK2.2, WeK2.6, WePoS-02.1, WePoS-02.2, WePoS-02.5, WePoS-02.6, WePoS-05.4, WePoS-06.6, WePoS-16.2, WePoS-18.2, WePoS-18.3, WePoS-18.4
MBF Blood Flow MeasurementMoB4.1, MoB4.2, MoB4.3, MoB4.4, MoB4.5, MoB4.6, MoC2.3, MoC4.1, MoC4.2, MoC4.3, MoC4.4, MoC5.1, MoPoS-03.1, MoPoS-03.2, MoPoS-03.3, MoPoS-03.5, MoPoS-03.6, MoPoS-03.7, MoPoS-03.8, MoPoS-03.9, MoPoS-03.10, MoPoS-03.11, MoPoS-04.1, MoPoS-06.3, MoPoS-10.6, MoPoS-13.1, TuD1.1, TuD1.3, TuD1.4, TuD1.5, TuD5.6, TuE7.1, TuF2.4, TuF5.1, TuF5.2, TuF5.3, TuG1.1, TuG1.2, TuG1.3, TuG1.4, TuG1.5, TuG2.2, TuG5.3, TuG5.4, TuG5.5, TuPoS-03.5, TuPoS-04.1, TuPoS-04.2, TuPoS-04.3, TuPoS-04.4, TuPoS-04.5, TuPoS-04.6, TuPoS-04.7, TuPoS-04.8, TuPoS-04.9, TuPoS-04.10, TuPoS-07.9, TuPoS-09.1, TuPoS-10.8, WeH2.2, WeH3.1, WeH3.2, WeH3.5, WeH3.6, WeI5.1, WeI5.2, WeI5.3, WeI5.4, WeI5.5, WeI5.6, WeJ2.1, WeJ3.1, WeJ3.2, WeK3.1, WeK3.2, WeK3.4, WePoS-03.1, WePoS-03.2, WePoS-03.3, WePoS-03.4, WePoS-03.5, WePoS-03.6, WePoS-03.8, WePoS-03.9, WePoS-03.10, WePoS-03.11, WePoS-03.12, WePoS-04.1, WePoS-04.2, WePoS-04.3, WePoS-04.5, WePoS-04.8, WePoS-07.3, WePoS-15.1, WePoS-16.6
MCA Contrast AgentsMoA1.1, MoA1.6, MoB2.4, MoB2.5, MoB3.1, MoB4.1, MoB4.4, MoB5.1, MoB5.2, MoB5.3, MoB5.4, MoB5.5, MoB5.6, MoC1.1, MoC5.1, MoC5.2, MoC5.3, MoPoS-02.1, MoPoS-02.2, MoPoS-02.3, MoPoS-02.4, MoPoS-02.6, MoPoS-04.1, MoPoS-04.2, MoPoS-04.3, MoPoS-04.4, MoPoS-04.5, MoPoS-04.6, MoPoS-05.1, MoPoS-05.2, MoPoS-05.3, MoPoS-05.4, MoPoS-06.1, MoPoS-06.2, MoPoS-06.3, MoPoS-06.4, MoPoS-06.5, MoPoS-06.6, MoPoS-12.6, MoPoS-15.6, MoPoS-17.1, MoPoS-17.2, MoPoS-17.3, MoPoS-17.4, MoPoS-18.7, MoSPS.3, TuD3.1, TuD3.2, TuD3.3, TuD3.4, TuD3.5, TuD3.6, TuD5.5, TuD8.2, TuD8.4, TuD8.5, TuD8.6, TuE3.1, TuE3.2, TuE3.4, TuF2.1, TuF2.2, TuF2.3, TuF2.4, TuF2.5, TuF2.6, TuF3.6, TuF5.2, TuF5.5, TuG2.2, TuG2.3, TuG2.4, TuG2.5, TuG2.6, TuG3.3, TuG5.2, TuG8.4, TuPoS-04.6, TuPoS-04.7, TuPoS-04.10, TuPoS-05.1, TuPoS-05.2, TuPoS-05.3, TuPoS-05.4, TuPoS-05.6, TuPoS-05.7, TuPoS-08.8, TuPoS-10.8, TuPoS-15.1, TuPoS-17.2, TuPoS-17.3, TuPoS-17.4, WeH3.1, WeH3.3, WeH3.6, WeI1.1, WeI3.1, WeI3.2, WeI3.4, WeI3.5, WeI3.6, WeJ2.5, WeJ3.1, WeJ5.1, WeK1.5, WeK2.3, WeK5.6, WePoS-01.1, WePoS-03.7, WePoS-04.4, WePoS-04.5, WePoS-05.1, WePoS-05.2, WePoS-05.3, WePoS-05.4, WePoS-05.5, WePoS-05.6, WePoS-05.7, WePoS-06.1, WePoS-06.2, WePoS-06.3, WePoS-06.4, WePoS-06.5, WePoS-06.6, WePoS-07.1, WePoS-07.2, WePoS-07.3, WePoS-07.4, WePoS-07.5, WePoS-07.7, WePoS-09.4, WePoS-14.1, WePoS-15.1, WePoS-17.5, WePoS-18.1
MEL ElastographyMoA10.1, MoA10.2, MoA10.3, MoA10.4, MoA10.5, MoA10.6, MoA4.5, MoA5.5, MoB10.1, MoB10.2, MoB10.3, MoB10.4, MoB10.5, MoB10.6, MoB3.5, MoPoS-01.2, MoPoS-07.1, MoPoS-07.2, MoPoS-07.3, MoPoS-07.4, MoPoS-07.5, MoPoS-07.6, MoPoS-08.1, MoPoS-08.2, MoPoS-08.3, MoPoS-08.4, MoPoS-08.5, MoPoS-08.6, MoPoS-08.7, MoPoS-08.8, MoPoS-09.6, MoPoS-10.3, MoPoS-14.6, MoSPS.5, TuD2.1, TuD2.2, TuD2.3, TuD2.4, TuD2.5, TuD2.6, TuE2.1, TuE2.2, TuE2.3, TuE2.4, TuE2.5, TuE2.6, TuF2.6, TuF8.1, TuG5.5, TuPoS-06.1, TuPoS-06.2, TuPoS-06.3, TuPoS-06.4, TuPoS-06.5, TuPoS-06.6, TuPoS-06.8, TuPoS-07.1, TuPoS-07.2, TuPoS-07.3, TuPoS-07.4, TuPoS-07.5, TuPoS-07.6, TuPoS-07.7, TuPoS-07.8, TuPoS-07.9, TuPoS-08.4, TuPoS-08.5, TuPoS-08.8, TuPoS-09.3, TuPoS-09.5, TuPoS-09.7, WeH1.2, WeH1.4, WeI1.1, WeI1.3, WeI2.1, WeI8.6, WeJ8.1, WeJ8.2, WeJ8.3, WeJ8.4, WeJ8.5, WeJ8.6, WeK3.6, WeK5.1, WeK5.2, WeK5.4, WeK8.1, WeK8.2, WeK8.3, WeK8.4, WeK8.5, WeK8.6, WePoS-03.3, WePoS-03.10, WePoS-08.1, WePoS-08.2, WePoS-08.4, WePoS-08.5, WePoS-08.6, WePoS-08.7, WePoS-09.1, WePoS-09.2, WePoS-09.3, WePoS-09.4, WePoS-09.5, WePoS-10.6, WePoS-16.4, WePoS-16.5, WePoS-16.9
MIM Medical ImagingMoA1.2, MoA10.1, MoA10.5, MoA3.1, MoA3.2, MoA3.3, MoA3.4, MoA3.5, MoA3.6, MoA4.3, MoA4.4, MoA5.2, MoA5.4, MoA5.5, MoB10.3, MoB10.5, MoB2.1, MoB2.2, MoB2.3, MoB2.6, MoB3.2, MoB3.5, MoB3.6, MoB4.2, MoB4.3, MoB4.4, MoB4.6, MoB5.1, MoB5.2, MoB5.3, MoB5.4, MoB5.5, MoC10.1, MoC10.2, MoC10.3, MoC4.1, MoC4.2, MoC4.3, MoC4.4, MoC5.3, MoC5.4, MoPoS-01.1, MoPoS-01.5, MoPoS-01.6, MoPoS-03.1, MoPoS-03.2, MoPoS-03.3, MoPoS-03.4, MoPoS-03.6, MoPoS-03.8, MoPoS-03.11, MoPoS-04.3, MoPoS-04.4, MoPoS-04.5, MoPoS-05.2, MoPoS-05.3, MoPoS-05.5, MoPoS-06.5, MoPoS-07.1, MoPoS-07.2, MoPoS-07.3, MoPoS-07.4, MoPoS-07.5, MoPoS-08.2, MoPoS-08.4, MoPoS-09.1, MoPoS-09.2, MoPoS-09.3, MoPoS-09.4, MoPoS-09.5, MoPoS-09.6, MoPoS-09.7, MoPoS-09.8, MoPoS-09.9, MoPoS-10.2, MoPoS-10.3, MoPoS-10.5, MoPoS-10.7, MoPoS-11.1, MoPoS-11.2, MoPoS-11.3, MoPoS-11.4, MoPoS-11.5, MoPoS-11.6, MoPoS-11.7, MoPoS-12.1, MoPoS-12.2, MoPoS-12.3, MoPoS-12.5, MoPoS-13.2, MoPoS-13.3, MoPoS-13.5, MoPoS-15.1, MoPoS-15.2, MoPoS-15.3, MoPoS-15.5, MoPoS-15.7, MoPoS-18.1, MoPoS-18.2, MoPoS-18.3, MoPoS-18.4, MoPoS-18.5, MoPoS-18.6, MoPoS-31.4, MoSPS.1, TuD1.1, TuD1.3, TuD1.4, TuD1.5, TuD1.6, TuD2.1, TuD2.6, TuD3.1, TuD3.3, TuD3.5, TuD3.6, TuD5.1, TuD5.2, TuD5.3, TuD5.6, TuD8.1, TuD8.3, TuD8.4, TuE1.1, TuE1.2, TuE1.3, TuE1.4, TuE1.5, TuE2.1, TuE2.2, TuE2.3, TuE2.4, TuE2.6, TuE3.6, TuE5.1, TuE5.2, TuE5.3, TuE5.4, TuE5.5, TuE5.6, TuE7.1, TuE8.1, TuE8.3, TuE8.6, TuF1.2, TuF1.3, TuF1.4, TuF2.4, TuF2.5, TuF5.3, TuF5.4, TuF5.5, TuF5.6, TuF8.1, TuF8.2, TuF8.4, TuF8.5, TuG1.1, TuG1.3, TuG1.4, TuG1.5, TuG2.3, TuG2.4, TuG2.5, TuG2.6, TuG5.1, TuG5.3, TuG5.6, TuG8.3, TuG8.5, TuG8.6, TuPoS-01.3, TuPoS-02.2, TuPoS-02.3, TuPoS-02.4, TuPoS-03.5, TuPoS-04.3, TuPoS-04.4, TuPoS-04.5, TuPoS-04.6, TuPoS-04.8, TuPoS-04.9, TuPoS-06.1, TuPoS-06.4, TuPoS-06.6, TuPoS-06.8, TuPoS-07.2, TuPoS-07.4, TuPoS-07.6, TuPoS-08.1, TuPoS-08.2, TuPoS-08.3, TuPoS-08.4, TuPoS-08.5, TuPoS-08.6, TuPoS-08.7, TuPoS-08.8, TuPoS-09.1, TuPoS-09.2, TuPoS-09.3, TuPoS-09.4, TuPoS-09.5, TuPoS-09.6, TuPoS-09.7, TuPoS-09.8, TuPoS-09.9, TuPoS-10.2, TuPoS-10.3, TuPoS-10.4, TuPoS-10.5, TuPoS-10.6, TuPoS-10.7, TuPoS-10.10, TuPoS-11.2, TuPoS-11.3, TuPoS-11.4, TuPoS-11.5, TuPoS-11.6, TuPoS-11.7, TuPoS-12.2, TuPoS-12.4, TuPoS-12.5, TuPoS-13.3, TuPoS-13.4, TuPoS-13.5, TuPoS-13.6, TuPoS-14.2, TuPoS-14.4, TuPoS-14.5, TuPoS-14.7, TuPoS-14.9, TuPoS-15.4, TuPoS-17.2, TuPoS-26.17, WeH2.1, WeH2.2, WeH2.3, WeH2.4, WeH3.1, WeH3.3, WeH3.4, WeH3.5, WeH6.5, WeH8.1, WeH8.2, WeH8.3, WeH8.4, WeH8.5, WeH8.6, WeI1.4, WeI1.5, WeI1.6, WeI2.1, WeI2.2, WeI2.5, WeI3.2, WeI3.3, WeI3.4, WeI3.6, WeI4.3, WeI5.1, WeI5.2, WeI5.3, WeI5.6, WeI8.1, WeI8.2, WeI8.3, WeI8.4, WeI8.5, WeI8.6, WeJ1.2, WeJ1.3, WeJ3.1, WeJ3.2, WeJ3.3, WeJ3.4, WeJ3.5, WeJ3.6, WeJ5.1, WeJ5.3, WeJ5.5, WeJ5.6, WeJ8.1, WeJ8.2, WeJ8.3, WeJ8.4, WeJ8.5, WeK1.1, WeK1.2, WeK1.3, WeK1.5, WeK2.3, WeK3.1, WeK3.2, WeK3.3, WeK3.4, WeK3.5, WeK3.6, WeK5.2, WeK5.3, WeK5.5, WeK5.6, WeK8.1, WeK8.5, WeK8.6, WePoS-01.2, WePoS-01.4, WePoS-01.5, WePoS-02.1, WePoS-02.2, WePoS-03.2, WePoS-03.9, WePoS-03.11, WePoS-04.1, WePoS-04.2, WePoS-04.3, WePoS-04.4, WePoS-04.5, WePoS-04.6, WePoS-04.7, WePoS-04.8, WePoS-05.2, WePoS-05.3, WePoS-05.6, WePoS-05.7, WePoS-06.3, WePoS-06.5, WePoS-07.1, WePoS-07.2, WePoS-07.5, WePoS-07.6, WePoS-07.7, WePoS-08.1, WePoS-08.3, WePoS-08.4, WePoS-08.5, WePoS-08.7, WePoS-09.2, WePoS-09.3, WePoS-09.5, WePoS-10.1, WePoS-10.2, WePoS-10.3, WePoS-10.5, WePoS-11.2, WePoS-11.3, WePoS-11.4, WePoS-11.5, WePoS-11.6, WePoS-11.8, WePoS-11.9, WePoS-12.2, WePoS-12.4, WePoS-13.2, WePoS-13.3, WePoS-14.1, WePoS-14.2, WePoS-14.3, WePoS-14.6, WePoS-15.2, WePoS-15.3, WePoS-15.4, WePoS-15.5, WePoS-16.1, WePoS-16.2, WePoS-16.5, WePoS-16.6, WePoS-16.7, WePoS-16.9, WePoS-17.2, WePoS-17.3, WePoS-17.7, WePoS-17.9
MIS Medical Image and Signal ProcessingMoA1.4, MoA10.1, MoA2.2, MoA3.1, MoA3.2, MoA3.3, MoA3.5, MoA3.6, MoA4.2, MoA4.3, MoA5.3, MoA5.4, MoB10.1, MoB2.1, MoB2.2, MoB3.1, MoB3.2, MoB3.3, MoB3.4, MoB3.5, MoB3.6, MoB4.2, MoB4.3, MoB5.3, MoC10.1, MoC10.2, MoC10.3, MoC10.4, MoC4.1, MoC4.2, MoC4.3, MoC4.4, MoC5.2, MoPoS-01.1, MoPoS-01.3, MoPoS-01.5, MoPoS-01.6, MoPoS-03.11, MoPoS-04.1, MoPoS-04.4, MoPoS-05.2, MoPoS-05.5, MoPoS-06.1, MoPoS-06.3, MoPoS-07.3, MoPoS-07.4, MoPoS-07.6, MoPoS-08.3, MoPoS-08.6, MoPoS-09.1, MoPoS-09.2, MoPoS-09.3, MoPoS-09.6, MoPoS-09.7, MoPoS-09.8, MoPoS-10.1, MoPoS-10.2, MoPoS-10.4, MoPoS-10.5, MoPoS-10.6, MoPoS-10.7, MoPoS-11.1, MoPoS-11.2, MoPoS-11.3, MoPoS-11.4, MoPoS-11.5, MoPoS-11.6, MoPoS-11.7, MoPoS-12.1, MoPoS-12.2, MoPoS-12.3, MoPoS-12.6, MoPoS-13.1, MoPoS-13.4, MoPoS-13.5, MoPoS-14.5, MoPoS-14.6, MoPoS-15.1, MoPoS-15.3, MoPoS-18.1, MoPoS-18.2, MoPoS-18.3, MoPoS-18.4, MoPoS-18.5, MoPoS-18.6, MoPoS-18.7, MoSPS.5, MoxA4.1, TuD1.3, TuD3.4, TuD3.6, TuD5.4, TuD5.5, TuD8.1, TuE1.2, TuE1.3, TuE1.5, TuE2.2, TuE5.1, TuE5.2, TuE5.3, TuE5.4, TuE5.5, TuE5.6, TuE7.1, TuE8.1, TuE8.2, TuE8.5, TuE8.6, TuF1.1, TuF1.2, TuF1.3, TuF1.4, TuF5.1, TuF5.2, TuF5.3, TuF5.4, TuF5.5, TuF5.6, TuF8.1, TuF8.2, TuF8.3, TuF8.4, TuF8.5, TuF8.6, TuG1.1, TuG1.4, TuG2.1, TuG2.2, TuG2.4, TuG2.5, TuG3.2, TuG5.1, TuG5.2, TuG5.3, TuG8.3, TuG8.4, TuG8.5, TuG8.6, TuPoS-01.4, TuPoS-01.5, TuPoS-02.2, TuPoS-02.3, TuPoS-02.4, TuPoS-04.2, TuPoS-04.3, TuPoS-04.4, TuPoS-04.5, TuPoS-04.7, TuPoS-04.8, TuPoS-04.9, TuPoS-06.7, TuPoS-07.4, TuPoS-07.6, TuPoS-08.1, TuPoS-08.2, TuPoS-08.3, TuPoS-08.4, TuPoS-08.5, TuPoS-08.6, TuPoS-08.7, TuPoS-09.1, TuPoS-09.2, TuPoS-09.5, TuPoS-09.8, TuPoS-09.9, TuPoS-10.1, TuPoS-10.2, TuPoS-10.4, TuPoS-10.5, TuPoS-10.6, TuPoS-10.7, TuPoS-10.8, TuPoS-10.9, TuPoS-10.10, TuPoS-11.1, TuPoS-11.2, TuPoS-11.3, TuPoS-11.4, TuPoS-11.5, TuPoS-11.6, TuPoS-11.7, TuPoS-12.1, TuPoS-12.3, TuPoS-12.4, TuPoS-13.1, TuPoS-13.3, TuPoS-13.4, TuPoS-13.5, TuPoS-13.6, TuPoS-14.2, TuPoS-14.5, TuPoS-14.9, WeH1.5, WeH2.5, WeH3.2, WeH3.3, WeH3.5, WeH3.6, WeH6.5, WeH8.1, WeH8.2, WeH8.4, WeH8.5, WeH8.6, WeI1.4, WeI1.5, WeI1.6, WeI3.1, WeI3.2, WeI3.3, WeI3.6, WeI5.1, WeI5.2, WeI5.3, WeI5.5, WeI8.1, WeI8.4, WeI8.5, WeJ1.3, WeJ1.5, WeJ3.3, WeJ3.4, WeJ3.5, WeJ3.6, WeJ5.1, WeJ5.2, WeJ5.3, WeJ5.4, WeJ5.5, WeJ5.6, WeJ8.1, WeK1.1, WeK1.2, WeK1.3, WeK1.5, WeK1.6, WeK3.1, WeK3.5, WeK3.6, WeK5.1, WeK5.3, WeK5.4, WeK5.6, WeK8.4, WePoS-01.2, WePoS-01.3, WePoS-01.5, WePoS-03.4, WePoS-03.7, WePoS-03.8, WePoS-03.11, WePoS-03.12, WePoS-04.2, WePoS-04.3, WePoS-04.4, WePoS-04.7, WePoS-04.8, WePoS-05.3, WePoS-06.1, WePoS-06.3, WePoS-06.5, WePoS-07.1, WePoS-07.2, WePoS-07.3, WePoS-07.5, WePoS-07.6, WePoS-08.1, WePoS-09.2, WePoS-09.3, WePoS-10.2, WePoS-10.3, WePoS-10.4, WePoS-11.1, WePoS-11.2, WePoS-11.3, WePoS-11.4, WePoS-11.6, WePoS-11.7, WePoS-11.8, WePoS-11.9, WePoS-12.2, WePoS-13.3, WePoS-13.4, WePoS-14.1, WePoS-14.3, WePoS-14.4, WePoS-14.5, WePoS-14.7, WePoS-15.5, WePoS-16.1, WePoS-16.7, WePoS-17.2, WePoS-17.3, WePoS-17.4, WePoS-17.5, WePoS-17.7, WePoS-17.8, WePoS-17.9
MPA Medical PhotoacousticsMoA2.1, MoA2.2, MoA2.3, MoA2.4, MoA4.3, MoA4.5, MoB2.1, MoB2.2, MoB2.3, MoB2.4, MoB2.5, MoB2.6, MoB5.4, MoC1.4, MoPoS-02.1, MoPoS-12.1, MoPoS-12.2, MoPoS-12.3, MoPoS-12.4, MoPoS-12.5, MoPoS-12.6, MoPoS-14.8, MoPoS-17.1, TuD3.3, TuD8.1, TuD8.2, TuD8.3, TuD8.4, TuD8.5, TuD8.6, TuE8.1, TuE8.2, TuE8.3, TuE8.4, TuE8.5, TuE8.6, TuPoS-07.9, TuPoS-12.1, TuPoS-12.2, TuPoS-12.3, TuPoS-12.4, TuPoS-12.5, TuPoS-12.6, TuPoS-13.6, WeI2.5, WePoS-05.4, WePoS-12.1, WePoS-12.2, WePoS-12.3, WePoS-12.4, WePoS-13.1, WePoS-13.2, WePoS-13.3, WePoS-13.4, WePoS-14.6
MSD System & Device DesignMoA2.2, MoA3.3, MoA4.1, MoA4.2, MoA4.4, MoA4.5, MoA4.6, MoB5.6, MoC3.4, MoPoS-01.3, MoPoS-03.2, MoPoS-05.5, MoPoS-09.2, MoPoS-10.5, MoPoS-10.7, MoPoS-11.1, MoPoS-13.1, MoPoS-13.2, MoPoS-13.3, MoPoS-13.4, MoPoS-13.5, MoPoS-13.6, MoPoS-13.7, MoPoS-16.1, MoPoS-31.4, MoPoS-31.5, MoSPS.2, TuD5.2, TuE1.4, TuE8.2, TuE8.4, TuG5.1, TuG5.2, TuG5.4, TuG5.5, TuG5.6, TuPoS-01.3, TuPoS-01.4, TuPoS-02.5, TuPoS-03.2, TuPoS-03.5, TuPoS-04.1, TuPoS-04.2, TuPoS-05.5, TuPoS-09.4, TuPoS-10.1, TuPoS-11.3, TuPoS-13.1, TuPoS-13.5, TuPoS-14.4, TuPoS-16.2, TuPoS-26.17, TuPoS-27.4, WeH2.1, WeH2.2, WeH2.4, WeH2.5, WeH2.6, WeH4.4, WeH4.5, WeH5.2, WeI2.1, WeI2.2, WeI2.3, WeI2.4, WeI2.5, WeI3.5, WeI4.3, WeJ2.1, WeK1.4, WeK2.5, WePoS-02.1, WePoS-03.12, WePoS-08.5, WePoS-14.2, WePoS-14.3, WePoS-14.4, WePoS-14.7, WePoS-15.3, WePoS-18.1, WePoS-18.5
MSP Medical Signal ProcessingMoPoS-31.4
MTC Medical Tissue CharacterizationMoA10.3, MoA10.5, MoA5.1, MoA5.2, MoA5.4, MoA5.5, MoA5.6, MoB10.1, MoB10.3, MoB10.5, MoB10.6, MoB3.4, MoPoS-03.8, MoPoS-06.1, MoPoS-08.2, MoPoS-08.3, MoPoS-08.4, MoPoS-08.5, MoPoS-08.6, MoPoS-10.1, MoPoS-10.3, MoPoS-11.4, MoPoS-11.6, MoPoS-13.4, MoPoS-14.1, MoPoS-14.2, MoPoS-14.3, MoPoS-14.4, MoPoS-14.5, MoPoS-14.6, MoPoS-14.7, MoPoS-14.8, MoPoS-14.9, MoPoS-15.2, MoPoS-15.5, MoPoS-15.7, MoPoS-16.1, MoSPS.6, TuD1.4, TuD2.1, TuD2.2, TuD2.4, TuD2.5, TuD2.6, TuD8.2, TuE1.1, TuE1.3, TuE1.5, TuE2.1, TuE2.3, TuE2.4, TuE2.5, TuE2.6, TuF2.6, TuG1.5, TuG2.1, TuG2.3, TuG8.1, TuG8.2, TuG8.3, TuG8.4, TuG8.5, TuG8.6, TuPoS-03.3, TuPoS-06.1, TuPoS-06.4, TuPoS-06.6, TuPoS-06.8, TuPoS-07.3, TuPoS-07.8, TuPoS-08.2, TuPoS-08.3, TuPoS-08.7, TuPoS-09.7, TuPoS-09.8, TuPoS-10.10, TuPoS-11.4, TuPoS-12.1, TuPoS-12.5, TuPoS-14.1, TuPoS-14.2, TuPoS-14.3, TuPoS-14.4, TuPoS-14.5, TuPoS-14.6, TuPoS-14.7, TuPoS-14.8, WeH1.1, WeH1.2, WeH1.3, WeH1.4, WeH1.5, WeH1.6, WeH6.5, WeI1.1, WeI1.2, WeI1.3, WeI1.4, WeI1.5, WeI1.6, WeI3.4, WeI8.3, WeJ1.1, WeJ1.2, WeJ1.3, WeJ1.4, WeJ1.5, WeJ1.6, WeJ3.5, WeJ3.6, WeJ5.2, WeJ5.6, WeJ8.2, WeJ8.3, WeJ8.4, WeJ8.5, WeJ8.6, WeK2.4, WeK3.2, WeK8.1, WeK8.5, WeK8.6, WePoS-01.3, WePoS-03.3, WePoS-07.4, WePoS-08.7, WePoS-09.4, WePoS-09.5, WePoS-10.2, WePoS-10.6, WePoS-12.3, WePoS-13.2, WePoS-14.4, WePoS-15.1, WePoS-15.2, WePoS-15.3, WePoS-16.1, WePoS-16.2, WePoS-16.3, WePoS-16.4, WePoS-16.5, WePoS-16.6, WePoS-16.7, WePoS-16.8, WePoS-16.9, WePoS-17.1, WePoS-17.2, WePoS-17.3, WePoS-17.4, WePoS-17.5, WePoS-17.6, WePoS-17.7, WePoS-17.8, WePoS-17.9, WePoS-17.10, WePoS-18.3
MTH Therapeutics, Hyperthermia & SurgeryMoA1.1, MoA1.2, MoA1.3, MoA1.4, MoB3.3, MoC1.1, MoC1.3, MoC1.4, MoC2.1, MoC3.1, MoC3.2, MoC3.3, MoC3.4, MoPoS-02.1, MoPoS-02.6, MoPoS-12.5, MoPoS-15.1, MoPoS-15.2, MoPoS-15.3, MoPoS-15.4, MoPoS-15.5, MoPoS-15.6, MoPoS-15.7, MoPoS-16.1, MoPoS-16.2, MoPoS-16.3, MoPoS-16.4, MoPoS-16.5, MoPoS-16.6, MoPoS-17.4, MoSPS.2, MoSPS.4, MoSPS.5, TuD3.2, TuD3.4, TuE3.1, TuE3.2, TuE3.3, TuE3.4, TuE3.6, TuE8.5, TuF2.3, TuF3.1, TuF3.2, TuF3.3, TuF3.4, TuF3.5, TuF3.6, TuG3.1, TuG3.2, TuG3.3, TuG3.4, TuG3.5, TuG3.6, TuPoS-03.1, TuPoS-03.3, TuPoS-03.4, TuPoS-03.6, TuPoS-05.2, TuPoS-05.3, TuPoS-12.6, TuPoS-14.9, TuPoS-15.1, TuPoS-15.2, TuPoS-15.3, TuPoS-15.4, TuPoS-15.5, TuPoS-15.6, TuPoS-16.1, TuPoS-16.2, TuPoS-16.3, TuPoS-16.4, TuPoS-16.5, TuPoS-16.6, TuPoS-17.1, TuPoS-17.3, TuPoS-17.4, TuPoS-27.4, WeH1.3, WeH4.4, WeH4.5, WeH5.1, WeH5.4, WeH5.5, WeH5.6, WeI2.4, WeI4.3, WeJ1.6, WeJ2.1, WeJ2.2, WeJ2.3, WeJ2.4, WeJ2.5, WeK2.1, WeK2.2, WeK2.4, WeK2.5, WeK2.6, WeK5.1, WePoS-02.4, WePoS-02.6, WePoS-05.1, WePoS-06.2, WePoS-07.6, WePoS-14.6, WePoS-18.1, WePoS-18.2, WePoS-18.3, WePoS-18.4, WePoS-18.5, WePoS-18.6
MTN TheranosticsMoA1.2, MoA1.3, MoA1.5, MoA1.6, MoB2.4, MoB2.5, MoB2.6, MoB5.5, MoC1.1, MoC1.2, MoC1.3, MoC1.4, MoC3.1, MoC3.2, MoC5.3, MoC5.4, MoPoS-02.4, MoPoS-02.6, MoPoS-13.7, MoPoS-15.4, MoPoS-15.6, MoPoS-16.6, MoPoS-17.1, MoPoS-17.2, MoPoS-17.3, MoPoS-17.4, MoSPS.2, TuD2.2, TuD3.2, TuD3.5, TuD8.5, TuE3.2, TuE3.6, TuF2.5, TuF3.2, TuF3.3, TuG3.6, TuPoS-05.2, TuPoS-12.6, TuPoS-15.2, TuPoS-15.6, TuPoS-17.1, TuPoS-17.2, TuPoS-17.3, WeH5.4, WeI2.2, WeI2.4, WeK2.3, WePoS-05.1, WePoS-05.2, WePoS-05.5, WePoS-05.7, WePoS-14.5, WePoS-15.2, WePoS-18.2
NAF Acoustics MicrofuidicsMoA9.2, MoB9.3, MoC9.1, MoC9.2, MoC9.3, MoC9.4, MoPoS-19.1, MoPoS-19.2, MoPoS-19.3
NAI Acoustic Imaging and MicroscopyMoPoS-19.3, MoPoS-20.1, MoPoS-20.2, MoPoS-20.3, MoPoS-20.4, MoPoS-20.5, MoSPS.7, TuD7.3, TuD7.5, TuG7.3, TuG7.4, TuPoS-20.6, WeH7.4, WeH7.6, WeI7.1, WeI7.2, WeI7.4, WeI7.5, WeI7.6, WeK7.1, WePoS-19.3, WePoS-21.6
NAS Acoustic SensorsMoA9.5, MoB9.1, MoB9.2, MoB9.3, MoB9.4, MoB9.5, MoB9.6, MoC9.2, MoPoS-19.2, MoPoS-20.3, MoPoS-21.1, MoPoS-21.2, MoPoS-21.3, MoPoS-21.4, MoPoS-21.5, MoPoS-21.6, MoPoS-21.7, MoPoS-21.8, MoPoS-21.9, TuF7.1, TuF7.5, TuPoS-19.1, TuPoS-21.2, WeH7.2, WeI7.4, WePoS-19.8, WePoS-21.4, WePoS-22.1, WePoS-22.4
NDE General NDE MethodsMoA9.1, MoA9.3, MoA9.4, MoB9.6, MoPoS-20.2, MoPoS-20.3, MoPoS-20.5, MoPoS-22.1, MoPoS-22.4, MoPoS-22.5, MoPoS-22.7, MoPoS-22.8, MoPoS-22.9, MoSPS.7, MoSPS.9, TuD7.1, TuD7.2, TuD7.3, TuD7.4, TuD7.5, TuD7.6, TuG7.1, TuG7.3, TuG7.5, TuPoS-18.1, TuPoS-18.2, TuPoS-18.3, TuPoS-18.4, TuPoS-18.5, TuPoS-18.6, TuPoS-18.7, TuPoS-18.8, TuPoS-18.9, TuPoS-18.10, TuPoS-20.3, TuPoS-20.4, TuPoS-21.3, TuPoS-21.5, TuPoS-21.6, WeH7.1, WeH7.6, WeI7.1, WeJ7.4, WeK7.1, WeK7.2, WeK7.3, WeK7.5, WePoS-19.1, WePoS-20.1, WePoS-20.2, WePoS-20.3, WePoS-20.4, WePoS-20.5, WePoS-21.5
NEH Energy HarvestingMoB9.5, WePoS-19.2, WePoS-19.9, WePoS-21.1, WePoS-22.4
NFM Flow MeasurementMoB9.1, MoC9.2, MoSPS.8, TuF7.1, TuF7.2, TuF7.3, TuF7.4, TuF7.5, TuPoS-19.1, TuPoS-19.2, TuPoS-19.3, TuPoS-19.4, WePoS-19.3, WePoS-19.6, WePoS-21.2, WePoS-21.4
NMC Material & Defect CharacterizationMoA9.1, MoB9.5, MoC9.4, MoPoS-20.2, MoPoS-22.3, MoPoS-22.5, TuD7.1, TuD7.3, TuD7.4, TuD7.5, TuG7.1, TuG7.2, TuG7.3, TuG7.4, TuG7.5, TuG7.6, TuPoS-18.3, TuPoS-18.4, TuPoS-18.7, TuPoS-18.8, TuPoS-18.9, TuPoS-20.1, TuPoS-20.2, TuPoS-20.3, TuPoS-20.4, TuPoS-20.5, TuPoS-20.6, TuPoS-20.7, TuPoS-20.8, TuPoS-20.9, WeI7.2, WeI7.3, WeJ7.1, WeJ7.2, WeJ7.3, WeJ7.4, WeJ7.5, WeK7.3, WeK7.4, WePoS-19.1, WePoS-19.7, WePoS-21.5
NPA PhotoacousticsMoB9.2, TuPoS-20.2, TuPoS-21.1, WeI7.3, WeI7.4, WeI7.6
NPC Process Control and Industrial UltrasoundMoA9.2, MoB9.1, MoPoS-19.1, MoPoS-20.1, MoPoS-21.1, MoPoS-21.5, MoPoS-21.8, TuF7.1, TuF7.4, TuF7.5, TuPoS-19.1, TuPoS-19.4, TuPoS-20.1, TuPoS-21.4, WeK7.6, WePoS-19.2, WePoS-19.3, WePoS-19.4, WePoS-19.5, WePoS-19.6, WePoS-19.7, WePoS-19.8, WePoS-19.10, WePoS-21.1
NSH Structural Health MonitoringMoA9.3, MoA9.4, MoA9.5, MoPoS-21.9, MoPoS-22.9, TuD7.2, TuPoS-18.1, TuPoS-18.7, TuPoS-18.9, TuPoS-18.10, TuPoS-20.2, TuPoS-20.3, TuPoS-20.5, TuPoS-20.6, TuPoS-21.3, TuPoS-21.6, WeH7.4, WeH7.5, WeJ7.1, WeJ7.2, WeJ7.3, WeJ7.5, WeK7.2, WePoS-20.1, WePoS-20.2, WePoS-20.3, WePoS-20.4, WePoS-20.5
NSP Signal ProcessingMoPoS-20.4, MoPoS-20.5, MoPoS-21.7, MoPoS-22.1, MoPoS-22.2, MoPoS-22.3, MoPoS-22.4, MoPoS-22.5, MoPoS-22.6, MoPoS-22.7, MoPoS-22.8, MoPoS-22.9, MoSPS.9, TuD7.2, TuD7.6, TuF7.4, TuG7.1, TuG7.4, TuPoS-18.3, TuPoS-19.3, TuPoS-19.4, TuPoS-20.1, TuPoS-20.5, TuPoS-20.7, TuPoS-20.8, TuPoS-20.9, TuPoS-21.1, TuPoS-21.2, TuPoS-21.3, TuPoS-21.5, TuPoS-21.6, WeH7.1, WeH7.2, WeH7.3, WeH7.4, WeH7.5, WeI7.1, WeI7.3, WeJ7.1, WeJ7.2, WeJ7.3, WeJ7.4, WeJ7.5, WeK7.5, WePoS-20.3, WePoS-20.4, WePoS-22.1, WePoS-22.2
NTD Transducers: NDE and IndustrialMoA9.1, MoA9.2, MoA9.3, MoA9.4, MoA9.5, MoB9.6, MoPoS-21.5, MoPoS-21.6, MoPoS-21.7, MoPoS-21.8, MoPoS-22.3, MoPoS-22.8, TuD7.1, TuPoS-18.2, TuPoS-19.3, TuPoS-20.4, TuPoS-20.8, TuPoS-21.4, WeK7.4, WeK7.6, WePoS-19.2, WePoS-19.7, WePoS-19.10, WePoS-20.1, WePoS-20.5, WePoS-21.1, WePoS-21.2, WePoS-21.3, WePoS-21.4, WePoS-21.5, WePoS-21.6, WePoS-22.2, WePoS-22.3
NWP Wave PropagationMoB9.3, MoB9.4, MoC9.4, MoPoS-20.4, MoPoS-21.6, MoPoS-22.1, MoSPS.7, TuD7.6, TuG7.5, TuPoS-18.1, TuPoS-18.10, TuPoS-20.7, TuPoS-20.9, TuPoS-21.2, TuPoS-21.4, WeH7.3, WeH7.5, WeK7.1, WeK7.2, WeK7.3, WeK7.4, WeK7.5, WeK7.6, WePoS-19.4, WePoS-19.6, WePoS-19.10, WePoS-20.2, WePoS-22.1, WePoS-22.2, WePoS-22.3, WePoS-22.4
PAT Acoustic Tweezers and Particle ManipulationMoA7.2, MoC11.4, MoC7.1, MoC7.2, MoC7.3, MoPoS-23.1, MoPoS-23.2, MoPoS-23.3, MoPoS-23.4, MoPoS-23.5, MoPoS-23.6, MoPoS-23.7, MoSPS.10, TuD6.1, TuD6.2, TuD6.3, TuD6.4, TuD6.5, TuPoS-22.6, WePoS-02.3, WePoS-23.2
PGP General Physical AcousticsMoA7.1, MoA7.2, MoA7.3, MoA7.4, MoA7.5, MoB7.6, MoC7.1, MoPoS-23.3, MoPoS-23.4, MoPoS-23.6, MoPoS-24.1, MoPoS-24.3, MoPoS-25.2, MoSPS.12, TuD6.1, TuD6.4, TuE6.1, TuE6.5, TuPoS-22.1, TuPoS-22.2, TuPoS-22.3, TuPoS-22.4, TuPoS-22.5, TuPoS-22.6, TuPoS-22.7, TuPoS-22.8, TuPoS-22.9, TuPoS-22.10, WeH6.1, WeH6.2, WeH6.4, WePoS-23.1, WePoS-23.2, WePoS-23.3, WePoS-23.4, WePoS-23.5, WePoS-23.7, WePoS-24.3, WePoS-24.6, WePoS-24.7, WePoS-29.7
PMI Modeling and InversionMoA7.4, MoB7.2, MoSPS.11, TuD6.1, TuE6.6, TuPoS-22.2, WeH6.2, WeH6.3, WeH6.4, WePoS-23.1, WePoS-23.2, WePoS-23.3, WePoS-23.4, WePoS-23.5, WePoS-23.6, WePoS-23.7, WePoS-25.1
PNL Nonlinear AcousticsMoA7.4, MoB7.1, MoB7.2, MoB7.3, MoB7.4, MoB7.5, MoB7.6, MoC7.1, MoPoS-23.4, MoPoS-24.1, MoPoS-24.2, MoPoS-24.3, MoPoS-24.4, TuD6.3, TuD6.4, WeH6.4, WePoS-24.6, WePoS-24.7
POA Opto-acousticsMoB7.5, MoC11.4, MoSPS.12, TuE6.1, TuE6.2, TuE6.3, TuE6.4, TuE6.5, TuE6.6, TuPoS-22.2, WePoS-24.1, WePoS-24.2, WePoS-24.3, WePoS-24.4, WePoS-24.5, WePoS-24.6, WePoS-24.7
PPN PhononicsMoSPS.11, WePoS-25.1, WePoS-25.2, WePoS-25.3
PTE High Performance and Temperature EffectsTuE6.3, TuPoS-22.7, WePoS-24.2
PTF Thin FilmsMoC11.1, MoC11.2, MoC11.3, MoPoS-25.1, MoPoS-25.2, TuPoS-22.9, WePoS-24.2
PUM Ultrasonic Motors & ActuatorsMoC11.4, MoC11.5, MoC11.6, TuPoS-23.1, TuPoS-23.2
T- THF Front-end and Integrated ElectronicsMoSPS.18
TFT Thin and Thick Piezoelectric FilmsMoC6.3, MoPoS-31.1, TuD4.2, TuF4.6, WePoS-28.4, WePoS-28.6, WePoS-28.7, WePoS-28.11, WePoS-29.5, WePoS-30.1
THF Front-end and Integrated ElectronicsMoB6.1, MoPoS-31.2, MoPoS-31.3, TuE4.1, TuE4.2, TuE4.3, TuE4.5, TuE4.6, TuF4.4, TuF4.5, TuPoS-26.11, TuPoS-27.3, WeI4.2, WeI4.4, WeI4.5, WePoS-29.6
TIS Integrated Electronics and SystemsMoC6.2, MoPoS-30.3, MoPoS-31.3, MoSPS.16, MoSPS.18, TuE4.1, TuE4.5, TuE4.6, TuE7.3, TuF4.4, TuG4.1, TuG4.2, TuPoS-27.3, WeI4.1, WeI4.2, WeI4.5, WeJ4.5, WePoS-29.5, WePoS-29.6
TMI Biomedical Diagnostic and Imaging TransducersMoA6.3, MoA6.4, MoA6.6, MoB6.2, MoB6.3, MoB6.6, MoPoS-28.3, MoPoS-28.5, MoPoS-28.6, MoPoS-28.7, MoPoS-29.2, MoPoS-30.2, MoPoS-31.1, MoPoS-31.2, MoSPS.18, TuE4.1, TuE4.2, TuE4.6, TuF4.3, TuG4.4, TuG4.5, TuPoS-26.1, TuPoS-26.2, TuPoS-26.3, TuPoS-26.5, TuPoS-26.6, TuPoS-26.8, TuPoS-26.10, TuPoS-26.13, TuPoS-27.1, TuPoS-27.3, TuPoS-27.5, TuPoS-27.6, TuPoS-27.7, TuPoS-27.8, TuPoS-27.9, TuPoS-27.10, WeI4.2, WeI4.4, WeJ4.1, WeJ4.2, WeJ4.3, WeJ4.4, WeJ4.5, WeK4.1, WeK4.2, WeK4.4, WeK4.5, WePoS-28.7, WePoS-28.12, WePoS-29.3, WePoS-30.5
TMS Modeling and SimulationMoA6.4, MoB6.1, MoB6.4, MoPoS-28.2, MoPoS-28.5, MoPoS-28.7, MoPoS-28.9, MoPoS-28.12, MoPoS-29.1, MoPoS-29.2, MoPoS-29.3, MoPoS-29.4, MoPoS-30.1, MoPoS-30.4, TuE4.5, TuG4.3, TuPoS-26.2, TuPoS-26.5, TuPoS-26.6, TuPoS-26.7, TuPoS-26.9, TuPoS-26.12, TuPoS-26.13, TuPoS-26.14, TuPoS-26.15, TuPoS-26.16, TuPoS-27.6, TuPoS-27.8, WeH4.6, WeJ4.6, WePoS-28.1, WePoS-28.3, WePoS-29.3, WePoS-29.4, WePoS-30.6, WePoS-30.7
TMU Micromachined Ultrasonic TransducersMoA6.5, MoB6.1, MoB6.2, MoB6.3, MoB6.4, MoB6.5, MoB6.6, MoC6.1, MoC6.2, MoPoS-28.1, MoPoS-28.2, MoPoS-28.3, MoPoS-28.4, MoPoS-28.5, MoPoS-28.6, MoPoS-28.7, MoPoS-28.8, MoPoS-28.9, MoPoS-28.11, MoPoS-28.12, MoPoS-28.13, MoPoS-29.1, MoPoS-29.2, MoPoS-29.3, MoPoS-29.4, MoPoS-31.1, MoSPS.16, MoSPS.17, TuD4.1, TuE4.2, TuF4.1, TuF4.2, TuF4.3, TuF4.4, TuF4.5, TuF4.6, TuG4.2, TuG4.3, TuG4.4, TuG4.5, TuPoS-26.3, TuPoS-26.6, TuPoS-26.8, TuPoS-27.1, TuPoS-27.6, TuPoS-27.9, TuPoS-27.10, WeH4.1, WeH4.6, WeJ4.2, WeJ4.4, WeJ4.5, WeK4.2, WeK4.3, WePoS-28.6, WePoS-30.6
TPF Applications of Piezoelectrics & FerroelectricsMoA6.1, MoA6.2, MoA6.3, MoA6.6, MoC6.3, MoPoS-30.2, MoPoS-30.3, MoPoS-30.4, MoPoS-31.2, MoPoS-31.3, MoSPS.17, TuD4.3, TuF4.2, TuF4.3, TuF4.6, TuPoS-26.1, TuPoS-26.4, TuPoS-26.8, TuPoS-26.9, TuPoS-26.11, TuPoS-26.14, TuPoS-26.15, TuPoS-26.16, WeK4.6, WePoS-28.1, WePoS-28.2, WePoS-28.3, WePoS-28.5, WePoS-28.8, WePoS-28.9, WePoS-29.1, WePoS-29.2, WePoS-29.4, WePoS-29.5, WePoS-30.2, WePoS-30.3, WePoS-30.4, WePoS-30.6
TPM Piezoelectric and Other MaterialsMoA6.1, MoA6.2, MoA6.3, MoC2.2, MoC6.3, MoPoS-30.3, MoPoS-30.4, TuD4.3, TuF4.5, TuPoS-26.2, TuPoS-26.3, TuPoS-26.4, TuPoS-26.7, TuPoS-26.9, TuPoS-26.10, TuPoS-26.11, TuPoS-26.12, TuPoS-26.15, TuPoS-27.10, WeH4.1, WeI4.4, WeJ4.2, WeJ4.6, WeK4.1, WeK4.6, WePoS-28.1, WePoS-28.2, WePoS-28.3, WePoS-28.4, WePoS-28.6, WePoS-28.7, WePoS-28.8, WePoS-28.9, WePoS-28.10, WePoS-28.12, WePoS-29.1, WePoS-29.2, WePoS-30.1, WePoS-30.2, WePoS-30.5
TTT Biomedical Therapeutic TransducersMoB6.2, MoB6.6, MoPoS-28.3, MoPoS-28.6, TuG4.4, TuPoS-27.2, TuPoS-27.9, WeH4.1, WeH4.2, WeH4.3, WeH4.6, WeJ4.3, WeJ4.4, WeJ4.6, WeK4.4, WeK4.5, WeK4.6, WePoS-28.5, WePoS-28.12, WePoS-29.2, WePoS-29.3, WePoS-30.2, WePoS-30.3, WePoS-30.4, WePoS-30.5, WePoS-30.7




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