52nd Annual Allerton Conference on
Communication, Control, and Computing
October 1-3, 2014
Allerton Retreat Center, Monticello, IL, USA

52nd Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing
October 1-3, 2014, Allerton House, UIUC, Illinois, USA

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Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Friday October 3, 2014

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FrPP Library
The Convergence of Social and Technological Networks Invited Session
Chair: Milenkovic, OlgicaUniv. of Illinois
08:30-09:30, Paper FrPP.1 
The Convergence of Social and Technological Networks (I)
Kleinberg, JonCornell Univ.
FrA1 Library
Networks, Games, and Algorithms III Invited Session
Chair: Subramanian, VijayNorthwestern Univ
10:00-10:20, Paper FrA1.1 
Heavy Tailed Influencers and Stochastic Bounded Confidence Stability (I)
Baccelli, FrançoisUT Austin
Chatterjee, AvhishekUT Austin
Vishwanath, SriramUniv. of Texas at Austin
10:20-10:40, Paper FrA1.2 
Store-Forward and Its Implications for Proportional Scheduling (I)
Walton, Neil StuartUniv. of Amsterdam
10:40-11:00, Paper FrA1.3 
Multi-Party Set Reconciliation Using Characteristic Polynomials (I)
Mitzenmacher, MichaelHarvard Univ
Boral, AnudhyanHarvard Univ
11:00-11:20, Paper FrA1.4 
Highly Compact Virtual Maximum Likelihood Sketches for Counting Big Network Data (I)
Mo, ZhenUniv. of Florida
Qiao, YanUniv. of Florida
Chen, ShigangUniv. of Florida
Li, TaoUniv. of Science and Tech. of China
11:20-11:40, Paper FrA1.5 
Scheduling Tasks with Precedence Constraints on Multiple Servers (I)
Pedarsani, RamtinUC Berkeley
Zhong, YuanColumbia Univ
Walrand, JeanUniv. of California, Berkeley
11:40-12:00, Paper FrA1.6 
BATS: Network Coding in Action (I)
Yang, ShenghaoTsinghua Univ
Yeung, Raymond W.The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Cheung, Jay H.F.The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
Yin, Hoover H.F.The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
FrA2 Solarium
Statistics and Learning for High-Dimensional Data Invited Session
Chair: Montanari, AndreaStanford Univ
Co-Chair: Raginsky, MaximUniv. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
10:00-10:20, Paper FrA2.1 
Practical Approximate Projection Schemes in Greedy Signal Space Methods (I)
Needell, DeannaClaremont McKenna Coll
Garnatz, ChrisPomona Coll
Gu, XiaoyiUCLA
Kingman, AlisonHarvey Mudd Coll
LaManna, JamesPitzer Coll
Tu, ShenyinyingUCLA
10:20-10:40, Paper FrA2.2 
Lower Bounds on the Bayes Risk and Minimax Risk (I)
Chen, XiNew York Univ.
Guntuboyina, AdityanandUniv. of California, Berkeley
Zhang, YuchenUC Berkeley
10:40-11:00, Paper FrA2.3 
Stochastic Optimization and Sparse Statistical Recovery: An Optimal Algorithm for High Dimensions (I)
Agarwal, AlekhUniv. of California, Berkeley
Negahban, SahandYale Univ.
Wainwright, MartinUC Berkeley
11:00-11:20, Paper FrA2.4 
Hypercontractivity in Hamming Space (I)
Polyanskiy, YuryMIT
11:20-11:40, Paper FrA2.5 
Principal Component Analysis with Structured Factors (I)
Montanari, AndreaStanford Univ.
FrA3 Butternut
Information Theory and Practice Regular Session
Chair: Zheng, LizhongMIT
10:00-10:20, Paper FrA3.1 
Joint Estimation and Detection against Independence
Katz, GilSupelec
Piantanida, PabloSupelec
Couillet, RomainSupelec
Debbah, MerouaneSupelec
10:20-10:40, Paper FrA3.2 
Uniformly Reweighted APP Decoder for Memory Efficient Decoding of LDPC Codes
Ilic, VelimirUniv. of Arizona
Dupraz, ElsaENSEA / Univ. Cergy Pontoise / CNRS
Declercq, DavidEtis Ensea/ucp/cnrs
Vasic, BaneUniv. of Arizona
10:40-11:00, Paper FrA3.3 
Communicating Lists Over a Noisy Channel
Kocak, Mustafa AnilNYU Pol. School of Engineering
Erkip, ElzaPol. Univ
11:00-11:20, Paper FrA3.4 
Fast Near-Optimal Subnetwork Selection in Layered Relay Networks
Kolte, RiteshStanford Univ
Ozgur, AyferStanford Univ
11:20-11:40, Paper FrA3.5 
Distributed Testing against Independence with Multiple Terminals
Zhao, WenwenWorcester Pol. Inst
Lai, LifengWorcester Pol. Inst
11:40-12:00, Paper FrA3.6 
Degrees of Freedom in Fading Channels with Memory: Achievability through Nonlinear Decoding
Karzand, MinaMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
Zheng, LizhongMIT
12:00-12:20, Paper FrA3.7 
The DoF of the Asymmetric MIMO Interference Channel with Square Direct Link Channel Matrices
Liu, TangUniv. of Illinois at Chicago
Tuninetti, DanielaUniv. of Illinois at Chicago
Jafar, SyedUniv. of California Irvine
FrA4 Pine
Security, Privacy, and Integrity Regular Session
Chair: Zhao, JunCarnegie Mellon Univ
10:00-10:20, Paper FrA4.1 
Information Integrity in Lossy Source Coding with Side Information
Graves, EricArmy Res. Lab
Wong, Tan FUniv. of Florida
10:20-10:40, Paper FrA4.2 
Notes on Information-Theoretic Privacy
Asoodeh, ShahabQueen's Univ
Alajaji, FadyQueen's Univ
Linder, TamasQueen's Univ
10:40-11:00, Paper FrA4.3 
The Privacy/security Tradeoff across Jointly Designed Linear Authentication Systems
Goldberg, AdinaUniv. of Toronto
Draper, StarkUniv. of Toronto
11:00-11:20, Paper FrA4.4 
Two Shannon-Type Problems on Secure Multi-Party Computations
Lee, Eun JeePrinceton Univ
Abbe, EmmanuelPrinceton Univ
11:20-11:40, Paper FrA4.5 
Connectivity in Secure Wireless Sensor Networks under Transmission Constraints
Zhao, JunCarnegie Mellon Univ
Yagan, OsmanCarnegie Mellon Univ
Gligor, VirgilCarnegie Mellon Univ
11:40-12:00, Paper FrA4.6 
Information Leakage for Correlated Sources with Compromised Source Symbols Over Wiretap Channel II
Balmahoon, ReevanaUniv. of the Witwatersrand
Cheng, LingUniv. of the Witwatersrand
Vinck, A.J HanDuisburg-Essen Univ
FrA5 Lower Level
Coding for Networks Regular Session
Chair: Kiah, Han MaoUniv. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
10:00-10:20, Paper FrA5.1 
Two-Way Function Computation
Shin, SeiyunKAIST
Suh, ChanghoKAIST
10:20-10:40, Paper FrA5.2 
Efficient Pooling against Strategic Adversary with Applications in Anonymous and Reliable Networking
Heidarzadeh, AnooshehCalifornia Inst. of Tech
Zhao, ShiyuCalifornia Inst. of Tech
Ho, TraceyCalifornia Inst. of Tech
Effros, MichelleCalifornia Inst. of Tech
10:40-11:00, Paper FrA5.3 
Multiuser Broadcast Erasure Channel with Feedback and Side Information, and Related Index Coding Results
Papadopoulos, AthanasiosUniv. of California, Los Angeles
Georgiadis, LeonidasAristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki
11:00-11:20, Paper FrA5.4 
Network Embedding Operations Preserving the Insufficiency of Linear Network Codes
Li, CongduanDrexel Univ
Weber, StevenDrexel Univ. Dept. of Ec
Walsh, John MacLarenDrexel Univ
11:20-11:40, Paper FrA5.5 
Secret Message Capacity of a Line Network
Papadopoulos, AthanasiosUniv. of California, Los Angeles
Czap, LaszloEPFL
Fragouli, ChristinaUcla, Epfl
11:40-12:00, Paper FrA5.6 
Efficient Interpolation-Based Decoding of Interleaved Subspace and Gabidulin Codes
Bartz, HannesTech. Univ. München
Wachter-Zeh, AntoniaTech. – Israel Inst. of Tech
FrA6 Visitor Center
Complementary and Quantam Codes Regular Session
Chair: Klappenecker, AndreasTexas A&M Univ
10:00-10:20, Paper FrA6.1 
Row-Correlation Function: A New Approach to Complementary Code Matrices
Coxson, GregCoxson Associates
Logan, BrookeRowan Univ
Nguyen, HieuRowan Univ
10:20-10:40, Paper FrA6.2 
Entanglement-Assisted Quantum Error Correcting Codes Over Nice Rings
Lee, SangjunTexas A&M Univ
Klappenecker, AndreasTexas A&M Univ
10:40-11:00, Paper FrA6.3 
Quantum Communication Over Bit Flip Channels Using Entangled Bipartite and Tripartite States
Raina, AnkurIndian Inst. of Science, Bangalore
Garani Srinivasa, ShayanIndian Inst. of Science, Bangalore
11:00-11:20, Paper FrA6.4 
Quantum Codes Over Rings and Quadratic Algebras
Sarma, AnurupaIntel Corp
Klappenecker, AndreasTexas A&M Univ




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