2023 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON) Engineering Tomorrow: The Sustainability-driven Innovation for Post Outbreak Era 31 October - 3 November, 2023 | Lè Meridien Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand
TENCON 2023 - 2023 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON)
October 31 - November 3, 2023, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Last updated on November 7, 2023. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

TENCON 2023 Keyword Index

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Abnormal event localizationThuA4J.1, ThuA4J.3, ThuA4J.6
Ad-hoc, Mesh and Sensor NetworksFriMo1XP.3, FriMo2XP.1, WedA1XP.1, WedA1XP.2, WedA2XP.1, WedA2XP.3, WedA2XP.4
Advanced CMOS devices and processFriA1V.1, WedA2XC.1, WedA2XC.2, WedA2XC.3, WedA2XC.5
Analog and mixed signal ICsThuA1J.3, ThuMoJ.1, WedA2XC.1, WedA2XC.2, WedA2XC.5, WedA3XC.1, WedA3XC.2, WedA3XC.3, WedA3XC.4
Anomalous detection in digital signal and networkThuA4J.1, ThuA4J.4, ThuA4J.6
Antennas, Propagation and Computational EMThuMoXP.1, ThuMoXP.2, ThuMoXP.3, WedA1P.5
Audio / Speech / Spoken Language ProcessingWedA1XC.1
Behavior engagement estimationFriMo1V.1, FriMo1V.2, FriMo1V.3, FriMo2V.4
Beyond CMOS device technologyFriA1V.1, FriA1V.2, WedA2XC.1, WedA2XC.2, WedA3XC.5
Big Data AnalyticsFriA1P.1, ThuKK.1, ThuMoXC.1, WedA3V.1, WedA3V.4
BioinformaticsFriMo1XC.1, ThuA2XP.2, ThuA2XP.3, ThuA4P.4
Biomedical and Health InformaticsFriMo1XC.1, FriMo1XC.2, FriMo1XC.3, FriMo1XC.4, FriMo1XC.5, ThuA2XP.3, ThuA2XP.4, ThuA3XP.1, ThuA3XP.3, ThuA4P.1, ThuA4P.2, ThuA4P.5, ThuKK.3, WedA1P.1, WedA3P.1
Biomedical Imaging and Video analyticsFriMo1XC.1, FriMo1XC.2, ThuA2SA.1, ThuA2XP.1, ThuA4P.2, ThuA4P.3, WedA1P.1, WedA1P.2, WedA1P.3, WedA1P.4, WedA2P.1, WedA2P.2, WedA2P.3, WedA2P.4, WedA3P.1, WedA3P.2, WedA3P.3, WedA3P.4
Biomedical Signal Processing and InstrumentationFriMo1XC.2, FriMo1XC.3, ThuA2SA.1, ThuA2XP.1, ThuA2XP.2, ThuA2XP.3, ThuA2XP.4, ThuA3XP.1, ThuA3XP.2, ThuA4P.1, ThuA4P.4, ThuA4P.5, ThuA4P.6, WedA3P.2, WedA3P.3
Business IntelligenceThuKK.2, WedA3J.1, WedA3J.2, WedA3V.5, WedKNS.4
Cellular NetworksFriMo1XP.5, FriMo2XP.2, ThuA1V.1, ThuA1V.2, ThuA1V.3, ThuA1V.4, WedA1XP.4
Computational Systems, Modeling and Simulation in MedicineThuA2SA.1, ThuA3XP.1, ThuA4P.3, WedA3P.2
Control system modelingThuA1P.1, ThuA1P.2, ThuA1P.3, ThuA2SB.1, ThuA2SB.2, ThuA2V.1, ThuA2V.3, ThuA2V.4, ThuA3V.3, ThuMoP.1, WedA3XP.1, WedA3XP.3, WedA3XP.4
Crowd Sourcing & Social IntelligenceFriA1XC.1, FriMo2J.1, ThuKK.2, ThuMoSA.4, WedA1V.1, WedA3J.1, WedKNS.4
Data Centric ProgrammingFriA1P.2, ThuMoXC.2, WedA3V.1
Data MiningFriA1XC.2, FriA1XC.3, FriMo1J.1, FriMo1J.2, ThuA2SB.3, ThuMoSA.1, ThuMoSB.1, WedA1J.1, WedA1J.2, WedA3J.3
Data Modeling & Semantic EngineeringFriA1P.1, FriA1P.2, WedA3V.1, WedA3V.3
Data, Text, Web Mining, & VisualizationFriA1P.1, FriA1P.2, FriA1P.3, ThuMoXC.1, WedA3V.4, WedA3V.5
Device modeling & characterizationFriA1V.1, FriA1V.2, FriA1V.4, FriA1XP.1, FriA1XP.2, ThuMoJ.2, ThuMoJ.3, ThuMoJ.4, WedA3XC.1, WedA3XC.3
Digital & Multirate Signal ProcessingThuA4XC.1, ThuA4XC.5, WedA1XC.1, WedA1XC.2
Digital TransformationWedA1SB.1, WedA1SB.2, WedA1SB.4, WedA2SB.1, WedA2SB.2, WedA2SB.3, WedA2SB.5
Domain Specific Data ManagementFriA1P.4, WedA3V.3
Electronic devices, materials and fabrication processFriA1V.4, FriA1XP.1, FriA1XP.2, ThuA1J.1, ThuA1J.2, ThuMoJ.1, ThuMoJ.2, ThuMoJ.3, ThuMoJ.4, WedA3XC.2, WedKNS.2
Emerging memory technologiesThuA1J.3, WedA2XC.3, WedKNS.2
Emotion recognition and psychological analysisFriMo1V.1, FriMo1V.2, FriMo1V.3, FriMo1V.4, FriMo2V.1, FriMo2V.4
Energy Storage SystemFriMo1P.4, FriMo1P.5, FriMo2P.1, ThuA2SB.4
Engaging Undergraduate Students in ResearchWedA1SB.3, WedA2SB.3, WedA3SB.1, WedA3SB.2
Facial expression and gesture recognition and analysisFriMo1V.3, FriMo2V.4
Future-oriented and Personalized Educational ConceptsWedA1SB.1, WedA1SB.2, WedA1SB.4, WedA2SB.1, WedA2SB.4, WedA2SB.5
Game-based Learning and GamificationWedA2SB.4
High Performance ComputingThuKK.1, ThuMoXC.1, ThuMoXC.2, ThuMoXC.3, ThuMoXC.4, ThuMoXC.5
Human Computer InterfaceFriA1XC.1, FriA1XC.2, FriMo2J.2, ThuMoSB.2, WedA1J.3, WedA1V.5, WedA3J.4, WedA3J.5
Human-computer interactionFriMo2V.2, FriMo2V.3, ThuA4J.4
Humanoid robotsThuA2V.3, ThuA2V.4
Image / Video / Multimedia Signal ProcessingThuA1XC.1, ThuA1XC.2, ThuA1XC.3, ThuA1XC.4, ThuA1XC.5, ThuA2SA.2, ThuA4XC.1, ThuA4XC.2, ThuA4XC.3, ThuA4XC.4, WedA1XC.2, WedA1XC.3, WedA1XC.4, WedA1XC.5
Image and video anomaly detectionThuA4J.2, ThuA4J.3
Industrial automationThuA2V.2, ThuA3V.1, ThuMoP.1, ThuMoP.2, ThuMoP.3, ThuMoP.4, WedA3XP.3
Industry 4.0WedKNS.1, WedKNS.3
Industry 4.0 Adoption towards Sustainable ManufacturingThuA1SA.5
Innovation and Engineering Process for Bridging the Gender GapWedKNS.1
Instrumentation systemsThuA1P.4, ThuA2SB.2, ThuA2V.2, ThuA3V.1, ThuMoP.4
Intelligent control, Neuro-control, Fuzzy control and their applicationsThuA1P.1, ThuA1P.2, ThuA1P.3, ThuA1P.4, ThuA1P.5, ThuA2SB.1, ThuMoP.2, WedA3XP.2, WedA3XP.4
Knowledge EngineeringWedA3V.2, WedA3V.3
Machine LearningFriA1XC.2, FriA1XC.3, FriA1XC.4, FriA1XC.5, FriMo1J.1, FriMo1J.2, FriMo1J.4, FriMo1J.5, FriMo2J.1, FriMo2J.2, FriMo2J.3, FriMo2J.4, FriMo2XC.1, FriMo2XC.2, FriMo2XC.3, FriMo2XC.4, ThuA1SA.1, ThuA1SB.2, ThuA1SB.3, ThuA1SB.4, ThuA2SB.3, ThuMoSA.1, ThuMoSA.2, ThuMoSA.3, ThuMoSA.4, ThuMoSA.5, ThuMoSB.1, ThuMoSB.2, ThuMoSB.3, ThuMoSB.4, ThuMoSB.5, WedA1J.1, WedA1J.2, WedA1J.3, WedA1J.4, WedA1J.5, WedA1V.1, WedA1V.2, WedA1V.3, WedA1V.4, WedA1V.5, WedA2J.1, WedA2V.2, WedA2V.4, WedA2V.5, WedA2XC.4, WedA3J.1, WedA3J.2, WedA3J.3, WedA3J.4, WedA3J.5, WedA3V.5
Materials and StructuresFriA1V.4, FriA1XP.1, FriA1XP.2, FriA1XP.3, FriA1XP.4, ThuMoJ.2, ThuMoJ.3, ThuMoJ.4, WedKNS.2
MEMS and semiconductor sensorsFriA1XP.3, WedA2XC.5, WedA3XC.3
Meta heuristic algorithmsThuA1SB.1, ThuA1SB.2, WedA2XC.4
Micro Grids& Distributed GenerationFriMo1P.1, FriMo1P.2
Microwave MetrologyThuA1XP.2
Mobile roboticsThuA2SB.1, ThuA2SB.2, ThuA2V.1, ThuA2V.3, ThuA3V.2, ThuA3V.3, WedA3XP.1, WedA3XP.2
Modulation and Coding TechniquesFriMo1XP.1, FriMo1XP.2, ThuA1V.1, ThuA1V.4, ThuMoV.1, ThuMoV.2, ThuMoV.3, ThuMoV.4
Multidisciplinary and Transdisciplinary EducationWedA1SB.5, WedA2SB.5, WedA3SB.1, WedA3SB.2, WedA3SB.3, WedA3SB.4
Networked control systemsThuA1P.4, WedA3XP.3, WedA3XP.4
Neural Networks and Deep LearningFriA1XC.1, FriA1XC.3, FriA1XC.4, FriA1XC.5, FriMo1J.1, FriMo1J.2, FriMo1J.4, FriMo1J.5, FriMo2J.1, FriMo2J.2, FriMo2J.3, FriMo2J.4, FriMo2J.5, FriMo2XC.1, FriMo2XC.3, FriMo2XC.4, ThuA1SA.1, ThuA1SB.2, ThuA1SB.3, ThuA1SB.4, ThuA1SB.5, ThuA2SA.3, ThuA2SB.3, ThuMoSA.1, ThuMoSA.2, ThuMoSA.4, ThuMoSA.5, ThuMoSB.1, ThuMoSB.2, ThuMoSB.3, ThuMoSB.4, WedA1J.1, WedA1J.3, WedA1J.4, WedA1J.5, WedA1V.1, WedA1V.2, WedA1V.3, WedA1V.4, WedA1V.5, WedA2J.1, WedA2J.2, WedA2J.3, WedA2J.4, WedA2J.5, WedA2V.1, WedA2V.2, WedA2V.3, WedA2V.4, WedA2V.5, WedA2XC.4, WedA3J.2, WedA3J.3, WedA3J.4, WedA3J.5
Non-traditional Lab conceptsWedA3SB.1
Optical Communications and NetworksFriMo1XP.1, FriMo1XP.2, FriMo1XP.5, ThuA2SA.4
Pattern recognition and data analysisFriMo2V.2, FriMo2V.3, ThuA4J.1, ThuA4J.3, ThuA4J.4, ThuA4J.5, ThuA4J.6
Pattern Recognition and Object TrackingThuA1SB.3, ThuA1XC.1, ThuA1XC.2, ThuA2SA.2, ThuA4XC.1, ThuA4XC.2, ThuA4XC.3, ThuA4XC.4, WedA1XC.2, WedA1XC.3, WedA1XC.4, WedA1XC.5
Power Generation, Transmission and DistributionFriMo1P.1, FriMo1P.2, FriMo1P.3, FriMo2P.1, ThuA2SB.4
Power System Monitoring, Control and ProtectionFriMo1P.3, FriMo2P.2
Renewable Energy Sources and TechnologyFriMo1P.1, FriMo1P.3, FriMo1P.5, FriMo2P.1, FriMo2P.3, ThuA2SB.4
RF and Microwaves in Medicine and BiologyThuA1XP.1, ThuA1XP.2, WedA1P.5
RF/Millimeter-wave Circuits and SystemsThuA1XP.1, ThuA1XP.2, ThuA1XP.4, ThuMoXP.1, ThuMoXP.2, ThuMoXP.3, WedA1P.5, WedA2P.5
Sentiment analysisFriMo1V.1, FriMo1V.4, FriMo2V.1
Signal Processing Algorithms and ArchitecturesThuA2SA.2, ThuA4XC.2, ThuA4XC.5, ThuA4XC.6, WedA1XC.1, WedA1XC.3, WedA1XC.4
Space and underwater robotsThuA1P.2, ThuA2V.4, ThuA3V.3
Student-centered Learning EnvironmentsWedA1SB.2, WedA1SB.4, WedA2SB.2, WedA2SB.3, WedA2SB.4, WedA3SB.2, WedA3SB.3
Sustainable CommunicationsWedA1XP.1, WedA2XP.1, WedA2XP.2
Sustainable manufacturing processThuA1SA.2, ThuA1SA.3, ThuA1SA.4, WedKNS.3
Sustainable product design and developmentThuA1SA.2, ThuA1SA.3, ThuA1SA.4
Sustainable SCMThuA1SA.4
Switching Circuits & Power ConvertersFriMo1P.4, FriMo1P.5, FriMo2P.2, FriMo2P.4, FriMo2P.5
Technology for Humanitarian PurposesThuA1SA.3, WedKNS.1
THz, mmWave and RF Systems for CommunicationsThuA1XP.1, ThuMoXP.1, ThuMoXP.2, WedA2P.5
Translational Engineering in HealthcareFriMo1XC.4, ThuA3XP.3, WedA2P.4
Vehicular NetworksFriMo1XP.5, FriMo2XP.2, ThuA1V.2, ThuMoV.3, WedA1XP.3, WedA2XP.5
Virtual and Remote Labs and ClassroomsWedA2SB.2, WedA3SB.3
Wearable Sensors for Health care monitoringFriMo1XC.3, ThuA3XP.3, ThuA4P.2, ThuA4P.6
Wireless Communications and NetworksFriMo1XP.1, FriMo1XP.2, FriMo1XP.3, FriMo2XP.1, FriMo2XP.2, FriMo2XP.3, FriMo2XP.4, FriMo2XP.5, ThuA1V.1, ThuA1V.2, ThuA1V.3, ThuA1V.4, ThuA1V.5, ThuA2SA.4, ThuMoV.1, ThuMoV.3, ThuMoV.4, ThuMoV.5, WedA1XP.1, WedA1XP.3, WedA1XP.4, WedA1XP.5, WedA2XP.3, WedA2XP.4, WedA2XP.5




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