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Important Information for Manuscript Preparation – Overview
New: Compliant Conversion For selected conferences, the system now offers conversion of Word and LaTeX source files to compliant pdf. Simply upload the Word file or LaTeX source files of the manuscript and the system converts them to compliant pdf.

It is the author's responsibility to make sure that the manuscript conforms to the conference requirements
  • Be sure to use the templates provided by the conference while preparing the Word or LaTeX source files.
  • Follow the conference instructions concerning paper size, number of pages and page margins.
  • Do not use oriental fonts and Type 3 fonts.
Depending on the conference, the following level of compliant conversion is offered
  1. Compliant conversion of Word and LateX source files. After the author has uploaded the Word or LaTeX source files the system converts them to compliant pdf, satisfying all technical requirements regarding pdf version and font embedding. If authors prepare their own pdf file then after uploading this the system converts it to compliant pdf if necessary.
  2. Compliant conversion of pdf files only. Authors still need to prepare their own pdf files. After uploading the system converts them to compliant pdf if necessary, satisfying all technical requirements regarding pdf version and font embedding.
  3. No compliant conversion. Authors need to prepare their own pdf files satisfying all technical requirements regarding pdf version and font embedding.
Every paper that is submitted is tested for conformance to the manuscript requirements and pdf compliance. Prior to submission pdf files may be tested for conformance and compliance using the Pdf Test provided by the system.

Caution. Be sure to inspect every file that was converted by the system for inadvertent changes or flaws.
Manuscript requirements The conference manuscript submission system imposes several requirements on the pdf files and the style of the manuscript that may cause the submitting author some inconvenience. Most of these requirements are based on IEEE's efforts to standardize conference manuscript properties and layout. Additional requirements (e.g. page limits) are set by individual conferences. Please see the section on Compliance for further information about why these requirements are necessary. Briefly,
  • All fonts must be embedded in the file.
  • Fonts that require non-English language support are not allowed.
  • Two-column format in the IEEE style is required for final submissions and recommended for initial submissions.
  • For IEEE conferences, the paper size for final submission must be US Letter. For non-IEEE conferences, please refer to the conference website for the requirement.
  • The document margins must satisfy the printer's requirements.
  • The number of pages and the file size must satisfy the conference requirements.
  • The document should not have any password protection.
Before you start Before preparing your manuscript, you are urged to read the following sections:
  1. Compliance to better understand what the pdf compliance requirements are.
  2. Page/Font/File Settings to begin preparing the document.
  3. Depending on how you are preparing your manuscript,
    1. LaTeX Support or
    2. MS-Word Support,
    Here you will find template files for your conference and instructions how to use them
Test your pdf file After preparing the manuscript and converting it to PDF, you should Test your pdf document to make sure that it meets above requirements. Follow these links to see how to resolve typical reasons for documents failing the PDF compliance tests:
  1. "Font" Not embedded error: Encountered in both LaTeX and Word due to incorrect options in creating PDF.
  2. Bitmapped Font error: Typically encountered using LaTeX. See also Bitmapped Font in Figures.
  3. Oriental Language Font error: Typically encountered using Word.
We have noticed that a few software packages invariably break down the created PDF files. Listed below are these packages and associated problems. Please note that using these packages will likely delay preparation of conference proceedings. Authors are strongly advised to not use these packages.
  1. Scientific Word/Workplace: If you are using graphics in your documents created with Scientific Word/Workplace, chances are that the resulting PDF, will not show some of them.
  2. Scientific Word/Workplace: Due to the font encoding used in the system, once the file is stamped with page number, it is rendered non-searchable. Such files will need to be replaced, delaying the conference proceedings production.
  3. DVIPDFM: This is one of the popular dvi -> PDF conversion package. If your file has text and equations only, there should not be a problem. However, if you have images in your document, when the resulting PDF file is "pre-flighted" (readied for the CD-ROM), the PDF file breaks down. This will again require that you resubmit your paper.