52nd Annual Allerton Conference on
Communication, Control, and Computing
October 1-3, 2014
Allerton Retreat Center, Monticello, IL, USA

52nd Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing
October 1-3, 2014, Allerton House, UIUC, Illinois, USA

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Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday October 1, 2014

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WeA1 Library
Topics in Machine Learning Invited Session
Chair: Farnoud (Hassanzadeh), FarzadCaltech
Organizer: Farnoud, FarzadUniv. of Virginia
Organizer: Milenkovic, OlgicaUniv. of Illinois
Organizer: Mazumdar, AryaUniv. of Massachusetts Amherst
08:30-08:50, Paper WeA1.1 
Sampling and Estimation in Slow Mixing Markov Processes (I)
Santhanam, Narayana PrasadUniv. of Hawaii
08:50-09:10, Paper WeA1.2 
Group Testing with Unreliable Elements (I)
Mazumdar, AryaUniv. of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Mohajer, SoheilUniv. of Minnesota
09:10-09:30, Paper WeA1.3 
The Minimal Realization Problems for Hidden Markov Models (I)
Huang, QingqingMIT
Dahleh, MuntherMIT
Ge, RongMicrosoft Res
Kakade, ShamMicrosoft Res
09:30-09:50, Paper WeA1.4 
Approximate Sorting for Data Streams and User Preference Rankings (I)
Farnoud, FarzadUniv. of Virginia
Yaakobi, EitanTech. - Israel Inst. of Tech.
Bruck, JehoshuaCaltech
09:50-10:10, Paper WeA1.5 
Statistical Algorithms and a Lower Bound for Planted Clique (I)
Grigorescu, ElenaPurdue Univ.
Feldman, VitalyIBM Res. - Almaden
Reyzin, LevUniv. of Illinois at Chicago
Vempala, SantoshGeorgia Tech.
Xiao, YingGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
WeA2 Solarium
Controlled Sensing and Information Processing in Networks I Invited Session
Chair: Nedich, AngeliaUniv. of Illinois
08:30-08:50, Paper WeA2.1 
Compressive and Coded Change Detection with Applications in Structural Health Monitoring (I)
Atia, GeorgeUniv. of Central Florida
08:50-09:10, Paper WeA2.2 
Remote Estimation Games Over Shared Networks (I)
Vasconcelos, MarcosUniv. of Maryland
Martins, NunoUniv. of Maryland
09:10-09:30, Paper WeA2.3 
Asynchronous Incremental Block-Coordinate Descent (I)
Aytekin, ArdaKTH - Royal Inst. of Tech
Feyzmahdavian, Hamid RezaKTH - Royal Inst. of Tech
Johansson, MikaelRoyal Inst. of Tech. (KTH)
09:30-09:50, Paper WeA2.4 
Optimized Path Planning for Electric Vehicle Routing and Charging (I)
Alizadeh, MahnooshStanford Univ
Wai, Hoi-ToUniv. of California Davis
Scaglione, AnnaUniv. of California Davis
Goldsmith, AndreaStanford Univ
Fan, YueyueUniv. of California Davis
Javidi, TaraUniv. of California, San Diego
09:50-10:10, Paper WeA2.5 
Anomaly Detection Over Independent Processes: Switching with Memory
Cohen, KobiUniv. of California, Davis
Zhao, QingUniv. of California, Davis
WeA3 Butternut
Dynamic Games and Decision Theory Regular Session
Chair: Pachter, MeirAir Force Inst. of Tech
08:30-08:50, Paper WeA3.1 
Contract Design for Frequency Regulation by Aggregations of Commercial Buildings
Balandat, MaximilianUC Berkeley
Oldewurtel, FraukeUC Berkeley
Chen, MoUC Berkeley
Tomlin, ClaireUC Berkeley
08:50-09:10, Paper WeA3.2 
Active Target Defense Differential Game
Pachter, MeirAir Force Inst. of Tech
Garcia, EloyInfoSciTex Corp
Casbeer, David W.Air Force Res. Lab
09:10-09:30, Paper WeA3.3 
Rating and Matching in Peer Review Systems
Xiao, YuanzhangUCLA
Dorfler, FlorianETH Zurich
van der Schaar, MihaelaUniv. of California Los Angeles
09:30-09:50, Paper WeA3.4 
Optimal Contract Design for Energy Procurement
Tavafoghi, HamidrezaUniv. of Michigan
Teneketzis, DemosthenisUniv. of Michigan
09:50-10:10, Paper WeA3.5 
Electricity Pooling Markets with Elastic Demand: A Mechanism Design Approach
Rasouli, MohammadUniv. of Michigan
Teneketzis, DemosthenisUniv. of Michigan
WeA4 Pine
Source Coding and Information Theory Regular Session
Co-Chair: Grover, PulkitCarnegie Mellon Univ
08:30-08:50, Paper WeA4.1 
A Novel Correlation Model for Universal Compression of Parametric Sources
Beirami, AhmadDuke Univ
Fekri, FaramarzGeorgia Inst. of Tech
08:50-09:10, Paper WeA4.2 
Randomized Source Coding with Limited Common Randomness
Saldi, NaciQueen's Univ
Linder, TamasQueen's Univ
Yuksel, SerdarQueen's Univ
09:10-09:30, Paper WeA4.3 
Rateless Lossy Compression Via the Extremes
No, AlbertStanford
Weissman, TsachyStanford
09:30-09:50, Paper WeA4.4 
Information Friction Limits on Computation
Vyavahare, PoojaIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
Mahzoon, MajidCarnegie Mellon Univ
Grover, PulkitCarnegie Mellon Univ
Limaye, NutanIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
Manjunath, DIIT Bombay
09:50-10:10, Paper WeA4.5 
The Capacity of Non-Identical Adaptive Group Testing
Kealy, Thomas OwenUniv. of Bristol
Johnson, OliverUniv. of Bristol
Piechocki, RobertUniv. of Bristol
WeA5 Lower Level
Information Processing Systems Invited Session
Chair: Stojanovic, MilicaNortheastern Univ
08:30-08:50, Paper WeA5.1 
Active Target Detection with Navigation Costs: A Randomized Benchmark (I)
Choudhary, SunavUniv. of Southern California
Kartik, DhruvaIndian Inst. of Tech. Guwahati
Kumar, NaveenUniv. of Southern California
Narayanan, SrikanthUniv. of Southern California
Mitra, UrbashiUniv. of Southern California
09:10-09:30, Paper WeA5.3 
Estimation and Tracking of Time-Varying Channels in OFDM Systems (I)
Stojanovic, MilicaNortheastern Univ.
Tadayon, SayedamirhosseinNortheastern Univ.
09:30-09:50, Paper WeA5.4 
Self-Synchronizing Signal Parsing with Spiking Feature-Detection Filters
Loeliger, Hans-AndreaETH Zurich
Neff, SarahETH Zurich
Reller, ChristophETH Zurich
09:50-10:10, Paper WeA5.5 
Least Favorable Distributions to Facilitate the Design of Detection Systems with Sensors at Deterministic Locations
Fonseca Jr, BeneditoARRIS Inc
WeB1 Library
Networks, Games, and Algorithms I Invited Session
Chair: Vaidya, NitinUniv. of Illinois
10:30-10:50, Paper WeB1.1 
On Competitive Provisioning of Ad-Supported Cloud Services (I)
Nair, JayakrishnanCalifornia Inst. of Tech
Subramanian, VijayUniv. of Michigan
Wierman, AdamCalifornia Inst. of Tech
10:50-11:10, Paper WeB1.2 
A Result for Nonhomogeneous Place-Dependent Markov Chains Arising in the Study of the AIMD Algorithm and Its Application to Certain Optimisation Problems (I)
Wirth, FabianIBM Res.
Stuedli, SonjaUniv. of Newcastle
Yu, Jia YuanConcordia Univ.
Corless, MartinPurdue Univ.
Shorten, RobertIBM Res.
11:10-11:30, Paper WeB1.3 
On Detecting Epidemics from Weak Signatures (I)
Meirom, EliTech.
Caramanis, ConstantineThe Univ. of Texas at Austin
Mannor, ShieTech.
Orda, ArielTech.
Shakkottai, SanjayThe Univ. of Texas at Austin
11:30-11:50, Paper WeB1.4 
Competition in Electricity Markets with Renewable Sources (I)
Acemoglu, DaronMIT
Kakhbod, AliMIT
Ozdaglar, AsuMIT
11:50-12:10, Paper WeB1.5 
Cooperation in Groups: An Evolutionary Games Approach (I)
Elazouzi, RachidUniv. of Avignon
Altman, EitanINRIA
Ilaria, BrunettiINRIA Sophia Antipolis
Haddad, MajedUniv. of Avignon
12:10-12:30, Paper WeB1.6 
Incentive Mechanism and Protocol Design for Crowdsourcing Systems (I)
Xie, HongThe Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Lui, John C.S.The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Jiang, Joe WenjieGoole Inc, USA
Chen, WeiMicrosoft Res. Asia
WeB2 Solarium
Interactive Communication Invited Session
Chair: Braverman, MarkPrinceton Univ
10:30-10:50, Paper WeB2.1 
Strong Converse for Degraded Wiretap Channel Via Active Hypothesis Testing (I)
Hayashi, MasahitoNagoya Univ
Tyagi, HimanshuUC San Diego
Watanabe, ShunUniv. of Tokushima
10:50-11:10, Paper WeB2.2 
An Interactive Information Odometer and Applications (I)
Braverman, MarkPrinceton Univ.
Weinstein, OmriPrinceton Univ.
11:10-11:30, Paper WeB2.3 
The Gaussian Channel with Noisy Feedback: Near-Capacity Performance Via Simple Interaction (I)
Ben-Yishai, AssafTel Aviv Univ
Shayevitz, OferTel Aviv Univ
11:30-11:50, Paper WeB2.4 
Asymmetric Compression (I)
Natarajan Ramamoorthy, SivaramakrishnanUniv. of Washington, Seattle
Rao, AnupUniv. of Washington
11:50-12:10, Paper WeB2.5 
Information Complexity for Multi-Party Number-In-Hand Communication (I)
Oshman, RotemPrinceton Univ.
12:10-12:30, Paper WeB2.6 
Interactive Channel Capacity Revisited (I)
Haeupler, BernhardCarnegie Mellon Univ.
WeB3 Butternut
Information Theoretic Applications in Wireless Regular Session
Co-Chair: Zeineddine, KhalidNorthwestern Univ
10:30-10:50, Paper WeB3.1 
Using Relative-Relevance of Data Pieces for Efficient Communication, with an Application to Neural Data Acquisition
Mahzoon, MajidCarnegie Mellon Univ
Albalawi, HassanCarnegie Mellon Univ
Li, XinCarnegie Mellon Univ
Grover, PulkitCarnegie Mellon Univ
10:50-11:10, Paper WeB3.2 
Capacity Region of the Reciprocal Deterministic 3-Way Channel Via Delta-Y Transformation
Maier, HenningRWTH Aachen Univ
Chaaban, AnasRuhr-Univ. Bochum
Mathar, RudolfRWTH Aachen Univ
Sezgin, AydinRuhr-Univ. Bochum
11:10-11:30, Paper WeB3.3 
On the Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff of Secret-Key Agreement Over Multiple-Antenna Channels
Zorgui, MarwenKing Abdullah Univ. of Science and Tech
Rezki, ZouheirKing Abdullah Univ. of Science and Tech
Alomair, BaselKing Abdulaziz City for Science and Tech
Alouini, Mohamed-SlimKing Abdullah Univ. of Science and Tech
11:30-11:50, Paper WeB3.4 
Gaussian MIMO Wiretap Channel under Receiver Side Power Constraints
Banawan, KarimUniv. of Maryland
Ulukus, SennurUniv. of Maryland
11:50-12:10, Paper WeB3.5 
On Capacity Regions of Two-Receiver Broadcast Packet Erasure Channels with Feedback and Memory
Heindlmaier, MichaelTech. Univ. München
Reyhanian, NavidUniv. of Tehran
Saeedi Bidokhti, ShirinTech. Univ. München
12:10-12:30, Paper WeB3.6 
Optimal Spectrum Management for the Two-User Gaussian Interference Channel: Avoidance or Cancellation?
Zeineddine, KhalidNorthwestern Univ
Honig, MichaelNorthwestern Univ
Nagaraj, ShirishMotorola, Inc
WeB4 Pine
Wireless Communication Systems Regular Session
Chair: Uysal-Biyikoglu, ElifMetu Odtu
10:30-10:50, Paper WeB4.1 
Impact of End-User Decisions on Pricing in Wireless Networks under a Multiple-User-Single-Provider Setting
Yang, YingxiangUIUC
Mandayam, NarayanWINLAB, Rutgers Univ
10:50-11:10, Paper WeB4.2 
No Regrets: Distributed Power Control under Time-Varying Channels and QoS Requirements
Stiakogiannakis, IoannisInria
Mertikopoulos, PanayotisCNRS (French National Center for Scientific Res
Touati, Corinne EvaInria
11:10-11:30, Paper WeB4.3 
A Bit-Error Based Capture Model for EPCglobal RFID Systems
Schantin, AndreasUniv. of Siegen
Ruland, ChristophUniv. of Siegen
11:30-11:50, Paper WeB4.4 
Compute-And-Forward: Finding the Best Equation
Sahraei, SaeidEPFL
Gastpar, MichaelUniv. of California, Berkeley
11:50-12:10, Paper WeB4.5 
Downlink Resource Allocation under Time-Varying Interference: Fairness and Throughput Optimality
Raman, Ravi KiranIIT Madras
Jagannathan, KrishnaIIT Madras
WeB5 Lower Level
Optimization Theory Regular Session
Chair: Chandrasekaran, VenkatCalifornia Inst. of Tech
Co-Chair: Kulkarni, AnkurIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
10:30-10:50, Paper WeB5.1 
Differentially Private Distributed Protocol for Electric Vehicle Charging
Han, ShuoUniv. of Pennsylvania
Topcu, UfukUniv. of Pennsylvania
Pappas, GeorgeUniv. of Pennsylvania
10:50-11:10, Paper WeB5.2 
On the Relationship between Queues and Multipliers
Valls, VíctorNational Univ. of Ireland Maynooth
Leith, DouglasNational Univ. of Ireland Maynooth
11:10-11:30, Paper WeB5.3 
Dimensionality Reduction of Affine Variational Inequalities Using Random Projections
Prabhakar, BharatIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
Kulkarni, AnkurIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
11:30-11:50, Paper WeB5.4 
Distributed Subgradient-Push Online Convex Optimization on Time-Varying Directed Graphs
Akbari, MohammadQueen's Univ
Gharesifard, BahmanQueen's Univ
Linder, TamasQueen's Univ
11:50-12:10, Paper WeB5.5 
Broadcast-Based Distributed Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
Makhdoumi, AliMIT
Ozdaglar, AsuMIT
12:10-12:30, Paper WeB5.6 
Relative Entropy Optimization and Applications
Chandrasekaran, VenkatCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Shah, ParikshitMassachusetts Inst. of Tech.
WeC1 Library
Dynamics and Control of Decentralized Systems II Invited Session
Chair: Beck, CarolynUniv. of Illinois
13:30-13:50, Paper WeC1.1 
Overlap Graph Clustering Via Successive Removal (I)
Ray, AvikUniv. of Texas at Austin
Ghaderi, JavadColumbia Univ
Sanghavi, SujayUniv. of Texas, Austin
Shakkottai, SanjayThe Univ. of Texas at Austin
13:50-14:10, Paper WeC1.2 
Distributed Estimators with Minimal Computation (I)
Khan, Usman A.Tufts Univ.
14:10-14:30, Paper WeC1.3 
Distributed Consensus with Mixed Time/communication Bandwidth Performance Metrics (I)
Rossi, FedericoDepartment of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford Univ
Pavone, MarcoStanford Univ
14:30-14:50, Paper WeC1.4 
The Role of Information in Multiagent Coordination (I)
Marden, JasonUniv. of California, Santa Barbara
14:50-15:10, Paper WeC1.5 
On Graph Controllability Classes (I)
Aguilar, CesarCalifornia State Univ. Bakersfield
Gharesifard, BahmanQueen's Univ
15:10-15:30, Paper WeC1.6 
A Botnet Detection Game
Soper, BradenUniv. of California, Santa Cruz
Musacchio, JohnUniv. of California, Santa Cruz
WeC2 Solarium
Statistical Information Processing Systems Invited Session
Chair: Singer, AndrewUniv. of Illinois
13:30-13:50, Paper WeC2.1 
Computing with 10, 000-Bit Words (I)
Kanerva, PenttiUC Berkeley
13:50-14:10, Paper WeC2.2 
Carbon Nanotube Digital Systems: Imperfection-Immune Design, Variations, Statistical Error Compensation (I)
Hills, GageStanford Univ.
Shulaker, MaxStanford Univ.
Chen, Hong-YuStanford Univ.
Wong, H.-S. PhilipStanford Univ.
Mitra, SubhasishStanford Univ.
14:10-14:30, Paper WeC2.3 
A Framework for Machine Vision Based on Neuro-Mimetic Front End Processing and Clustering (I)
Akbas, EmreUniv. of California Santa Barbara
Wadhwa, AseemUniv. of California, Santa Barbara
Eckstein, MiguelUniv. of California Santa Barbara
Madhow, UpamanyuUniv. of California Santa Barbara
14:30-14:50, Paper WeC2.4 
Clustering As a Tool for Dissecting and Simplifying Machine Vision? (I)
Madhow, UpamanyuUniv. of California, Santa Barbara
14:50-15:10, Paper WeC2.5 
Energy-Efficient Communication and Information Processing in Presence of Noise (I)
Grover, PulkitCarnegie Mellon Univ
15:10-15:30, Paper WeC2.6 
Enabling Hardware Relaxations through Statistical Learning (I)
Wang, ZhuoPrinceton Univ
Verma, NaveenPrinceton Univ
WeC3 Butternut
Stochastic Systems and Control Regular Session
Chair: Mahajan, AdityaMcGill Univ
Co-Chair: Sojoudi, SomayehNYU Langone Medical Center
13:30-13:50, Paper WeC3.1 
Online Scheduling for Energy Efficiency in Real-Time Wireless Networks
Zuo, ShuaiTexas A&M Univ
Hou, I-HongTexas A&M Univ
13:50-14:10, Paper WeC3.2 
Primal-Dual Algorithms for Discounted Markov Decision Processes
Cogill, RandyIBM Res. Ireland
14:10-14:30, Paper WeC3.3 
Average Cost Optimal Threshold Strategies for Remote Estimation with Communication Cost
Chakravorty, JhelumMcGill Univ
Mahajan, AdityaMcGill Univ
14:30-14:50, Paper WeC3.4 
On the Use of Model-Free Linear Feedback to Trade Stock: Two Open Research Problems
Malekpour, ShirzadUniv. of Wisconsin-Madison
Barmish, B. RossUniv. of Wisconsin
14:50-15:10, Paper WeC3.5 
Study of the Brain Functional Network Using Synthetic Data
Sojoudi, SomayehNYU Langone Medical Center
Doyle, JohnCalifornia Inst. of Tech
WeC4 Pine
Interference Channels Regular Session
Co-Chair: Avestimehr, SalmanUSC
13:30-13:50, Paper WeC4.1 
The Approximate Capacity of Gaussian Z Interfering Multiple Access Channels
Pang, YiminUniv. of Colorado Boulder
Varanasi, MaheshUniv. of Colorado, Boulder
13:50-14:10, Paper WeC4.2 
Feedback through Overhearing
Chen, JinyuanStanford Univ
Ozgur, AyferStanford Univ
Diggavi, SuhasUniv. of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
14:10-14:30, Paper WeC4.3 
On the Symmetric K-User Linear Deterministic Interference Channels with Limited Feedback
Ashraphijuo, MehdiColumbia Univ
Aggarwal, VaneetAT&T Shannon Labs
Wang, XiaodongColumbia Univ
14:30-14:50, Paper WeC4.4 
The Capacity of More Capable Cognitive Interference Channels
Vaezi, MojtabaMcGill Univ
14:50-15:10, Paper WeC4.5 
Transmitter Cooperation in Interference Channel with Delayed CSIT
Lashgari, SinaCornell Univ
Avestimehr, SalmanUSC
WeC5 Lower Level
Privacy and Social Learning Invited Session
Chair: Oh, SewoongUIUC
13:30-13:50, Paper WeC5.1 
Near-Optimally Teaching the Crowd to Classify (I)
Karbasi, AminYale Univ
Adish, SinglaETH Zurich
Ilija, BogunovicEPFL
Gabor, BartokGoogle
Andreas, KrauseETH Zurich
13:50-14:10, Paper WeC5.2 
The Large Margin Mechanism for Differentially Private Maximization (I)
Chaudhuri, KamalikaUniv. of California, San Diego
Hsu, DanielColumbia Univ.
Song, ShuangUniv. of California San Diego
14:10-14:30, Paper WeC5.3 
Active Learning from Uncertain Crowd Annotations (I)
Yan, YanYahoo! Labs
Rosales, RomerLinkedIn Corp
Fung, GlennGfung@cs.wisc.edu
Dy, JenniferNortheastern Univ
14:30-14:50, Paper WeC5.4 
Managing Congestion in Dynamic Matching Markets (I)
Arnosti, NickStanford Univ.
Johari, RameshStanford Univ.
Kanoria, YashodhanStanford Univ.
14:50-15:10, Paper WeC5.5 
Prediction and Privacy for Human Mobility Data (I)
Kafsi, MohamedEPFL
Grossglauser, MatthiasEPFL
Thiran, PatrickEPFL
WeD1 Library
Networks, Games, and Algorithms II Invited Session
Chair: Lu, YiUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
15:30-15:50, Paper WeD1.1 
Combinatorial Bandits with Reward-Dependent Feedback (I)
Laroche, CyrilleKTH
Proutiere, AlexandreKTH
15:50-16:10, Paper WeD1.2 
Botnet Detection Using Social Graph Analysis (I)
Wang, JingBoston Univ
Paschalidis, IoannisBoston Univ
16:10-16:30, Paper WeD1.3 
Optimal Routing in Overlay Networks (I)
Paschos, GeorgiosMIT
Modiano, EytanMIT
16:30-16:50, Paper WeD1.4 
Bayesian Regression and BitCoins (I)
Shah, DevavratMIT
Zhang, KangMIT
16:50-17:10, Paper WeD1.5 
How to Utilize Caching to Improve Spectral Efficiency in Device-To-Device Wireless Networks (I)
Naderializadeh, NavidUniv. of Southern California
Kao, DavidUniv. of Southern California
Avestimehr, SalmanUSC
17:10-17:30, Paper WeD1.6 
Community Detection with the Non-Backtracking Operator (I)
Bordenave, CharlesCNRS
Lelarge, MarcINRIA - ENS
Massoulié, LaurentTech.
WeD3 Butternut
Index Coding and Security in Distributed Storage Invited Session
Chair: Duursma, IwanUniv. of Illinois
15:30-15:50, Paper WeD3.1 
Single Source/Sink Network Error Correction Is As Hard As Multiple Unicast (I)
Huang, WentaoCalifornia Inst. of Tech
Ho, TraceyCalifornia Inst. of Tech
Langberg, MichaelSUNY at Buffalo
Kliewer, JoergNew Jersey Inst. of Tech
15:50-16:10, Paper WeD3.2 
New Bounds for Distributed Storage Systems with Secure Repair (I)
Tandon, RaviVirginia Tech
Mohajer, SoheilUniv. of Minnesota
16:10-16:30, Paper WeD3.3 
Multi-Server Private Information Retrieval Over Unsynchronized Databases (I)
Fanti, GiuliaUniv. of California-Berkeley
Ramchandran, KannanUniv. of California-Berkeley
16:30-16:50, Paper WeD3.4 
On a Weakly Secure Regenerating Code Construction for Minimum Storage Regime (I)
Kadhe, SwanandTexas A&M Univ
Sprintson, AlexTexas A&M Univ
16:50-17:10, Paper WeD3.5 
Repair-Efficient Distributed Storage Codes with Heterogeneous Reliability Requirements
Tian, ChaoThe Univ. of Tennessee at Knoxville
17:10-17:30, Paper WeD3.6 
When and by How Much Can Helper Node Selection Improve Regenerating Codes?
Ahmad, ImadPurdue Univ
Wang, Chih-ChunPurdue Univ
WeD4 Pine
Trends in Cryptography Invited Session
Chair: Prabhakaran, ManojUIUC
15:30-15:50, Paper WeD4.1 
Candidate Indistinguishability Obfuscation and Functional Encryption for All Circuits (I)
Raykova, MarianaSRI
Garg, SanjamIBM
Gentry, CraigIBM
Halevi, ShaiIBM
Sahai, AmitUCLA
Waters, BrentUT Austin
15:50-16:10, Paper WeD4.2 
Secure Computation Over Leaky Channels (I)
Gupta, DivyaUCLA
Ishai, YuvalTech
Maji, HemantaUCLA
Sahai, AmitUCLA
Wullschleger, JurgMcGill Univ
16:10-16:30, Paper WeD4.3 
Garbled Circuits and Secure Two-Party Computation (I)
Kamara, SenyMicrosoft Res. Redmond
Mohassel, PaymanYahoo Labs
16:30-16:50, Paper WeD4.4 
Key Derivation from Noisy Sources with More Errors Than Entropy (I)
Canetti, RanBoston Univ. and Tel Aviv Univ
Fuller, BenjaminBoston Univ
Paneth, OmerBoston Univ
Reyzin, LeonidBoston Univ
Smith, AdamPennsylvania State Univ
16:50-17:10, Paper WeD4.5 
Lower Bounds on Optimally-Fair Coin Tossing, and Other Applications of Impagliazzo-Rudich's Eve Algorithm (I)
Dachman-Soled, DanaUniv. of Maryland
Malkin, TalColumbia Univ.
17:10-17:30, Paper WeD4.6 
Concurrently Secure Computation without Trust Assumptions (I)
Jain, AbhishekJohns Hopkins Univ.
WeD5 Lower Level
Dynamics and Control of Decentralized Systems I Invited Session
Chair: Olshevsky, AlexanderUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
15:30-15:50, Paper WeD5.1 
Sufficient Statistics for Multi-Agent Decision Problems (I)
Wu, JeffreyStanford Univ
Lall, SanjayStanford Univ
15:50-16:10, Paper WeD5.2 
Distributed Coordination for Economic Dispatch with Varying Load and Generator Commitment (I)
Cherukuri, AshishUniv. of California, San Diego
Cortes, JorgeUniv. of California San Diego
16:10-16:30, Paper WeD5.3 
On Graph Controllability Classes (I)
Aguilar, CesarCalifornia State Univ. Bakersfield
Gharesifard, BahmanQueen's Univ.
16:30-16:50, Paper WeD5.4 
A Distributed Observer for Distributed Control Systems (I)
Touri, BehrouzUniv. of Colorado Boulder
Gharesifard, BahmanQueen's Univ
16:50-17:10, Paper WeD5.5 
Secure Rate-Limited Feedback for Control (I)
Cuff, PaulPrinceton Univ
Satpathy, SanketPrinceton Univ
17:10-17:30, Paper WeD5.6 
Context-Adaptive Big Data Stream Mining
Tekin, CemUniv. of California, Los Angeles
Canzian, LucaUniv. of Birmingham, UK
van der Schaar, MihaelaUniv. of California Los Angeles
17:30-17:50, Paper WeD5.7 
Randomized Pricing for the Optimal Coordination of Opportunistic Agents (I)
Dalkilic, OzgurThe Ohio State Univ
Eryilmaz, AtillaOhio State Univ
Lin, XiaojunPurdue Univ
WeD6 Visitor Center
Coding Theory Topics Regular Session
Co-Chair: Leith, DouglasNational Univ. of Ireland Maynooth
15:30-15:50, Paper WeD6.1 
Sparse Binary Matrices As Efficient Associative Memories
Gripon, VincentTelecom Bretagne
Skachek, VitalyUniv. of Tartu
Rabbat, MichaelMcGill Univ
15:50-16:10, Paper WeD6.2 
Coding for Secure Write-Efficient Memories
Li, QingTexas A&M Univ
Jiang, Anxiao (Andrew)Texas a M Univ
16:10-16:30, Paper WeD6.3 
Writing on Dirty Flash Memory
Kim, YongjuneCarnegie Mellon Univ
Kumar, B.V.K. VijayaCarnegie Mellon Univ
16:30-16:50, Paper WeD6.4 
Low Delay Random Linear Coding Over a Stream
Karzand, MohammadNational Univ. of Ireland Maynooth
Leith, Douglas J.National Univ. of Ireland Maynooth
16:50-17:10, Paper WeD6.5 
Near Real-Time Rateless Coding with a Constrained Feedback Budget
Hashemi, MortezaBoston Univ
Trachtenberg, AriBoston Univ




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